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Healthy Fish Tacos | SA Live | KSAT 12

Healthy Fish Tacos | SA Live | KSAT 12

oh yes taking back doing what that means for your clients what that means is a three hour in-home session where I come in and help you understand how to educate yourself on healthy foods empower yourself to do it on your own you transform your life so it’s kind of like cleaning out your closet you can still vacuum seal things to to make more room right all right I’m looking at fish delicious fish tacos you don’t have to always feel guilty when you eat treat I think tacos I could eat them every day of the week so same here guilty a lot on this so let’s go ahead and get started I’ve already got some going so you actually aren’t eating raw fish later on in just a minute but I want to really focus on I use fresh ingredients with all of my suits so we’ve got some mango here make it nice and light you already got this broccoli so ah easy why do it cut it all yourself when you got it here okay I’ve already cut up the onions say non-direct crying on TV ruined that beautiful makeup jalapeno for me okay nice and thin with this night okay just like you would those other pieces there okay I mean if you want to take some fish out of there I’m it’s simply marinade yeah you can just use this just use those simply been marinating in lime juice lime zest salt pepper and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil that’s it that sounds great right doesn’t that sound delicious oh my god you got a lot then this is my special fish taco seasoning so the special ingredient for the main part is a lot of paprika and the smoky flavor to it so you can put that on one side sprinkle it on top and then I mean generous it’s all good and then when you flip it will sprinkle it on the other side there get it whole thing covered there but that’s pretty simple and I thought of this you can make an advance so take back your kitchen that’s the name of your cookbook that’s gonna be coming out I’ve been had already it’s for test groups testing out over 50 plus recipes all based on clean ingredients really looking at going back to where your foods arrives from knowing what’s in your food like for instance this Cod and this fish is wild-caught I’m really particular about researching and knowing what you’re eating yeah and knowing that outcomes that you have foods that maybe don’t so farm and wild con what’s the difference there so farm raised is its farm so they’re fed genetically modified food so if your foods eating Shafi modified food and your eating is a little bit more spendy and I get that but this actually I got a whole packet from egv for $6 now and it’s gonna feed all of us and more so guys and I know you got some more slaws juice extra virgin olive oil in there mango you ever cut one up before no bigger knife here I’m gonna get you started so you want it not too firm but not super ripe so okay you smell it and it’s overly sweet like that’s right a little bit of sweet that’s right word yes I’m trying to memorize memorize take it and you’re gonna just bring that knife all the way down you’re gonna fill the pit you want to get it as much of that mango out as possible yep straight down a really nice big chunk just go ahead a little over to the side there there we go it’s a woman over this way thank you guys a pretty big picture middle of mangoes right you gotta get a nice big let me go I’ll get you here you’re gonna cut straight down Oh okay and then I’ll show ya you’re gonna take this other knife right here you’re just gonna score it okay so a lot of people I tried to peel it the first time I mean it was like pulp in my hands but you’re just gonna score it okay and then the best part is go ahead and score that one crime you just take a spoon and you scoop it out right into that bowl and then you’re gonna find that you’ve got all the juice from the mango as well that goes in there and it’s gonna add a nice sweet flavor to it how’s your fish come in a lot I think it’s great I think we’re ready to assemble a top you ready to assemble so I got some warm tortillas right here yesterday I’m gonna take these out now I’ve already warmed them up I also made just with Greek yogurt and fresh avocado garlic salt and lime juice okay a cream sauce and it’s just first write the fish there and then we’re gonna just go ahead get that mango in bring this all together already got those fresh onions in there don’t want to leave a little look at that sad little taco there we go all right there we go a little bit on top of each well there you go you want to taste it I would love to taste hey guys you can get this recipe at home all you have to do is go to our website si and click on the as seen on SE live tab and Jenny you’re gonna be back with us here in a little bit in beginning some more tips about how to make your pantry your what your website my website is take back to Jenny Kahn take back with Jenny com all right you so much I’m gonna take a little by that awesome mm-hmm oh my goodness good oh my goodness really

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