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He Lives Here! The Craziest Home Fishroom (Returning to Ohio Fish Rescue)

He Lives Here! The Craziest Home Fishroom (Returning to Ohio Fish Rescue)

I’m Steve Poland, and this past weekend I was up in Cleveland and I had to stop in to see what’s been going
on at the Ohio Fish Rescue. If you missed my tour from a year ago, then definitely watch that before you watch
this video. I’ll link it below. They have a massive home fishroom, where they take in people’s fish that have
outgrown their tanks, or that their owners can no longer care for. Named pets receive a spot in a tank for life, where the owners can come visit them. The rest are rehomed whenever possible. So let’s check in with Big Rich and see what’s
changed since last year. I know he has some big plans. Now this is the 3000. I don’t know if you remember from last year,
last video. Steve, you did a great video last year. This here is a lot of different fish. There is, see this 30 inch tiger shovelnose. That was one of the 19 fish we rescued from
Ohio State University. There you got that one there swimming from
the left, and the one from the back wall. They’re bony, they’re skinny. I rescued them, there were 19 of them. And I found homes for them. These two I kept. And then you can see my tiger shovelnose. See how big and thick he is? We’re gonna get them fattened up real soon. Cause we feed em good here. And then we have the alligator gar, the platinum
alligator gars. They sit here, you gotta watch cause they’ll
go after your fingers. We feed them every day and they’re eating
good and eating great and growing. Take a look down from on top and you can see
how thick they are. They’re some big boys. And then we have a mantilla stingray mixed
with a black diamond. But the rest of them are our breeding stock. And then we still have the tiger datnoid back
there that’s special needs. He can’t see. So we feed these baby stingrays three, four
times a day. And we leave food in there for like an hour, and he don’t have to compete with anybody. So that blind fish can stay alive just by
smelling and being able to eat. So he’s a lifer here and we’re gonna take
care of him. Then we have my wife’s koi tank. And you see it looks like, if you look down. Look down this side. It looks like they’re completely, like overcrowded. Spawn off to the left, Steve. Because we’re over here, they’re thinking
they’re getting fed. Ah ok. They crowd up here thinking they’re getting
fed, and uh, they won’t use the rest of the tank. People have argued with us that the tank’s
overcrowded. I’m like ‘no, they don’t use the other side
of the tank’. I’m gonna grab some food and show you how
they act. They eat three times a day but every time
you feed them, they act like they’re starving. They act like piranhas, really. They’re just hungry, hungry, hungry. They just keep eating like that. Now this is the thousand gallon, uh, community
tank. We have albino iridescent sharks. We have regular iridescent sharks. There are some flagtails in there. Some tinfoil barbs, albino tinfoil barbs, they’re all over the place there. Here is a black ear paroon shark. Now he’ll get big but he’s a baby right now. Now the silver dollars, you can see spotted silver dollars, we have striped silver dollars, more spotted. Thin bar silver dollars, There is a tiger striped silver dollars. Oh look at that guy. A true spotted gar. Now a lot of people say their florida gar
are spotted gars, but they’re not. That’s a true spotted gar. He’s beautiful. Over here we have a 24 inch Mbu puffer, a black spotted eel. There’s five eels in this tank. They’re all over the place. There’s fire eels, tire track eels, black spotted eels, python eels. They’re all over the place. But they’re hard to see. Come on over here. You can see the arapaima. Oh that’s a fly river turtle. And then the arapaima gigas here. These guys are so just, just cool. There’s a tigrinus in here. There’s a goonch catfish over there. Now over here we have a few different bichirs. On this side we have a royal clown knife, two albino clown knives, and then two high fin paroon sharks, and one short body high fin paroon shark. There’s two sun cats in there. At the bottom we have swordtail breeding community and an apple snail breeding community. They just keep having babies. See each one of these things here? These are the babies from the apple snails all over the top. They have thousands of babies, and uh they just keep having babies. If you can look over here. We’ve got big redtails, we’ve got an indian tiger shovelnose, You got a barb there. Here’s a half breed between a tiger shovelnose and a redtail. And this guy right here, this is neat, you gotta look at him. He is neat. He is a firewood cat. A planiceps cat. I meant there’s like five different names
for the cat. He’s a true planiceps firewood cat. Her name is Daria. Let me see if I can get her to swim. Look at how gorgeous she is. She’s about four foot long now. 38 inches to 40 inches. She’s gorgeous. Now look in here. If you can look lower and look up you can
