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Helicopter Pilot Blows Whistle On Tuna Industry

Helicopter Pilot Blows Whistle On Tuna Industry

My job was spotting tuna
on a purse seiner… Herding the fish into the nets,
blocking nets… …and that pretty much covers it I think. Using the FADs was part
of their every day routine. Sometimes up to half a day
was spent making them… …there would be at any one time stacks,
stockpiles of forty of them ready to go. Pretty much all the way out
we would be dropping these FADs off… …all the way for them later to pick up. Every morning you would be thinking
“oh what are we going to catch today?”… …because when the ships are running
down the schools and setting the net… …the bycatch was pretty much zero. Using the FADs it was pretty much
just anything from reef runners… …manta rays, dolphins, marlin, whales… …you name it: the whole lot got caught. Catching undersize fish, it was just
completely related to the FAD fishing. So we would set on them, catch them,
they would pull them up… …purse them onto the side of the boat… And of course the fish were just
these tiny little things… …”cigars” was the term they used. And of course they would all die
and then they would just dump the net. I saw that on numerous occasions… When you see it happening all the time… …you just got to think how many
are actually getting killed. I think over the whole Pacific
that happening every day… …will be making a big impact. Something has to be done about the FADs… …it’s cleaning up, it’s killing everything… Quite worrying…

93 comments on “Helicopter Pilot Blows Whistle On Tuna Industry

  1. @ErnieCosmo sure, stupid fish who are essential in preventing seas from becoming jellyfish soups, amongst many other things. Apart from the moral issues about everyone of us participating in this massacre of life on our planet, which is the only one we have, by the way…

  2. @ErnieCosmo They're being wiped out! They're vital for the food chain. If you don't care, you don't care for yourself. There's only one planet that we can live on!

  3. This is all myth. Overfishing, global warming, poverty increase. All is a myth. Where is that bucket of sand.. I wanna put my head in and pretend all is fine. Aaaah! here it is!

  4. @deviceds You don't have to stop eating tuna. You can still enjoy tuna. Just ensure you are eating species that are not under threat. Don't support companies that are known to use these destructive fishing practices. And get involved with campaigns against companies that do. There is plenty you can do to empower yourself and stop this greedy, wasteful practice. Check out the Greenpeace website for further information on all of the above. It's great that you have enough conscience to care. 🙂

  5. Commercial fishing : /

    Catch your own!

    Or better yet, spear your own fish, the most environmentally friendly form of fishing!!

  6. sick sick needs to stop! I haven't eaten tuna for years- I always believed that the "bycatch" far outweighs the product- and I was right- no matter how many times they all claim otherwise! don't buy ocean fish,- buy farmed fish. you need omega3? eat flaxseed oil, same thing , but even more benefits.

  7. Damn orientals are a MAJOR reason why the tuna population is decreasing. They don't report the true numbers on their catches. Europeans as well. One day very soon there will be no fish left to catch of certain species. All due to the zipper heads in asia. Its a shame people like that need to be greedy.

  8. Oohheck73. Your right! There are worse things happening in the world. But why should we turn a blind eye to a MAJOR food source that we all need to survive?

  9. The oceans are going to become the last place we can get fresh food if we continue to ravage the land the way we do. This kind of practice is going to ensure we don't even have the oceans. I'm with you @OldSchoolSkill. Couldn't have put it better myself.

  10. I worked in a fish restaurant. Day after day, I and my co-workers fed old, nicely dressed people. Day after day we threw away their half eaten snapper, mahi-mahi, trout, salmon
    With the convenience of capitalism, the elite are only becoming more distanced from the rest of society, and they are the ones with the power. They are also the ones who will say that fishing these fish is a necessity so that more people can throw them away.
    Can't even trust a can of fucking tuna fish…
    What can I trust?

  11. @brandoa1414 Who is we? do the countless dying children in poverty and disease riddled third world countries count as part of your "we"? or the gunfire that ravage the bodies of men, women, and innocent children on a daily basis in places like Afghanistan? Do they count? You people sit here rambling on with accusations of greed when the true selfishness lies in this war you have against your fellow man, driven by a personal pursuit of self preservation for you and yours. Look in the mirror.

