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Hello Antigua- Fishing, hiking and repair of the generator

Hello Antigua- Fishing, hiking and repair of the generator

The storm we’ve been waiting for is… …yet to come. I am thinking that we stayed in the bay for nothing. We stayed for 3 days… …in the protected bay next to Pigeon Island. Waiting for the cyclone to weaken so we can go to Antigua. We started the day early morning, we’re still on our way. I thought I’ll have a peaceful journey with reading, watching movies, eating strudel… Well… it didn’t happen. He doesn’t even feel this wind, but for me… it’s a bit too much. And we also got into a small storm, now it’s clean, the sun is shining. Zsolt gave me the jacket and since then, I’m scared. We left the bay of Pigeon Island at 6. Got the anchor, and departed. Here, the western, north-western part of the island the 25 knots wind arrived, we’re sailing comfortably, with small ref. A small troubling thing… 3 meters waves and they lifting the yacht up. They’re coming from 60 degrees… …but at least we have wind, and going. And we arrived to Antigua yesterday. I got really tired, we didn’t even go out since then. Today we had a wonderful morning, and I saw… a really huge yacht, with a helicopter on the top. If we’ll pass by it today, I’m gonna record it, so I can show you. So there’s the yacht with the helicopter I told you about. It’s pretty neat, I think a building estate could fit on it. I’m not sure you can see it properly, but it’s huge. We came to a mole to fish, because he said he knows a place, where he’ll definitely catch some… …he hasn’t, yet. – Here’s a fish… Holy sh*t, did you see it? – The bait works – I may finally catch some, Gombos. They’re avoiding this place now. Now, when he came to this perfect spot. – Do you have 3 more perfect spots? – Yes, it was the weakest.
– Hooray!
– I didn’t want to go to the best immediately. – The bait is also wrong…
– Cristate Chinese synthetic shrimp… – Try to record the fish. nicely… – It can jump.
– But it won’t jump… – But it’ll jump to my lap as it’s wriggling.
– Okay, let’s go! – Pull this fish away from me! The tussock! It’s a… lionfish… I throw it back, because it’s small – Let it go!
– I don’t want to! But I don’t wanna touch it.
– Let it go but… – The bottle cut it, didn’t it? – Why would it cut it? We are still trying, big time. – We already caught one!
– And we let it go because it was a goldfish. We don’t eat it… It’s a rod for fresh water… and… I should’ve brought the sea rod with me and… …it’s not capable of… it’s too stiff. That’s what fishermen would say. So now the excuses are told. – It was everything’s fault.
– The bait goes too deep, the rod is too stiff. – You didn’t blame the saltyness of the water, yet! – Not to mention, that it may not go down to the bottom. – The water is so salty, that the lead can’t reach the bottom of it in Antigua. – Was the trip worth it? – Of course. – Pretty good sight, huh?! Here we are at the I don’t know which fortress… We have no idea yet… We came back to English Harbor after the fortress. Beautiful panorama, the trip was worth it. However, it was hot as hell all the time. We came in to grab a lemonade, then we’ll go back to the yacht and I’ll definitely jump into the water. We lost Zsolt. I am responsible for Facebook and… …I’m fu*king bad at it. I’m learning it right now. Apple pie project in progress. dill… rosemary… mint… Colgate… Pringles… and…basil. I don’t know what’s happening to the rosemary and mint, but they are reluctant for now. I was surfing the web and found an article, where they say, that the growing time of the mint is 2 weeks but we are at about 1 week I think, so I calmed down We didn’t kill the mint. Our generator starts hardly nowadays. Zsolt went down to the pit, to see what’s up. A gearing process, like this, with us… is happening as follows: Zsolt went down to the pit, where it’s hot and muggy, and dark, and the place is really narrow, and he has to fix the generator there, and the tools are with me in the cockpit, and he always tells me what he needs, gives me the name of the tool, which at first I have no idea what is what. phillips screwdriver… – The biggest one?
– Yes! – And a 13 spanner? – Is that the one I already gave you?! – No!
– Oh yeah I know now! Okay! And then I start looking for it, sometimes I my guess is good sometimes it’s not, and during the fixing… …I always feel the stress, that he starts getting nervous… …when…when …I’m lame… and putting back the process, but… I don’t really know the tools and I don’t think I should. Well, I may… because I live on a yacht, but… I’m not really interested. But I always help, and the point is, the generator is fixed. He was really smart, he did it! Done! So this is how a person looks like after fixing… Produce showing. I’m quiet dirty! Yes! Our generator started hardly. After a day of web surfing I found out, that I should check 5-6 things. I had to check the fuel filter, fuel pump, oil filter, air filter… the glow-plugs, the… the story of the flow-pipes to see if they’re leaking. All negative. Well, one of the glow-plugs… 2 ohms resistor, well, it should be 2 ohms it had 1,1 ohms resistor, which is a border line case. Meanwhile, I noticed, that there’s the v-belt, which connects 3 shafts. The main, the water pump shaft and the generator shaft. The screw of the generator’s generator was… missing! And now we shall see… We heat it… Push! Good! – It started immediately, didn’t it?!
– Works perfectly!
– Whaat?!
– Yeah! Awesome!

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  1. Boldog karácsonyt fiatalok! A hal visszaengedés best :DD Zsolt, a légnyomást kell okolni , ha nem harap a hal :'D

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