see the snow white arowanas. Aren’t they gorgeous. Do you see em? And then in the bottom we have true piraibas, the true filamentosum. They will get up to 9 foot long. They’re something amazing. These are things my son bought for me. Now this thousand gallon tank. This is fish that people bring in that I can give out, or I’m in the process of acclimating and quarantining
for to go into our tank system. Right now we have five pacus that we can give
out. Today we just got the three albino channel
cats, the two, uh, what do you call these guys? Leporinus. Leporinus thank you. And the two redtails. They have to go into our tanks. And the two foot pleco. And a two foot pleco where’s he at? Oh there he is in the back. Them are all named pets that people want to
come here and visit and see their pets. So we keep them. So right now we still have four pacus we can
give out. If anybody wants a pacu, come by and talk
to us. These are some babies my son bought for me. Because I don’t know if you remember but I
had a big 30 inch african arow, well he died of old age. So my son bought me three young ones. And we feed them about six times a day to keep them feeding. So that’s why it’s a little bit dirty in there. But they’re filter feeders until they’re 12
inches. Then they’ll start eating shrimp. So we have to keep feeding them bloodworms and that’s that tank right there. Now this tank, this turns out to be you can see there’s a green texas there, a florida gar here, there is a motoro stingray, a bunch of different oscars. We tried keeping all of the named oscars, all of the long finned oscars, and all the albino oscars. And this was the albino oscar breeding tank. But we’ve had to use it with you see the lungfish back there? That’s an african lungfish. And then over here there’s two vulture cats, there’s a sunk cat in there. There’s a xingu cat or a chinese wels, and then there’s a, what do you want to call
him. A megalodoras irwini, which got changed it’s
name classification to megalodoras uranoscopus. So, and then here’s a wyckii cat. We’ve had to do this because these guys were
too small to be in the big tank, and they’re too big to be in the small tanks. So we’ve had to use this as an intermediate
fish tank. How many gallons is this? This is a 750 gallon. Come on over here and you can see the cichlid
tank. Now in all the cichlid tanks, we don’t have no South American cichlids. No new world cichlids in here. It’s all old world. Lake Tanganyika, Lake Malawi. And then we have two fish that shouldn’t be
in here that get along in here. One is a leaf fish. He’s right here. He’s also considered a cichlid. And then the other one is, he’s always in
the back. Oh right there. An abramites headstander. He gets along, nobody kills him in here. So they get to stay. But other than that we have a bunch of stuff
on the bottom to let the babies hatch and the big ones can’t
get to them. Because there’s forever…I mean if we look
right now we’ll see three or four fish holding in their
mouth. They’re mouthbrooders and it’s hard for us
to actually catch them, take the babies out, raise them, blah blah
blah. But if you look closely down in the little
different areas, you’ll find babies from a quarter inch, to
a half inch, to an inch long. Now this tank here, this is a treatment tank. These guys have, see the little foam, fungus
stuff on their side? He’s almost cured. He has some left. We’re treating that for fungus right now and,
you know, letting that go. Now there is some, you see these swordtails? They’re like paradise swordtails, they have double tails, veiltails they’re just beautiful. Then there’s regular swordtails and then females, and they just keep having babies. Down in the bottom here we have tiger barbs, we have synodontis cats, over here you’ve got a striped raphael cat and then there’s an adonis pleco. Now adonis plecos, they get up to three foot
in length. They get big. But right now it’s a community tank. This here is a 1000 gallon tank we got from
SeaWorld when they closed down. It’s 8 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot. And this one here, come on up this way. This is a 16 foot, by 4 foot by 4 foot. Came from the same place, SeaWorld. And that was the whole reason we built the
addition. Come on over here and I’ll show you that. This was where the fishroom ended. Now this is the new addition. Josh, Tracy somebody. Ok we brought this 550 in. It’s sitting inside now. Over here we have the 2200. Now it’s 6 foot 4 inches wide, and 16 foot
long. This tank is gonna be one of our showpieces. We’re, you know all of our tanks up until
now have been for necessity. A fish this big will eat a fish this big. We can’t put them in together. So we put all the big fish this size together
in one tank. All the fish this size together in a tank. All the fish this size together in a tank. We don’t have any tanks that we can show off
as our, we’ve decorated this for a show off tank. This is gonna be our one tank that we’re gonna
show off. This thing here, we’re gonna put black tile
in, and then all of our albino, all of our platinum, all of our xanthic fish are all gonna go in
here to show. The big guys, the platinum gars, the albino
arowana, the albino clown knife. And this is the only thing that we have done
for ourselves basically. Is we bought this tank, we’re gonna use this
as a show piece. People come in and go ‘Wow!’, you know. The rest is basically done for size of fish