  12. should post links to these on a new series of tuna adverts which are launching called "John West 'Story Behind Every Can'" can't seem to post links to other videos in the comments though

  13. These are Korean boats – the US tuna fleet does NOT operate like this. By-catch does not outweigh product, it's minimal – Take it with a grain of salt….Greenpeace wants it to look worse than it is, and they succeed in doing so.

  14. Every single day, this happens… all over the planet. Absolute lunacy. Humans can be such barbarians. Thank you Greenpeace for spearheading this movement.

  15. Worst thing that ever happened to the tuna fishery was to chase the US fleet out of the Eastern Pacific and into the Western Pacific. I know people get upset about fishing on porpoise schools but it was proven that if done correctly like the US was doing zero percent mortality of porpoise was achievable (Medina Panel). Of course the media never let the public know that because there's no special interest money to be had. Sorry but creed is alive and well in the green crowd too. Fish smart…

  16. I love it, everything in that fish is perfect, just because of this video I ill stop to eat Tuna! Everybody should do the same

  17. @vckbeefan seriously? your reaction to this video is a desire to get thumbs up because of jared leto? clearly you missed the point he was trying to get across.

  18. @honeylm3 See, the problem is, this video has nothing to do with the killing of animals. It has more to do with the effect on marine biodiversity due to overfishing. There is going to always be an endless supply of Tuna. It's the other animals to worry about. This video isn't supposed to encourage you to stop eating tuna or meat… It's to bring awareness to overfishing. The REAL problem is people having too many children. The larger the population… the more mouths to feed.

  19. @PhantomLyric Cod, Tuna, Salmon. Well especially cod, it's rare to find cod in fish 'n' chip shops, all they have is trout. End of, advancement in technology and illegal fishing are exploiting more fish then they can reproduce.

  20. @toyotaprius79 I don't believe the problem is overfishing. I believe the problem is the growing population. The population has doubled in size since the 1950s… DOUBLED… They are predicting in the next 50 years, we'll have 14 billion people on earth. — The only thing our cutting back will do is slow down extinction. It may become inevitable if we don't reduce our population. 1 child per family, no divorce. The end.

  21. @nad666 Just curious…could you send me a link or something so I can read the data you've studied regarding tuna stocks and actual by-catch rates? Just so I can compare my knowledge to yours and expand my naive and ignorant point of view…..

  22. It's great that more people are becoming aware of unsustainable methods like this. Please tell us more. For people who enjoy tuna and want to continue enjoying it, what brands should we be buying?

  23. @AubWD
    Don't ever eat any Bluefin tuna.
    Blue fin tuna is actually already on the point of no return, it probably can't be saved. Mitsubishi quite recently built new fishing vessels to, as they say themselves, catch the last remaining stocks to freeze them for future market when they can get even higher prices than the ridiculous high prices we already have. Mitsubishi controls over 50% of the tuna market. Most of the Bluefin tuna cought is of course sold to Japan for their sushi market.

  24. @nad666
    Human nature is to not see what you don't want to see, mainly as a defence mechanism to not having to change behavior or views.

  25. @AubWD
    I personally LOVE tuna and think it's one of the most amazing tasty food all categories. Unfortunately I've had to cut down on my consumption on it drastically the last decade.
    Spain is absolutely a big and one of 3 main culprits to the mass destruction of our oceans and they do the most tuna fishing in Europe which they export mostly to Japan. They refuse to have any regulations and will keep on depleting the oceans and to fish unsustainably until it all ends naturally.

  26. @AubWD
    Now to directly answering your question on what to buy.
    Brand is hard to tell you but you should look for the MSC branding of ANY fish you buy. Today it's the best you can do. You can still buy Yellowfin tuna but they too are decreasing rapidly and it won't be many years until they too will be at the no return point as the Bluefin tuna. Tuna species take at least 5 years to mature and to start giving offspring. Catches are too large and fast for them to get a chance to reproduce.

  27. @dissforlife 1/2
    Are you telling me that all your motivations in life is profit driven? Sad:(
    We still listen to classical music, and we will do that in 500 years too. Probably because it is the best progress in music history so far. But that music was created in a time where being a musician ment living in poverty. Copyright did not even exists!
    People were motivated, but not by profit or greed, but by a true passion. Today music is more profitable than ever, and music has never been worse!

