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Hellish Moments: Burnt, Greasy Fish | Season 15 Ep. 14 | HELL’S KITCHEN

Hellish Moments: Burnt, Greasy Fish | Season 15 Ep. 14 | HELL’S KITCHEN

ASHLEY: I have been the only
[bleep] person in this house that has been your friend. I genuinely thought
Kristin would enjoy football more than you would. What do you think I do
on Sundays, [bleep] play with myself all [bleep] day? It has nothing to do
with football, Jared. You’re trying to be
[bleep] sneaky again. No, I’m not. ASHLEY: Yeah, you are, dude. Hey! Hey. That’s burnt. I’ve got more cod on the
bottom than I have on top. ARIEL: Why would you do that? What cortex of your brain told
you that was a good [bleep] idea? GORDON: Dressed
the New York strip. I’ve got to serve
something. [bleep]. Otherwise no one’s getting fed. JARED: Manda, yes? Why is she not talking? JARED: Manda, how
long on strips? MANDA: It’s not there yet. JARED: Y–yes? Manda, yes? Amanda, talk to him! MANDA: Yes, yes! JARED: Manda.
MANDA: Yes! It’s blue. It’s [bleep] blue. I’m telling you
it wasn’t ready. ASHLEY: Manda, nobody heard
you say it wasn’t ready. Get it ready. I want to finish this table. Yes, Chef. Sorry, Chef. (MOCKING TONE): Yes,
Chef, sorry, Chef. Yes, Chef, sorry. Hey. Hey.
Hey, all of you. Come in here. Uh-oh. This cannot be good. GORDON: All of
you, get in there. I’m getting pissed off. [door slams] What jacket are you wearing? Black jacket, Chef. GORDON: Black jacket. Look at this. Look at the center. It’s undercooked. Hey.
Let me tell you something. Here, it’s not
going to burn you. Hold it. I swear to God, I’m walking
through those doors. Get a grip! What happens if Ashley stops
talking to you again tonight? Oh, my God. [bleep] it. No, not [bleep] it! You weren’t mentally prepared. ASHLEY: Jared,
you’ve checked out. I think you’ve given
up on yourself, you’ve given up on the fight. Why the [bleep] are you here? MANDA: Good job, girls, you
finally used that lump three feet above your [bleep] ass. JARED: I was
frustrated last night, and I let it carry over today. KRISTIN: You’re in a
[bleep] black jacket. You don’t say that [bleep]. I can’t trust you if
you’re saying that [bleep]. JARED: But I showed
hustle all night. It’s not good enough! ‘Cause you [bleep]ed up today. I barely [bleep]ed up today. You don’t barely [bleep] up. And you did [bleep] up. You [bleep]ed up today. You [bleep]ed up today.

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