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HEALTHY EATS IN MEXICO CITY 💃🏻vegan donuts, tacos & açai bowls

(peaceful electronic music) – So I went to bed really early last night and I got up really
early, so it’s like 6:30 and I made my matcha,
I’m answering some email and I’m just waiting for Matt to get up so that we can go explore the day for the first day. I’m so excited to bring
you guys along for the day. Hey guys, welcome to
beautiful Mexico city. This is our first full day in the city and I’m going to be bringing you around probably for like
the next couple days just to show you what we eat. It’s not gonna be fully vegan because I am with him and he doesn’t eat fully vegan, so right now we are walking to breakfast in the La Condesa area. We’re walking through a gorgeous park. And then we’re gonna kinda
explore some of the other areas and do a lot of walking. There’s tons of beautiful parks here, it’s absolutely gorgeous. (peaceful electronic music) At Lardo, and it’s a really,
really cute restaurant and I am so excited ’cause
I’m also quite hungry. So let’s go inside and check out the menu. Here is the menu. They actually have some
great options right here. They have a baked oats with red berries, almond milk, and black rice pudding, which is what I’m gonna get,
and it sounds delicious. This place is well-known
for their pastries, so Matt got a little, is it cheese? Do you think it’s savory? – [Matt] It’s cream. – That’s a cream, like a cream pastry. Here is the porridge, black rice porridge with mango and banana,
and then a beautiful plate of seasonal fruit. All right, so we just stumbled
into this really cute bakery that is gluten-free and vegan. And they have incredible
things like cinnamon rolls and donuts and all of this bread. I’m definitely going
to be trying something even though I’m not hungry, I was like, I just have to try it. And I’m not sure what we’re gonna try yet but everything looks amazing. All right, so we got the
chocolate coconut donut. It’s vegan, gluten-free,
and it smells so good. Oh my god, it’s so good. (laughs) Check it out! So good. It’s definitely made from
potato flour and stuff, but it tastes wicked good. So we are on our way to Pujol, we did not have a reservation. Usually you have to book
about a month in advance and we did not have a reservation but we just showed up when they opened, asked if they had a table, and they must have had a
cancellation or something and we got a table two hours later. So, we’re going to go do
their six course tasting menu. I am so excited. This is one of the top 50 restaurants in the entire world. Okay, top 20. So, yeah, we’re gonna do
the six course tasting menu. They have no meat on the
menu, so it’s definitely gonna be pescatarian friendly. And I will be showing
you guys the entire meal. And I can’t wait. All right, so it was pretty
quiet in this restaurant, and I didn’t want to disrupt
the other diners by talking. So I’m just gonna give you a walkthrough with a voiceover of what is included. So here is the menu, it changes daily. And there is a vegetarian option and then a pescatarian option and we started with cocktails. I got the tamarind and mezcal margarita. I’m a major margarita
girl and this was awesome. And then the first thing
that came were street snacks. This is like a little corn
cake topped with pico de gallo. And then in this bowl there
are some smoked carrots that are covered in a coffee-mayo glaze. So the first course I
had was this black bean tostada type thing with local mixed greens and shaved macadamia nuts on top. The next course was a
huitlacoche quote-unquote risotto with black truffle and it was incredible. And then this was
actually my favorite dish of the night. It is a wild herb, open-faced,
kind of taco style thing with a homemade blue corn
tortilla, chile tomate, which I don’t totally know what that is, but it had a really delicious green sauce on the bottom and then a
red kind of salsa sauce and greens on top. The next course was a sweet
potato, which was fried. It was baked and then quickly fried, topped with a, over a pine nut mole and then some sliced fennel,
I believe, was on top. This was really good. It was served with homemade tortillas. I made them into little tacos. And his tortillas were the best tortillas I’ve ever had in my whole life. This is the last savory
course of the night. It was their mole, which
is their signature course. The brown sauce is their aged
mole, which had been aged for 1,830 days, so about five years. And then the red one is their new mole, and again this comes with tortillas that you can dip in, and it
is out of this world good, like, absolutely amazing, oh my God. And then they had a quick palate cleanser, which I actually forget what it was, but it was really good, very kinda citrusy and just kinda cleaned out the palate. And then the dessert they
made something special for me because the one that they
served had gluten and dairy. So they grilled a piece of pineapple. They served it with some lime
sorbet and toasted coconut, and then some sort of little fruit sauce, which I forget what it was. But this wasn’t anything super exciting, it was, of course, delicious
and I actually appreciated how light it was, but it was still by far the best meal that I have ever had. (peaceful electronic music) We’re back at our hotel
now but I thought I would just give you a little
recap of the evening. It was fabulous. Absolutely one of the best
meals that I have ever had in my entire life. And I always compare
everything to New York. Price-wise, it was very
reasonable for what you get. So, I highly recommend it. It was really easy to be vegan there, which to me is really surprising. Most fixed price menus like
that are not vegan friendly and that one definitely was. So, highly, highly recommend. We’re probably gonna just
stick in for the night now for the rest of the night. It took us like an hour to
get home which was crazy. There’s so much traffic. So we’re probably gonna just lay low for the rest of the night.
