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Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips Challenge!!

Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips Challenge!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Very, very excited today! I’m going for win #19 of my trip. I’m in Manchester, England at Harry Ramsden’s, taking on The Harry Challenge! Now I’m in England so I had to make sure, there is not many fish and chips challenges available, so I had to make sure I came over to Harry Ramsden’s to take on their food challenge. They have multiple locations, all around the United Kingdom & Ireland, but I’m at the Manchester location near Old Trafford Stadium, home of Manchester United, taking on their challenge which involves 600 grams of delicious looking fried cod. We’ve got a whole pile of chips underneath and then we’ve got three pieces of bread which are buttered over here which also look great. I had to choose two sides to go with everything, and I am in England, so I went with mushy peas, and we’ve got some onion rings to go along with it. I’ve got 30 minutes to finish the challenge. It cost 20 quid, but it’s definitely worth it for all of this food here. If I win I’ll get a shirt and I’ll get on their Wall of Fame and I will get a certificate, so let’s get this food challenge started! Now we all know that I can finish this. The past 18 challenges have been mostly for time, so I’m still going to go for some time on this one, but I’m looking to enjoy it more than just speed. Lets get it started! One, two, three! Alright lets start off with the fish first! Very good! There’s so many burger challenges, steak challenges, things like that that it’s awesome to get fish & chips, a proper fish and chips challenge. I’ve only done one before back in New York City. Now these mushy peas, this will be only the 2nd time I’ve ever had them, so let’s bust into them now. Seven minutes in – lets get the rest of this delicious, delicious cod down! It was perfectly cooked! Little over ten minutes in. We’ve got our three pieces of bread left and then our onion rings, so let’s get those down now. Thirteen minutes in. 13:14 – Awesome food challenge! Not sure what the record is but I wasn’t really going for it. I was definitely looking to enjoy that! My first proper fish and chips challenge in England. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! The cod, the bread, the onion rings, all the chips, the mushy peas, very very good! For winning in under 30 minutes I’m going to get a free certificate, a free shirt, and I’ll be up on their Wall of Fame. Now if you think you can beat Harry Ramsden’s challenge, try it! There’s probably a location near you, so be sure to check out their website! Thank you to Harry’s for their awesome challenge and thank you guys for watching!

100 comments on “Harry Ramsden’s Fish and Chips Challenge!!

  1. Sorry, that’s not eating and enjoying, that’s competitive eating technique, plus, he’s eating the Fish first he’s not eating all there together, the Chips look greasy not cooked in dripping anymore it’s oil they cook them in now, no, this is eating to get rid of what’s in front of you , if he eats like 5his to enjoy it, then he’s got an eating disorder…😎, oh, by the way , there a little skinny girl in Canada who can eat an 80oz that’s 80oz Steak in under four that four minutes, beat that!!!😎

  2. Fecking Yanks flashing their $$$$ eating all the Fish and Chips running off with all the T shirts. Over paid, over eating and over here…..!

  3. By the way, one bone and you're, dead! Eating fish like that without chewing that was fecking risky, they can't guarantee that it's boneless. Next time have a doctor ready big boy!

  4. man, you made me hungry!!! haha love all your videos. keep smashing on that yummy food!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  5. Jeez Randy, I'm sure glad you took your time on that fish so you could enjoy it……….I'd hate to see you eat it in a hurry 🙂

  6. Fish looks great but smaller cutletts would be a LOT batter! (xcuse the pun) English chips are totally crap. (my wife is English and i am Dutch born) Almost always too big and dripping with fat. Disgusting. You have to go to Belgium or Holland for the best chips. Then you don't need fish. And mushy peas …. what were they thinking…

  7. Slowly Randy lowers his head and begins to wrap his lips around the base of that tender hot and juicy flesh, seemingly to enjoy it as he lets his tongue savor every succulent bite as he swallows!..Oooooooo!

  8. Tried it…………. And failed…………. Ate the fish, half the chips………. A little of the rest but fuck me the mound of chips i got…. The offer was the wal of fame, sweet t-short and your next Whale on the house. Maybe a slightly different challenge but the COD was amazing!

  9. Oh God where's The malt vinegar and tartar sauce that meal looks great… Best fish and chips I ever had was in England

  10. I have had Harry Ramsden's fish and chips once, never thought much of it to be honest. The best fish and chips that I have ever tasted came from a Chinese takeaway, used to do a mile round trip just to eat those bad boys.

  11. Oh Gosh i grew up spending my summers in Kentucky fishing with my grandparents and them skinning/frying their own fried fish but this had me drooling and looked amazing!!! Great Job as always. Thank you for sharing!!!

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