and we take care of the fish. This here, this here wall. This is what’s all coming out. And then this will be an extension of that
room. You’re talking about the 4400? That’s this baby right here. You can take all the video you want of it. All of them albinos are going into the 2200. And this is our…there’s nothing but, you
know, fish in there that are named, and they’re
lifers. This is their lifer tank. Right here we have Sir Heisenberg Von Fishface. This is Bert. We have, oh here comes Schwarzenegger. Look at him swimming up front. Hi buddy. Here he comes. He’s been with us for 17 years. He’s about 40 pounds, 45 pounds. And the clown knife underneath him his name’s Skittles. I can’t remember all the names, Steve! That’s a lot of fish to remember. Lot of names. These guys down here, one of them, I don’t remember which one. But one of them is named Toothless from How
To Train Your Dragon. Right. Let me see. Very cool. You can’t tell how big this tank is on a video. It’s just, I mean it’s taller than I am. How deep is it? Would you like me to hold that so you can
stand in front and get a video? That’s alright Well maybe we’ll post a picture. But ah, It’s 14 feet long, which is, the glass is three inches thick
by 14 foot. It’s 6 foot tall, and it’s 7 foot from front to back. Now everybody says it’s overcrowded. But they don’t get to see it from the side. All these fish come to the front and there’s
7 foot of openness behind them. They don’t realize how big the tank is. It’s four thousand, four hundred gallons. Yeah it’s deeper than it is tall and it doesn’t
look that way. It’s hard to get that perspective just looking
at it. But yeah, really cool. Don’t tell nobody, ok. This is something I’m hiding from my wife. She’s forbid me. But come on. Now, see my pool? Go ahead and take a span of that. It’s down to 15 deep on that side. Over here it’s 3 foot deep. Now you guys may have seen this before. I had a video of us, me and Tracy carrying koi out to the back pond, and we were carrying it. And one of the koi spazzed out and he jumped
up and it hit the lid and the lid bent up like
this so the koi hit the lid and went that way. And I was like ‘Ah, oh no! Chlorine!’ And I’m trying frantically, I’m spazzing out, I’m trying frantically to
catch him. And every time I’d put a net in he’d swim
to the other side. It was crazy. I’m trying to help you! Well the point was, I saw him leaning against
this side over there, and if you look down here, and I put my foot under here, there is a 4
inch lip. OK, so what I did was, I walked around the
other side, and I stayed way back until I could just see
his one fin, and then I dove at him with the net, and I was like ‘scoop’ with the net, and I
got him. So I took him out and put him in the koi pond, but I’m like thinking, he lived for 10 minutes
in a chlorinated pool. Well luckily it turned out, I was slacking
on my job, and the pool wasn’t that chlorinated. It had been, you know three weeks since I
added chlorine. The idea was, let’s turn that into a fish
pond. My wife was like “absolutely not”. She like to get into the pool, and we keep it at 84 degrees. When she gets in she’s like “ah, so warm”. Like a warm bath. Well that’s what she didn’t want to change. So, here we keep it at 84, but I have not
put chlorine in since. It’s been 2 and a half months. I’ve just tried different algaecides. And if you look, there’s barely any algae
in there and we’ve got fresh sunlight coming in from
above. So the algaecide has worked. She don’t know it, but I’ve got 4 goldfish
that have been in there for the past month and a half. I’m going to turn this into a natural living
pond. But the point is, I need to get the fish in
there, but you know, not every fish likes 84 degrees. But we tested the temperature at the bottom
and it’s 72. So if the fish go in there they can level
out at the temperature they like. It’s warmer at the top. So goldfish and koi will be lower. The arapima will be at the top because they
like 85, 90 degrees. Now if I can get that, I will be in love with
this whole setup, you know. I’ve just gotta talk her into it. Guys, that’s all I need to do. Well it sounds like you’ve got some big plans. Yeah because this is 58,000 gallons. If I can get the pima in there, the piraiba, the iridescent sharks, the black eared paroon
sharks. All the big fish that are gonna get big. I’m willing to put up a whole river of gravel
and pond plants to make it a natural bog filter. To where you’re swimming in a natural river. Yeah what’s better than that? Right what’s better than that? Swimming with your fishes? Very cool. Well Rich I appreciate you taking us around
again, and showing us everything that’s changed. And uh, guys, if you like what Rich and the
Ohio Fish Rescue are doing, we’re gonna put links down in the video description, where you can, well first of all you can join
their really cool Facebook group. You can follow their YouTube channel, and also you have several different ways that
you can donate and help them out with all of the costs that
it takes to run a place like this. So thanks again Rich, and we’ll have to come
back and see you again next time. Steve, you’re always welcome here brother. Alright, thank you. You’re a good man.

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