  28. @dissforlife 2/2
    Also, think of all the stuff that is NOT created by passionate people today, because they instead have to be wage slaves just to survive.
    Googles 20% time is a great example that progress is more likely when money is taken out of the equation.

    Think about Paul Potts /watch?v=1k08yxu57NA
    Many people will say profit(aka a talent show) made him famous, but the truth is that it was profit(aka mobile sales) that held him back in the first place.

  29. @jigglypiggly
    Of course you do. You are not alone. There are too many of your kind, not caring about anyone but yourself. You are on of the main causes for the destruction of the planet and the human race and you are proud of it. Good for you Einstein 🙂

  30. @StaticNova I swear if you were here and you said something like that I'd sock you in the face! How would you like it if someone cut your arms off and threw you on the side of the street to die? I'm not vegan, I eat meat. It doesn't take much (FOR ME) to understand whats going on in this video. Open your f***ing eyes dip shit!

  31. a cada dia que passa o homem fica cada vez mais ignorante ,ignorando a vida a natureza ate que um dia vai ser tarde de mais e não vai ter tempo de arrependimentos disso eu tenho certeza

  32. @StaticNova I'm not sure what you mean by "working", but at the current scale at which humans collect tuna from the ocean, we can't afford to be killing the young stock and endangered species in the process.

    The world is the heritage of the future generations, not just us.

  33. Don't like this? Then do something about it! See the petition linked in the description? It's only up to about 15,000 signatures, and they want to get it to 30,000. Go to the link, and click the 'Take Action' that's next to the 'About' button (not the 'Take Action' button that's on the top of the page).

    I don't usually ask for thumbs up, but please thumb this comment up, so others can see. With 100,000 views and only 15,000 signatures, a lot of people must not be seeing that link!

  34. DO you know where your seafood is coming from? Most people forget there are lots for hungry ignorant people behind these killers, o and did i mention lots of money? KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM< STOP FUNDING THEM

  35. So sickening I can barely even watch. Thankfully I avoid everything containing "seafood," and therefore never support this repulsively evil barbarism.

  36. @jamesa4050: it IS part of the plan. Not everyone can farm, but anyone can fish. Destroy that and you've destroyed the ability to survive for billions of people.

  37. The earth cannot sustain us in the future if we keep on having so many goddam babies! Some parts of the world must be very close the their area's carrying capacity, that's why you get food harvests like this to support those populations…

  38. this video is pure propaganda for many reasons which i shall now list
    first my credentials i am a helicopter pilot who is currently working inthe industry and have been for 4 years
    the fads – in 4 years ALL the boats i have been on have never caught a dolphin NEVER. It is illegal to set when there are whales in the area even if there are tuna.
    every boat has a fishing inspector aboard
    most of the 'reef runners' are eaten by the crew or dried out and taken back to their own country

  39. its typical of greenpeace to depict the tuna fleet like this what they dont tell you is the amount of pollution they create steaming around trying to persuade idiots like you they are doing the world a favour
    before you all get your collective knickers in a knot at least get your facts right
    and to those of you who would condone the sinking of these boats or the like think of this they carry fuel and oil so sinking themwould be counterproductive now wouldnt it
    fucking morons

  40. What a bunch of shit. This video is pure propaganda.

  41. Both sides are corrupt as fuck.
    You have the greedy company,
    and these nature fuckfaces are trying to exploit the greedy company so they can make some dough too.

  42. Not really, this movement is just trying to get attention and it looks like it failed hard.

    This is greenpeace's way. To make something look bad, they excel at it. So suckers like the 15,000 who signed that petition feel "bad." Really, they're doing nothing at all by signing it. They are just making ad money.

  43. Like I said, both sides are corrupt. Don't pay attention to either of them.

  44. Clickme… you're an idiot, son. Conservation organizations don't operate for profit. There's no greed involved in what they're doing. The people who work for them and support them (many are volunteers!) stand to gain nothing but the preservation and protection of a better world. The corruption is one-sided: those who profit seek to distort the truth.
    If that isn't immediately self-obvious to you, you need the help of a different kind of charity. Good luck to you.

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