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Harassed by ANGRY Fisherman while Catching GIANT Fish

Harassed by ANGRY Fisherman while Catching GIANT Fish

you can’t tell me where to cast if I was
here first alright guys well, we got up early this
morning came out here and I just lost a big fish I might have just been hit. Oh my
gosh. I got one. I got one baby we got her we got a fish guys oh my gosh oh yeah I felt them hit it two three times
he finally got it we’re gonna focus here and see if we can get him in oh
yeah oh this just makes it all worth it right here get up super early in the
morning all right he’s moving. Noo he dropped it. Think we’re snagged. yep she gone gotta get one now, got two, going to – and I just lost a big fish I’m guessing it was a big bull red
It was awesome but you know didn’t get it done. We just
gotta re-tie and get back out there I think we’re gonna go all-in now once you
get that first bite you have confidence all morning I was really just getting
little dink fish nothing really to talk about but that one right there was a
good redfish definitely oversized by the feel of it I’m
you can just gonna go back in there and make it happen oh I just got a hit
oh we just got a hard hit please cut we’re getting hit
yeah there’s no finally there we go there we go guys finally we’re gonna
focus though I don’t want to tighten my drag but I want that hook set this
doesn’t feel that big but you never know keep the line tight because these hooks
are not the greatest finally dude come on
all I want is to land it there yes big red all right finally thank you sir I
appreciate it in a giant butt he’s decent all right guys we finally got it
done don’t have my tripod ready to go but right here finally landed a good
redfish so far we’re one for two decent fish right there it’s got a weird
gash on his head it looks like it is scarred but uh we barely got him hooked
there oh oh yeah let’s go get him back in the water let’s go with my dude thank
you for that bite he’s got to be careful here
oh he swam off real good but that ain’t the right right buddy he’s finding his
way out there he goes man I said earlier we’re not gonna leave till we get a fish
we finally got one so stoked for that one for two on the
raids it wasn’t a giant but we finally got it done I love doing that we’re
gonna fish a little longer I guess since the bites going let’s keep doing it that
was awesome I’ll tell you what though guys I’m not a
very great jetty fisherman so to finally get one Oh feels so good but now we’re
gonna have a little trouble can’t get mad though we’re on a public spot you
know when I lose the water all right so just to clarify what’s
going on here exactly basically I’m in this spot fishing it’s pretty obvious
I’m better fishing you know I’ll admit I’m casting at an angle but the reason
I’m doing this is because we have a hard current and as you can see there is a
lot of rocks at the jetty so with that current and all the rocks the way I’m
casting in my positioning is keeping me from snagging though the reason I’m
positioned here it’s not just because I want to cast out an annual the reason
I’m doing that is because of the current and the way it’s moving is this is the
best spot to fish with that in mind I’m on my rock before anyone else got there
all morning and I’m casting at this angle fishing and I’m doing this before
anyone is on the jetty I’ve been doing this for like at least half an hour and
these guys roll up and they see it it’s pretty clear what I’m doing and how I’m
fishing and keep in mind guys I mentioned at the end of the video but
this jetty is a mile long there’s plenty of fishing spots there’s there’s a lot
of options here but instead they decide to come fairly close to me and you know
I don’t care if they’re next to me but they start casting in a direction where
it’s crosses my line or causes me to have to cross them if I want to cast on
a cast so I’m casting in this direction very meticulously for purpose I’m not
just doing it to hog the jetty I guess you could say now knowing that there’s
not that many people on the jetty and there’s plenty of spots to fish I’m okay
with doing what I’m doing I mean I’m fine that they decided to come fish next
to me however the fact that they started casting in a way that inhibits my
fishing that’s the problem and you know I don’t say anything but also in my head
I’m not gonna yield to them you know with them being there I decide I’m not
gonna change the way I’m casting I was here first casting in this one direction
you know I shouldn’t have to change the way I’m fishing you know they should
yield to me it was very clear so in my head just keep in mind I’m not gonna
change the way I’m gonna fish I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and as a
result this happens I’m sorry I’ve been fishing here this is
exactly where I’ve been casting I was dude I was here first I’ve been casting
right here you can’t tell me where to cast if I was here first you came close
to me sir there’s a long jetty here all right so I don’t know if you guys can
tell but this other guy next to me is fishing with a cork and a bait and I’m
working the bottom and the reason I met this angle it’s I’m very strategically
doing it so I don’t get snagged the way the current is going the angle was