Plus we’re not hungry at all. But tomorrow, I will definitely
be bringing you along again as we’re gonna keep exploring
all the amazing food that is here. We’re having such a great time. And thank you all for all
of your recommendations ’cause you’ve definitely been kind of guiding us along the way and I really appreciate it. So tomorrow will be another brand new day of all new food and I’ll
bring you along for the ride. (peaceful electronic music) Hi guys, welcome to day two of my Mexico City eating experience. We are walking to breakfast right now and we’re just gonna explore
the city again today. It’s gonna be really fun. We decided not to go to the pyramids today just because we feel like
there’s still a lot to explore in Mexico City. And there’s still a bunch
of restaurants we wanna try. So we’re just gonna kind of walk around, and not sure what else. So I’ll bring you guys along
for the food part of it ’cause I don’t want this vlog to be like a million hours long. So I’m basically gonna
just show you the places that we’re eating and then
I’ll also have a blog post that goes along with us that gives a little bit more pictures and talks a little bit about
the location of where they are and gives you links and
everything like that. So if you’re interested,
check out the link that’s in the description box. I’m getting out of breath by walking so I will see you guys at breakfast. (peaceful electronic music) So I got the acai bowl as
well as the avocado toast but this is it. It’s loaded with fresh fruit, granola, acai underneath there. Looks so good. And then I also got the avocado toast which is served on gluten-free bread, house-made gluten-free bread. Two fried eggs, avocado,
and it smells delicious. They also have an amazing hot sauce here, which is going to go on top of all of this and taste incredible. Matt got the huevos rancheros,
which are corn tortillas with fried eggs, cilantro,
green sauce, red sauce, and avocado, cilantro. I think I said it all but looks good. How is it so far? – [Matt] Um. – He says it’s really good. Breakfast was fabulous. It’s actually a chain, I realized. I was tagging them on
Instagram and I realized there’s a few throughout the city. So Ojo de Agua is what it’s called. It’s kind of a good breakfast or lunch for all parties involved, don’t you agree? – [Matt] Yeah. – Oh yeah, he agrees. And we both really enjoyed it. So now we’re gonna explore a little bit and I’ll check back in with
you guys around lunchtime. So we just got to lunch and we are eating at a
place called Contra Mar, which is apparently an
amazing seafood restaurant. Lots of, lots of really great reviews and I’m really excited to
share the whole meal with you. I’m not really sure what we’re
gonna get, but we’re excited. We did a bunch of walking already today and we’re both hungry,
ready for a cerveza, and maybe a glass of wine and
definitely some good food. Here is the menu. It’s definitely mostly seafood. We started with the tuna tostadas, which have a chipotle mayo. And then we have all of
these amazing hot sauces, which are so good. This is amazing. And then agua chiles, chips, wine of course. So we did get a mixed green salad, which is definitely vegan and I bet you could get a side of beans and add it on here. And it looks delicious! This is gonna be our first
salad of the trip so far. And now I’m onto my second glass of wine. So now we have the tacos
al pastor with fish and they come topped with some pineapple, onion, and cilantro,
and it comes in this big to-share plate so we’re
sharing everything, and they smell and look delicious. They’re on top of homemade
tortillas that are grilled and they look so good. Okay, so overall I would say
that lunch was really good. What do you think, really good? – It was good, yeah.
