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HAWKER VS RESTAURANT | We Try Fish & Chips and Grilled Salmon! | EP 10

HAWKER VS RESTAURANT | We Try Fish & Chips and Grilled Salmon! | EP 10

Should we have some tea? What…? I don’t know. Help la! Hi! Welcome to another episode of Hawker VS Restaurant. I’m Chiara. And I’m Peps. And in today’s episode, we’re going to be trying, Fish & Chips! I’m Bobby, I’m one of the co-owners of Whathefish!. Hi I’m Laura. I’m also the co-owner of Whathefish!. So he’s the chef and I do the front of house We’ve been here for two years, and our speciality is focused on fish and seafood. Our best-sellers are the salmon. We have the teriyaki salmon and the mentaiko salmon. You can eat it with the cold soba, Japanese rice, or salad. The other popular dish is the Fish & Chips. The special thing is that we don’t use the normal dory, we actually use cod. So that’s something unusual about us. Today, we’ll be serving the, Original Cod Fish & Chips, Charcoal Cod Fish & Chips with salted egg yolk sauce, and Teriyaki Salmon with cold soba. So we’re here at Whathefish! at Tanjong Pagar Plaza. We ordered two of the different fish & chips. We have the Original Fish & Chips, as well as the Charcoal Cod Fish & Chips. We also got the, Teriyaki Salmon that comes with cold soba noodles. And we got an extra onsen egg at $1. First up, we’re going to try the Original Fish & Chips. Ooh… Hmm! It’s very fragrant! Let’s taste it. Look at the fish, it’s so white and flaky. The fish is quite creamy. You can tell it has a rich fatty content. What I really like about this is the batter. It’s seasoned. I find myself keep on going back for the batter. Very moreish, you will keep eating and eating. But, it is slightly salty for me. I think it complements each other. The crispiness of the batter, and the fish itself. It’s very fresh. Oh my god the fries! You can see pepper and paprika powder. They even have coleslaw. Next up is Charcoal Cod Fish and Chips, and they have salted egg yolk sauce spread on it. Everything on the plate is house-made. I like salted egg. so it’s like oh my god yas! Let’s go! Hmmmm Okay, the salted egg yolk sauce is damn legit. It’s not like a lot of other stalls out there, who try to hard, but then like, not that nice. The salted egg yolk sauce really complements the fish. It can be a bit greasy, but through the salted egg yolk sauce, it is so much easier to eat. Nothing is overpowering anything. It’s just the right amount of flavour. Stop the camera, we have to finish the food. I’m kidding! She really wanted to stop the camera. So we are onto our last dish. which is Teriyaki Salmon with cold soba. They have three different choices to go with this. and we choose to go with cold soba, because they said that this is their specialty. It looks very pretty. I really like the salmon. because it’s sweet, juicy and savoury. All at the same time. They seasoned the soba with soya sauce and cucumber. So I think it is very flavourful. The cucumber also helps with the texture. It gives an… extra! It’s like a waiter that serves you good food, He’s handsome, with a smile. The cucumber is like that extra. Like a bonus. Chiara, what’s your favourite? My favourite is the Charcoal Cod Fish and Chips. What I really like about Charcoal Cod Fish and Chips, is how well the salted egg yolk sauce. complements the cod fish they use. Mine has to be the Teriyaki Salmon with cold soba. It’s a lot of taste blended well together. A lot of different textures also. My name is Patrick Tan. I am the Executive Chef here. We are actually opened for almost 10 years. This place has been very busy, and very cozy. Because we have a great view facing Sentosa. Our signature dishes include, Fish and Chips, Great Pie, Like Shepherd’s Pie, Beef and Guiness Pie. So today, we will be serving you Fish and Chips, and Grilled Salmon Fillet, which is gratinated with cheese and cream sauce, and topped with rocket salad. Now we are at Queen and Mangosteen, located at Vivo City. We ordered two dishes, Scottish Haddock Fish and Chips, as well as the Grilled Salmon Fillet. We tried to get similar dishes, as the ones we tried earlier. But we know that it is difficult to get the exact same dish. So we got comparably similar dishes from the restaurant, that shows their own take on how they prepare these classic dishes. First up, we are going to try the Scottish Haddock Fish and Chips. It’s actually quite a big portion. Okay, from the sound of it, it’s very very crunchy. Oh… The fish is much more flaky. Okay, let’s try it with the Tartare sauce. Let’s go! Oh my god! The first thing that came into my mind was the crunch. The fish is packed chock-full with meat. I taste more of the fish than the batter. The tartare sauce is really very nice. The tartare sauce is a mix of a kick of spice, zinginess. For the fries, the texture is very different. Yes, it’s like inside is mash potatoes. The next dish we are trying is the Grilled Salmon Fillet. The salmon is very thick. At the same time it’s not dry. Without the cream itself, you taste the salmon, it’s super creamy. We were both very surprised at a secret ingredient, that is hidden underneath. The potatoes! The taste slowly comes in at the back, and I’m like… whoa! The chef said that they put mustard in the boiled potatoes. maybe that’s why it’s so sweet. And it’s very soft, in comparison to the salmon. I think the rocket leaves were a great addition. You suddenly have a nutty taste. The rocket leaves really give it a twist in texture. You know how cheese can make you jelak? You know how cheese can make you jelak?
Chiara: Ya? This one doesn’t. It’s also because they added white wine inside the whole sauce. So what do you think about the Queen and Mangosteen? I think I like Fish and Chips more. Because I think it gave a different twist. It’s a dish that can make me satisfyingly full. For me, I really love the Grilled Salmon Fillet. The salmon is like the perfect fish right there. Now that we are back in the office, which one do you actually prefer? Quality wise, I will prefer the restaurant. Although both batters were house-made, I like that the restaurant uses beer batter. And that makes the whole fish, less greasy and very light. They added their own take to Fish and Chips, So quality wise, I will prefer restaurant. I agree. I prefer the quality from the Queen and Mangosteen because, the fries that they used are thickly cut, and holds a good bite to it. The fish is Haddock, which is like premium fish. For quantity wise, I think that they are on par, because both Whathefish! and the Queen and Mangosteen, both gave two pieces of fish at the size of our palm. Fries wise… both gave a lot. What about you? What do you think? I think I’m slightly towards the restaurant because, yes, the fish portion is about the same. but if you compare other aspects of the dish, like the salad that was served at Queen and Mangosteen was clearly very big. In terms of value for money, I think that although the restaurant was slightly pricey, I will still go back there. Because when I’m eating, I take into account the main dish, the ambience. I will still pay for Queen and Mangosteen. You? For me, I’m leaning more towards Whathefish! because, it’s like cod fish. Some more it’s only $7.50. I will definitely go back there again. For the Queen and Mangosteen, I would pay more for the ambience, reserve it for a special date. Other than Fish and Chips, we also tried salmon. I really like the one from the restaurant. The salmon alone was already very big. and when you cut, it’s not hard. It was like a mountain, surrounded by cream, milky goodness. For Whathefish!, it was like a common Japanese dish. But I still think that the soba was nice. Plus, the onsen egg, it added more texture towards the whole dish. Our ultimate winner is… The Queen and Mangosteen! Thank you for watching this episode of Hawker vs Restaurant. If you like this episode, remember to like, share and subscribe. Remember to watch our other videos, over there! Bye!