allowing me to really fish how I’d like to fish how I need to fish so I’m still
fishing the same spot but I’m just using the current and figuring out where I
need to fish the angle I need to make the cast it’s a lot different than
fishing with a bait on a bobber up by the surface so the way I’m fishing is
very dependent on how the water is moving that’s why I’m fishing at this
angle what do you even do in this situation this broke off this guy I need one more
spoon it’s a shame man get here first
someone tries to tell you where to cast when there is literally a mile long
jetty mile long they come right next to you
and get mad at you for shitting where you’ve been fishing all morning oh my gosh guys this is absolutely
insane oh my gosh oh and you know real loose on
him oh my gosh this is unreal I see a shadow
it might be a slot maybe that might be a slot good redfish right there on the
clink alright guys well that is the second one we’ve landed today not a
giant but he fought pretty good thumped on that spoon beautiful fish it’s
awesome kind of carefully hit her back in the
water there’s goes unreal alright guys so just to give you an update on what
the hell happened there basically I’ve been here fishing all morning fishing in
one spot passing one direction this guy rolls up it’s right next to me and tries
to tell me where to cast I ain’t mad I mean I’m catching fish but the fact that
someone’s gonna come to where I’m fishing and get mad at me and tell me
how I should fish that’s what’s the problem here well what do you know there’s a sheep’s
head right there in a plastic bag right there let’s see what kind of skills we
got here oh yeah yeah baby no no it’s stuck on the rock how is it
stuck on there dang that was gonna be dry today oh yeah we saved the day now
there’s a turtle right next to where that bag was if we go into the jetties
you’ll probably see more turtles than you’ve ever seen in your life
this place is just infested with green turtles they eat all sorts of stuff and
year round I see these Turtles just all over the rocks just munching on these
jellyfish and if we have a bunch of plastic bags in there you know it’s
gonna happen so definitely keep your bags away from the water oh my gosh this
is not even a joke guys as I was saying that I see another plastic bag right
there can’t catch a break today look at this
it’s just a beautiful lagoon we got mullet suing over here some rocks sand
all right here and then there’s that this looks like a cabbage head jellyfish
it ain’t cool man I mean it’s not even about the turtles like everyone talked
about the turtles but like in general like plastic bags you know it’s
everything is gonna eat this it’s gonna look like a jellyfish and aside from
that just look at this why would you want a plastic bag right in the middle
of that man it has been way too long since we got on a good bull redfish buy
really awesome morning really glad I went out there we ended up hooking for
lost the first one landed the second one and then the third one we had the little
ordeal I was a little bit distracted broke him off at the rocks I think that
was the biggest one I got a good glimpse of him and then we finally had that last
one you know it was really funny I don’t really care I’m not worked up about it I
caught fish but this jetty is literally a mile long now I’m not even kidding
guys a mile these guys decided to roll up on me knowing that I was fishing in
this one spot casting in one spot so all morning before anyone got there I was
already on my rock casting in this one spot so the current would mess me up and
snag me on the rock so knowing the way that I was casting and knowing where I
was fishing they’d still decide to set up shop right next to me and then got
mad at me as if it was my fault when they have the whole jetty to fish and
they knew where I was fishing like there was no question about where and what I
was doing so pretty interesting you don’t really know the reasoning behind
that and but overall really awesome morning super stoked about it we got a
lot of videos coming you guys stay tuned but until then y’all have a good one
I’ll catch y’all in the next one let’s me
oh my god and my mom know I need and I feel as I bake

14 comments on “Harassed by ANGRY Fisherman while Catching GIANT Fish

  1. Man I don’t see how you stay calm with people like that! I would have put his old ass in the water. Good for you though man love your content

  2. I hate when I run into people like that! This was December 4th , I saw you out there catching those reds. Awesome! I need to load up on those spoons!

  3. sad those bulls are too tough to eat. I love slot reds. Caught a 23 incher last Sunday in the salt grass in my kayak. Released 2 rat reds. Hard to believe how hard reds fight compared to trout. I once had enough fish when a bull red swam by and I decided to harvest it and try to eat it ha ha – no way. That last one you caught looked like a good food fish. About the guy. Be careful, assume everyone today is armed.

  4. Brother you need to take 2 days off fishing per week and hit the Ju-Jitsu. Then just yell back “front guillotine!” When they say “what?” Respond “that’s what your heads gunna be in if you decide we have problems”

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