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51 comments on “Heavy Metal Urine Testing and Chelation for Autism

  1. I got so inspired by all Michael's work that I made a new video summary of "How Not to Die". In the past I didn't know the real meanings of why people go on plant based/vegan diets but after reading "How Not to Die", it completely changed my perspective, so I wanted to help Michael to influence some of other people who still don't believe into benefits of plant based diet. Would really appreciate if you could tell me your thoughts on it.

  2. Take a look at my health oriented viewed youtube videos. 'Put it to the test'…. You are my most frequently referenced health guy 😎. Broccolli sprouts 'n all….i keep coming back. MUCH AFFECTION to your family who must sorely miss you whilst you are busy looking out for us xx

  3. What about vaccinations? They contain heavy metals. A blood brain barrier is incomplete as an infant and vulnerable to heavy metals exposure. Adults have a developed blood brain barrier which inhibits heavy metals passing to the brain. I am impartial to whether i believe it or not. I would just like to see research and learn the science. What I have learned is that vaccination contain heavy metals and infants into adolescence are vulnerable to some extent which is a point of concern. However even in adults do you expect heavy metals to be doing good that have not been introduced to the human body over the course of evolution?
    thanks cajunbargod

  4. What about heavy metals directly injected to the bloodstream? mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, cadmium, etc? (vaccinations)

  5. I am looking forward to a video on IgG food sensitivity testing 🙂 the same nonsense as the heavy metal toxicity testing

  6. The only thing I think might be a risk factor other than fish is maybe mercury fillings, vaccines have already been proven to be a non-issue.

    The problem with mercury fillings is that many dentists don't warn about the amount of mercury released during new fillings or removing old fillings. It's actually scary how dangerous mercury is yet many dentists don't even warn those most susceptible- pregnant women. That said, there doesn't seem to be a statistical significance for mothers that hadn't had new fillings or any taken out suggesting that the "seeping" effect of fillings is not as bad as many quack sites make it out to be.

  7. Dr. Greger's videos are a bit like chelation for the mind: you get this big dose of science and reason, and all kinds of ignorance appears in the comments. Heavy metals in vaccinations. Fillings in your teeth. Chemtrails, for god's sake! It's true what they say: you can't fix stupid.

  8. Autism rates went up with the reduction of fat and the increase in refined carbs. The brain needs fat to develop properly, also during pregnancy.

    I don't know, but perhaps fat is good and refined carbs (sugars) are bad?

  9. 2:52
    who thinks detoxification isnt a thing got their eyes wide shut
    science from today got surprisingly little to offer in comparsion to those ppl who do that kinda stuff for many years
    …i mean….i can literally find studies that support just about anything
    (except positive things about transfat and negative things about reasonable intake of dha…i suppose ;p)

  10. Slightly off topic but, I do not want ANYTHING injected into my bloodstream for the SMALL chance I might catch something. Just like I don't wear spikes on my head for the small chance a pigeon might land on it. Although, I'd prefer the latter.

  11. Organic vegan diet + much broccoli(see Dr. Greger video about it) and Reishi mushroom. Avoid WiFi and cell phones near the children.

  12. Not surprising at all to see promotors of "detoxification" not being intelligent or thorough enough to read how their tests actually work. These are the same people who believe that pushing on a certain area of your foot makes your liver healthier…

  13. You know what is contributing the most. You know, but let's just blame the mothers for eating fish instead. Shame.

  14. Just a thought Dr. G….re: the levels of mercury in fish, and how many people eat fish from their own state; probably not many, like you say. However there is something they consume that would be from their own state with mercury in it – the tap water. It is shocking to see all of the heavy metals & contaminants in tap water when you test it! Now that is truly something that should be “put to the test”.

  15. Why don't you blame autism on saturated fat and cholesterol in breast milk or the saturated fat and cholesterol that the mother eats while she's pregnant

  16. Thanks for an honest scientific look at a controversial subject.  I'd be very interested in hearing if there are any studies looking at the increased exposure to EM radiation effect on autism rates.

  17. I saw two really good, science based arguments that said it might be caused by MSG (which is in 99% of prepackaged food labeled as “flavoring” etc., and literally makes lab rats act autistic), and the other said it might be antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed to very young children FAR more than they used to be — they made the argument that it wrecks the microbiome, basically. The MSG argument made more sense to me, it’s a TED talk if anyone’s interested.

  18. Are you being serious? Then explain the difference between non-autistic vs. autistic children (provoked AND unprovoked) regarding heavy-metal tests (urine, hair, blood & brain) ending up with statistical significant findings?
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  19. Would really like to know about dental amalgms and testing used to determine the necessity of removal. I got this test abd it showed my mercury levels in normal range. So, should I begin gettung the 12 or so fillings that I have removed?

