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Hard Shell Red Eye Tacos | Rachael Ray Show

So, we’re gonna make a hard shell taco night with two meats. The first meat is ground beef and we’re gonna spice up our own taco seasoning. So, to our one pound of ground beef, I just added a couple of fat cloves of garlic and I’m gonna throw in a jalapeno pepper, seed it if you want it mild or leave the seeds and the ribs in, which is where all of the heat lives, if you want them spicier, and one onion. So, onion, garlic, jalapeno. All that goes in. Now, we’re gonna spice this up. A fat palmful of chili powder, this is a blend, I like Gebhardt’s. Big fat palmful, and then best friends, cumin and coriander, they like to hang out together, and some oregano and we’re going to add a little bit of water to keep this saucy and nice and moist. So, I’m like, “Alright, I don’t have any more ground beef, “why don’t we just throw some breakfast sausage in there?” So, we’re gonna add our spicy breakfast sausage, once the meat has been browned, and brown and crumble it into the mix. Now, when you get this brown and crumbled, then add the water to keep them moist. We’re gonna talk about toppings and tacos, and we’re gonna turn this into red eye taco filling, right after this.
(audience applauds) Okay, so we added spicy breakfast sausage to a traditional blend for a hard shell taco night. So, red eye anything means you add a little strong coffee to it. So, to that, I’m also gonna add the water to keep this nice and moist, and you let that cook out until all that moisture and all those liquids and the flavor of the coffee gets incorporated into the meat. So, for the tacos themselves, always toast your taco shells. I also pre-melt the cheese in the tacos. First of all, I like the tacos that sit flat. Right, they’re just easier to eat, and I load them up with a little bit of shredded pepper jack and cheddar cheese. Now, for the pico de gallo, you can use store-bought salsa if you want. I always make pico. I like a combination of green onion and red onion, and you always, when you’re making guacamole or salsas, fresh salsa like this one or pico de gallo, you wanna macerate them or let them set with acid, so I have the juice of two limes in this bowl and salt. I always add garlic to pretty much everything ’cause I like it. So, we’ve mellowed all of those flavors, we’ve grated the garlic so we’re not going to chomp down on big pieces of garlic. I’m gonna season it with a little bit of cumin, just a sprinkle. We’ve already got salt and our lime juice in there, and I like a little cayenne pepper sauce, I like Frank’s Red Hot in my salsa, and a little cilantro. Add all that together. When we come back, we’ll make some tacos. (audience applauds) These are how the tacos come out. The cheese melts, they get super gold and crunchy, and you have this cheesy lining in there so that the juices from the beef and pork mixture don’t soak through the taco itself. So, that’s a really clever way to serve up hard shell tacos. Then, we’re going to fill it with our mixture. Two cheeses and two meats, and then we’re gonna take a little shredded iceberg lettuce, and then I take a little Chipotle Tabasco and mix it into Mexican crema or sour cream. Dollop that as your dressing. I gotta have me some pickled jalapeno. (audience applauds) Lovely, and our pico de gallo.
(audience applauds)

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