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Healthy & Homemade : Fish Tacos

Healthy & Homemade : Fish Tacos

Today we’re making fish tacos so we need unbreaded white fish for this recipe. This is not what we need. This is breaded white fish. The breading adds a lot of fat and calories that we don’t need in this
recipe. So let’s put this back and head over to a different section of the store, where they sell unbreaded white fish. This is the section of the store that we
want to be in. These fish are all unbreaded. For fish tacos we can choose any kind
of white fish. We could have cod, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia. But tilapia
happens to be on sale today and it’s only $5.99 for two pounds, which is a really good deal. Tilapia is very high in protein very
low in fat and this is unbreaded so very low in
calories. Think we have everything I need for our
fish tacos so let’s get started. Today we’re making fish tacos and this is one of my husband’s favorite
recipes he asked for the all the time so first we need a half cup a light ranch dressing. We’re going to
mix some ingredients together to make a dressing to go on top of some coleslaw
so in a bowl we’re going to mix half a cup of light ranch dressing. And to that
we’re going to add jalapeno pepper but this is a pretty
large jalapeno pepper and I don’t wanna make it too spicy so I’ve already cut up half of it. And
remember when you’re working with peppers you don’t wanna touch the pepper directly
or especially touch your hand to your eye after you’ve worked with it. So if you just
use a plastic bag while you’re working with it and cutting it then you won’t actually touch the pepper.
Its kind of a handy tip. The inside has the seeds and the pulp. You probably want to take
that out that adds a lot of heat so just use outside the pepper. Okay so we’re
going to add that into our dressing then we need 1 teaspoon of chili powder. We’re going to measure this over a littler bowl first. So that we
get only the right amount. Level it off with a
spatula. And we can just pour that back into the
container. So one teaspoon of chili powder, a fourth a teaspoon a black pepper and then juice from one lime. So I’ve already juiced the lime this is about
2 tablespoons lime juice are going to pour that in there as well.
Ok so then we’re going to stir that together. It’s already smelling really good. And then over here, we have four cups of cole slaw mix. We’re about two-thirds of the bag. And I’m just
going to pour it over the top and stir it together. And then we are going to cover this with saran
wrap and put it the refrigerator until we’re all ready with the rest of the meal. Next we’re going to move on and work with our tortillas and fish. So for this recipe we need 10 corn
tortillas corn tortillas are all whole grain food
because they contain the whole kernel corn so they have a lot of fiber. Over here I’ve already taken out five corn tortillas and warmed them up in a microwave. First I set these on a paper towel then warm them up for one minute and
after they came out I put it in a regular towel so that they would stay warm. Alright
let’s get our fish ready so over here we have tilapia and at
the store we bought two pounds of tilapia. And it was really nice because it
came in these individual bags which made it very handy. There were eight of
those in the bag so we need four filets today which would be one pound
of tilapia which is what the recipe calls for. We’ve already cut them into strips so
now we need to turn on the heat to medium and then add 3 table spoons of oil. And we’re going to fry the fish battered
in cornmeal in the oil. Okay so now we’ve got our fish we are going to
dip it in the corn meal. We wanna wait for our oil to get a little bit
hotter. We’re just going to dip it on both sides make sure it’s coated and this was about
two tablespoons of cornmeal. That I put on a plate. Now all the fish is battered in corn meal. And I’m putting my hand over this and it feels
pretty hot so we’re gonna try one make sure it is
hot enough we should hear some sizzling good that sounds good. We want to be hot
really hot because otherwise the grease will soak into the fish. But we don’t want it it to be so happened smoking because
then of course it could be dangerous. So we are going to put our fish strips into the
hot oil and let them cook for about 12 minutes
and then put them on the other side. And we’ll come back when that’s
done. The fish is done cooking so we’re ready to assemble our tacos. We’re going to take
the fish out of here at set it on some paper towels on a plate. to get any grease off we can. I’ll shut this off. Okay so we need one strip of fish for every tortilla. So we’re going to take one corn tortilla that’s still
warm and put in one strip of fish. A little cole
slaw on top of that put dressing on top and then cover it
with a few tomatoes. That smells really good. So we have one we’re going to put that on our plate, and then make another one because two of these is actually a serving. And
this only costs $1.50 for a serving so $1.50 for two fish tacos. That’s much cheaper than if
you were to go to a restaurant. Fishes are great source of protein low
in fat low in calories and the guidelines are that we eat fish at
least once a week. This is a great way to get fish into your diet.
We’re going to serve that with oranges, Apple and carrots and a
glass of non-fat milk. So it’s going to be a very complete meal with
fruits, little protein vegetables, and I can’t wait to eat it.

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