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Has Fred “My Leg” The Fish Been Using Fake Identities⁉️ Bikini Bottom Mysteries Ep. 7 | SpongeBob

Has Fred “My Leg” The Fish Been Using Fake Identities⁉️ Bikini Bottom Mysteries Ep. 7 | SpongeBob

Deep under the ocean,
if you listen carefully, you might just hear the cry
of one mysterious fish. My leg! This is Bikini Bottom Mysteries. It’s no secret that Bikini Bottom
has been the home to more than one unfortunate event. [exploding] My leg! But what do all these
catastrophes have in common? They all seem to have one unlucky victim. – My leg!
– Fred the Fish. My leg! My leg! And according to Fred himself, the reason he breaks his leg
is because of Nurse Bazooka. – I’m in love with a nurse.
– Me? But if you think the mystery
of Fred’s been solved, you’re sadly mistaken. Because despite his beautiful
singing voice… ♪ It’s the tastiest sandwich in the sea ♪ [humming] ♪ Yeah ♪ Ah, thank you. There’s something off about Fred. Exhibit A, different appearances. Think you know Fred? Did you know that he’s
a high-end spatula salesman? No touching the spatula. But sometimes he’s a janitor. Or a camera man,
or a flag twirler. Sometimes he’s green,
sometimes he’s blue, sometimes he’s purple,
sometimes he has fins, sometimes he has toes,
and sometimes he’s a cowboy. Does he have his own army of Freds? Still think you know Fred? Let’s move on to exhibit B, his leg. Most thought Fred was simply unlucky,
or just had a weak leg. – My leg!
– Until shocking new evidene revealed Fred has a giant crush
on Nurse Bazooka. Sponge bath time! So we may know why
Fred hurts his leg, but the real question is: how? How does Fred know where to be
when the city’s set on fire? Or when SpongeBob will cause
a mass traffic pile-up? Is he always watching,
looking for potential danger? Could he be the one causing the mayhem
all so he can hurt his leg? Yeah! You may be shocked to learn that
according to our extensive research, fish don’t even have legs. Let that sink in for a second. But it’s not just this
mysterious leg of his. How far is Fred willing to go
to see the object of his fixation? Well, keep your square pants on. Because it gets worse. Exhibit C, obsessions. Deliberately breaking your leg
so you can visit your crush is unhealthy, and even downright obsessive. But this isn’t his first fixation. He was also a known fanatic of
professional jellyfisher, Kevin the Sea Cucumber. He even went as far to live in this pit,
just to wait for Kevin. Kevin’s back! Obssessed with Kevin the Cucumber,
obssessed with Nurse Bazooka. Who will Fred be obsessed with next? Take a look at the way he’s dressed. If that looks familiar, that’s because
it’s almost the exact same outfit as SpongeBob Squarepants. Nah! In fact, these two seem to have
a history of stealing each other’s pants. Nice outfit. My leg! My pants! Could this mean Fred’s next obsession… Is SpongeBob himself? No, no, no, no! We may never know just
what exactly is going on with Fred, but one thing’s for sure. He’ll probably hurt his leg again,
and again, and again. And now, a Bikini Bottom Bonus Mystery. Mrs. Puff may seem innocent,
but we have a statement on record that makes her one suspicious fish. I’ll have to move to a new city,
start a new boating school with a new name. No, not again. Did you catch that? Not again. Who are you really, Puff? And what’s the deal with
this picture on your wall? Is that a picture of this exact moment? I’ve got to end this thing
before it begins. And here’s another one,
and in that picture is another picture, and another, and another, and another. File this one under P for puzzling. Have you seen something
strange under the sea? Leave us a comment
and tune in next time for more investigations
that will blow your pores, strip your scales, and flip your fins. Like, subscribe, and remember, if the pineapple fits, live in it.

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  1. I noticed a picture of mrs. Puffs wall when I watch that on TV😕😕😕😕😐😳😳😳😳😳😳😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

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  3. How come the robot and Patrick and the Prisoner that are in the hospital hate sponge bath time but SpongeBob is a sponge but Patrick hates a sponge bath maybe that means that he hates SpongeBob

  4. "Take a look at how he's dressed. If that looks familiar, thats because it almost looks the exact same as Peter Griffin!"

  5. Fred most the funniest character in Spongebob Squarepants and he always scream "My Leeeeeegggg…." That was somuch make me laughter so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Why Krusty Krab always be in different location
    Sometimes when Spongebob go to work and he turn right and sometimes he turn left
    Krusty Krab have legs?

  7. My theory
    Fred was in love of Kevin…until it was revealed he was in fact a fraud!
    Though seeing Spongebob amazing jellyfishing skill and of course his sense of style, he developed a obsession. Following his new idol and of course envying his sense of style. Until the first accident, where he hurt HIS LEG, where he met the stunning Nurse Bazooka, and now actively avoids spongebob to not relive his old obsession and continue his pursue of the lovely nurse bazooka

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