37 comments on “HAWKER VS RESTAURANT | We Try Fish & Chips and Grilled Salmon! | EP 10

    Hi eatbook . ..i love u guys
    Are the owner of the fish and chips hawker stall from one of the episode on mediacorp ( buzzing hawkers)?

  2. Ur should go to Roxy square for cheap n good western…..ONLY $6.50 for a pork chop that’s quite big


  3. 2:23 "spreaded"… Anyone can shed some light… TSL don't get me wrong! I really am just OCD about certain usage of words. Lol. It's not you. It's me.

  4. Not sure the point of this series, it’s trying to mirror buzzfeed’s “worth it” but with no clear aim in terms of judging and direction of the series in general. If the point is to showcase food at different price points, then what is the reason to compare both types when we clearly already know the more expensive place will more or less use more quality ingredients, often leading to a win? Id rather you showcase both then comparing. It would offer fairer representation for both.

    I understand the series is called “Hawker vs Restaurant” but it’s like comparing a Toyota with a BMW. If you notice throughout the series, obviously the higher end place always/mostly ends up winning, isn’t that a red flag on the judging criteria already?

    Just some criticism. if you guys ever work on a second season, please consider more areas of focus before producing. Don’t want it to feel like its done just for the sake of representation and through the motion of it.

  5. are they the ones from the taste testers series? cute!

    really sad to see all these negative comments from keyboard warriors hiding behind their computer screens… cant we all show more love and less hate? im sure a lot of effort goes into hosting and putting the clips into a 10 minute youtube video… yes, the content might be iffy, but i think the main aim of this series is to find hawker stalls which can beat restaurants? plus they are compared consistently to the 3 qualities – quality, quantity, value for money. i dont see any faults in that…

  6. thanks for promoting my aunt's hawker(what the fish) but unfortunately they are no longer at tanjong pagar and will be moving to a new location so stay tuned to their fb / ig account and i can say whatever the hosts said are actually true cuz i've eaten there before and it is wonderful(unbiased comment)

  7. If you’re going to title the video with fish and chips then just base your review on the fish and chips. Unless you were putting the title of seafood in there, the other dishes shouldn’t be part of the comparison. It’s truly not a fair comparison.

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