  20. This is a sensitive topic that is consistently handled disappointingly poorly by Greger. I have an autistic friend who likes being autistic, considers it part of his identity, and detests the idea of this being changed by medicine or diet or anything else. I suspect a lot of autistic people share this view and it is vital to acknowledge that before discussing autism from a biomedical perspective.

  21. So, the autism rates are rapidly rising because fish consumption is going up? What if you looked at aluminum? What if the brains of autistic people were tested for levels of aluminum or mercury?

  22. I was actually almost ready to give a thumbs up to a Dr. Greger video for his initially fair description of detoxification, but then he led people who are trying to get healthy down the wrong path again.

  23. So there isn't any way to help a poor child growing up in an industrial area?

    We really need to clean up all of the mercury and lead in our living spaces

  24. Good video, but you left out a major source of dissolved heavy metals, H2o. Unless you're drinking water that has been filtered via a reverse osmosis process then your filling up on a whole host of dissolved heavy metals that are cumulative, meaning once they're inside your body, they can't be removed. I've have tested it myself when I used to work for Culligan many years ago.

  25. Um it doesn't matter if there is no "established" reference range for provoked heavy metal urine tests. .The aim is to have almost none in your body…and if some show up on the test, they could be harming your health in a variety of ways

  26. As someone who experiences autism traits I am convinced that diet is a key factor. For example, I find I can largely neutralise many of the negative traits through a carefully planned diet. Please, more videos on this subject.

  27. Nothing about vaccines which are forced on babies and children which has mercury and other toxic ingredients…fake news channel….Booooooo….run from this channel

  28. 🛑 Dr.Greger: How do I send you a private msg??? It was my intention to send this to you privately but i was unable to.

    There is a youtuber called “doctor mike” who is saying you are a “marketing genius who peddles fear to make himself stand out to create a name for himself.” Personally I think he calls out what he himself is doing; and I don’t think you do that at all. However I do agree with him on one point… you are a genius! lol 😆 I thought you might like to know he is badmouthing you. Not that it matters… he’s just an actor pretending to be a doctor; even though he does have an education of some sort in medicine.
    Peace ✌️

  29. October 2013: I started eating white (albacore) tuna, one can per day as part of a "healthy" lifestyle (cutting out red meats). I had heard rumors of mercury in tuna, but dismissed them (why would supermarkets sell poison in a can without a warning label, I thought). April 2014, 6 months later: my health quite suddenly and rapidly deteriorated. Dozens and dozens of X-rays, blood tests, etc. and a large array of horrific medical symptoms. It was chronic mercury poisoning. The symptoms mostly disappeared after about a year. I later read that to avoid the risk of chronic mercury poisoning, we should limit consumption to one can of white (albacore) tuna per week. I was at 7 – 8 cans per week. My son, who was 5 years old at the time, was eating about 3 servings per week (not whole cans, mind you, but tuna sandwiches and tuna pasta). He experienced symptoms that, at the time, I suspected were autism (in addition, he experienced peeling of the skin on his hands, drooling, easy bleeding, etc.) As it turns out, kids his age should only eat 1 serving per 40 days, at most (or if at all). Fortunately, he seems to have recovered well, and except for numbness in my hands and feet, and constant ringing in my ears, I've also recovered. Fish does contain mercury, enough to hurt you or your family. There should be warning labels, just as there is on cigarettes. But I suppose that would cut into company profits. My son, who is 9, has already decided to stop drinking milk, eating eggs, tuna, and many meats. And I'm now a 100% whole food, plant based vegan (1 year). Feeling truly healthy, and incredibly happy and lucky to be alive.

  30. That won't solve the problem. The solution is not to stop eating fish. The solution is to stop dumping toxic materials into the river and oceans. That is the root cause!

  31. My autistic son improved greatly with a change in diet.
    Gluten-free, casein-free diet. No meat, fish or eggs.
    No artificial food colorings. (Yellow dye is the worst.)
    No artificial flavorings. No high fructose corn syrup.
    No trans fats.
    No artificial preservatives.
    No pesticides.
    No artificial perfumes, air fresheners.
    Non-toxic cleaning products.
    No yeast. No dextrose.
    No vaccinations after the initial ones that he had a bad reaction to.
    Organic food.
    Distilled water.

    We added vitamin B6, magnesium, B12, DMG, probiotics, Epsom salts baths, low dose melatonin, D3.
    Dry brushing, sensory integration, animal therapy, Auditory Integration therapy.
    He had ABA therapy for 5 years, which helped a lot with learning to talk, but most of the Autism symptoms are gone after making these changes. He was totally non-verbal when we started.

    He's graduated high school, has a job, got his drivers license, has friends, has a girlfriend, draws, writes stories, repairs computers. He's kind, funny, smart, very calm, the most mellow person in the family. Not totally independent yet, but is making plans to move out with friends soon. He's not on any medications.

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