– It was good. I would say that if
you really like seafood then that’s definitely a place to go. If you are not a seafood
fan, then don’t go there, ’cause it’s pretty much only seafood. The salad was amazing and the chocolates were also very good. The area that we’re in now, we’re actually stopping, we’re at a bar and we’re watching soccer. Matt’s a huge Man United fan. So we have some margaritas
and we’re watching soccer. It’s a really cute little
area, I’ll flip it around and show you guys. But we’re looking at a little square and it’s really, really cute. (peaceful electronic music) So we are walking now to get drinks. We went home for a little bit, home, well we went home to our little hotel and we just had like an hour
to just kind of chill out. We did a little bit of laundry, did some reading, and
just like laying down. It’s a lot of walking here. We’ve already walked
like 15,000 steps today, so, and we have a lot more to go. So right now we’re going
to a little speakeasy bar called Hanky Panky. But essentially it’s a speakeasy. Apparently it has really good cocktails. So we’re gonna go there,
have a cocktail or two, and then I told you guys
we were gonna have dinner at the vegan restaurant. But we decided against it. After reading some reviews,
I was just like, hmm. I’d rather not do
something that isn’t great. So I found one that has
really, really good reviews that is both, has vegan
options and non-vegan options. And then, probably after
dinner, we will try to find some sort of vegan treat. So what’s interesting about this spot, is that you would never know
it’s here, first of all. So you’re in kind of this
little Mexican eatery, but you walk back there
through the kitchen but you actually come out
there through that cooler so it’s really cool and you have to make a
reservation like I said. (peaceful electronic music) About to get dinner, it’s our
final dinner in Mexico City but we are getting dinner
at a place called Nudo Negro and we might try to sit outside ’cause it’s a beautiful evening, and here. (peaceful electronic music) So that was a little surprise. They take you up into the kitchen and give you a little amuse-bouche, which was a corn tamale
with their homemade mole and they served it with
cheese, but you can, I mean, I just picked around the cheese, but it was so fun. You could see how it worked. They asked if you had any
questions about the menu, and they’re super accommodating here. So far, it’s been a great experience. I started with the hummus,
which looks amazing. We’re gonna get some
tortillas to serve it with. It comes with pita. Actually, Matt would
probably like the pita. – [Matt] I’m all set. – He’s all set. We’re gonna get some tortillas maybe. This looks so yummy. And then we’re finishing
off with the kimchi rice but otherwise, everything has
been absolutely delicious. Overall, I think that was
a pretty decent dinner. Definitely not our
favorite meal that we had. The hummus was really, really good. The kimchi bowl was a little
too salty for my taste. But we are gonna go walk to
the little vegan restaurant right now and see if they
have any good vegan desserts even though we’re both pretty full. So we might just split something but we still want to
check it out in general. (peaceful electronic music) Okay, we’re back home. Here is the tart. And let’s taste test it. Oh my God, yes. AlL right, thought I would
taste test it on camera too. Even though I already had a bite! Here’s what it looks like. Hard to see. That’s good. Peanut buttery, definitely. I think you could make
this at home pretty easily. It feels like it’s just a date base with a layer of peanut butter and then chocolate on top. Tastes good. So, yeah, obviously didn’t
taste Forever Vegano, their food, but I would say their desserts are worth stoppin’ by. Good morning, guys. Welcome to our last day in Mexico City. We actually only have about 45 minutes and we’re just gonna have
breakfast at the hotel. But I’ll still just show
you the quick spread. I made a matcha. I’m probably gonna have a bar, maybe a little granola. We ended up having the perfect breakfast. I just sliced up a banana and topped it with some of the granola
that they had in-house, and finished it off with a
little bit of that soy milk. This was probably one of my
favorite breakfasts of all time. So good. Just fruit and granola. So simple, but so satisfying. All right, you guys, we are
just taking a quick walk in the park that’s right
near our little hotel. I have my matcha, had a
fabulous little breakfast. There’s a little dog park right here. We came over to see all the dogs. But I just wanted to close
out our Mexico City vlog. Hope you guys enjoyed it. It was definitely more food focused than some of my other vlogs. I just felt like if I
shared the whole trip it would just be a
little bit overwhelming. So I will be sharing
all of the restaurants, all that information down
in the description box, up on the blog. So you can find that
in the description box like I said, link below. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for
being here and watching. Cheers to another fabulous day, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye! (peaceful music)

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