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HEALTHY RECIPES: Paleo Tilapia Tacos

HEALTHY RECIPES: Paleo Tilapia Tacos

Hi Dave! Thank you for being in my kitchen, yet again. Well, for those of you who know what I’m doing is I’m committing to this 21-day transformation challenge through the primal blue print.
So, I’ve been reading this book and filling out a journal and it keeps me on track from day to day. He isn’t very specific, Mark Sisson, is actually the author and he isn’t very specific about any particular recipes. He has a recipe book, he also has this book
right here, as a matter of fact, on the primal blue print. And, so tonight,
Dave gets to benefit from what we’re eating, and it’s just tilapia tacos. Tilapia tacos, this with the… Instead of using tortillas, we’re using just romaine lettuce leaf, and then this is the pico de gallo that I
made yesterday, and it’s got lots of avocado. In this particular batch just because I love the healthy fat coming
from avocado. Yeah, this is a really good example of one
of the ways you use salsa. You kinda talked about that yesterday, and
I put it on my blog post You know, it’s not just really for chips, I think that’s traditionally the way most people sort of see it but, you know, there’s really a lot you can do with it. Yeah, and for you P90x’ers out there salsa is actually one of the condiments that you can use for a topping, so, load it up, it’s full of… It’s just
super, super healthy, super simple and it’s just one-ingredient food, so we like that. Bon appetit, daddy! Thank you! I’m hungry! Bye!

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