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Healthy Meals for a Glycemic Index Diet : How to Make a Tuna Salad Sandwich

Ok, our next low glycemic meal is actually
going to be a tuna sandwich on sprouted bread. The difference between sprouted whole grains
and regular whole grains that you can find in a grocery store is the sprouted whole grain
is from sprouts, it’s not from anything that’s been highly processed. So, there’s no high
fructose corn syrup and there’s no unbleached flour which is really important. The body
knows what to do with whole sprouted grains. I get my tuna again, mixed with a little bit
of mayonnaise and a lot of mustard, you take away that fat factor. You can add a little
bit of sprouts. It just depends on what you would like, I always like to add in some vegetables
even if I’m having a sandwich. Vegetables are really, really important, they help the
metabolism keep going and they give you energy, they are really good carbohydrates. You want
to add in a slice of tomato, that’s always really good. Tomatoes are actually antioxidants,
really good for the body, just cut that up, put it on there. You have a healthy low glycemic
snack or lunch. You can always add in an apple or an orange. Apples are actually my favorite
because they are so beneficial to the body. And, that is our sprouted grain tuna sandwich.

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