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Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video)

Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video)

100 comments on “Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video)

  1. Hazza the love of my life I adore you I love you you are my life my heart my brother my boyfriend my life my crush my whole life is one word

  2. such a meaningful message here. I appreciate so much the art that harry is creating and how intentional and meaningful it is. he truly is a wonderful artist.

  3. A music video that if it comes on tv you don’t have to change the channel because instead of it unnecessarily sexual and vulgar. It’s such a new and beautiful idea. It’s the only memorable music video

  4. The script supervisor is coming out of me. The boy runs to the door with the fish in the coffee pot and looks camera right sees the boy with the backpack (who looks back matching the eyeline) then cut back to the boy who walks camera left. Caused a jarring edit making them seem as if they’re somewhere different from when they started. Don’t know if they had to reshoot, but placing the camera on the left of the boy with the book bag and have the boy with the fish walk right and kept the boy to the right would’ve fixed the continuity and keeping the 180 rule. Don’t know if they had a scripty or not but they would’ve helped catch that. Sorry just have the trained eye to see things like that. Great video though. A new wedding song for the times.

  5. বাঙ্গালী বেরার গ্রিলস এখন নোয়াখালিতে

    ভিডিও টা ফুল দেখেন মজা পাইবেই

    না পাইলে এমবি ফেরৎ

  6. If you are broken hearted don't be stupid to do something stupid, there are many fish in the sea just catch another one. LOLs

  7. It’s as if you knew what was gonna happen to me today… I’m just so SICK of being gaslighted alllll the time by my mom 😭 she’s emotionally abused me so much I actually feel like I’m going crazy and that no one understands me whenever I’m around her, but when I’m with friends it’s like they know me better than she does 😩 I can only think how abused she must’ve been to act like this towards me 💔 I pledge to never treat any future children of mine like that cuz no one should ever feel like killing themselves 💔

  8. 🦚🦜An amazing book to learn french in no time😇🥇🌻🌴

  9. he put rocks in his pockets cause he was going to kill himself
    and he used the scream from a jar and by doing that he turned his pain into power to move forward
    I'm crying

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