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Her First Walleye Ice Fishing a Back Lake in Ontario and Surprise Tip-Up Catch

Her First Walleye Ice Fishing a Back Lake in Ontario and Surprise Tip-Up Catch

That was a nice walleye.
Yeah that was like… Oh, I’m on!
Oh, nice! The action has started! Welcome to Conjuring Rock, where we enjoy
all-season camping and fishing. Come on in! We’re on a back lake in Eastern Ontario
today and we’re going for some Walleye We’ve got about like four and a half to five inches of ice and Ben’s kind of
freaking out because of how many holes we have drilled in the tent here.
It’s only three, but I mean. This is like – We’re inexperienced with using a tent
* Ice Makes noise Beneath Us* haha, and we keep hearing these cracks in the ice
God! Totally looks like you’re about to drop a rap album.
*turntable imitation* So we keep hearing those sounds that ice makes
when it expands. Oh, it’s making sounds.
Hahahahaha And it’s freaking Ben out.
It felt like it punched me in the butt. He just like, jumped right off his seat and was about to jump out of the tent. Oh, I just had a hit. Oh!
Yep, you’re on, stand up – stand up. Stand right up, keep the tension on
Oh Haley’s on! Keep the tension on him.
Yep. Haley’s on It’s ok, go for it, you’re good. Oh, it’s a good walleye. That’s a walleye That’s a beautiful Walleye Haley.
Yeah, babe! Wow!
Here take the camera bro Nice! Yeah, good job sweetheart! We need the bump board. Guys I didn’t know we were gonna catch walleye! Hahaha I had no idea.
Look at that! Let me get the light in here.
Here, we got that camera there. That’s Ha- That’s your first walleye isn’t it?
That’s my very first walleye, yep! Awesome.
That’s a nice walleye. Nice! Okay.
That’s pretty cool! That is awesome sweetheart, good
for yooou! Oh, he’s cool!
Hahaha Aweosme guys.
Okay, I need a new head. I’ll get you a head babe. Was that on the buckshot jig?
Yep! That was a nice walleye.
Yeah that was Oh, I’m on!
Oh, nice! The action has started! Oh this is a good one, this is a good one. This is a good one.
Do you want a hand guiding it?
Yeah. Oooooo, that’s a bass.
We gotta get that guy back. Yeah. I was not ready, I was sitting down.
That always happens, I swear to god. Hey, can you double jig here ’cause I wanna get some peanuts out? Pow! Pow! Pow! Fastest rods in the west! I’m gonna brave the storm! Good luck out there buddy. Check the tip-up.
Check the tip-up! Oh, I’m on! Benny is on!?
Oh I’m on a good one too. Yeah?
Nice! Oh yeah, that’s a decent walleye.
Nice! Good one!
Yeah man! On that good ole Buckshot. Oh yeah.
That’s a nice little walleye. Awesome. Yeah Nice!
I love that thing. That was sweet.
Yeah. Cool, let’s get down there. The bite might be turning on. So, Benny’s actually trying to cook a hotdog
with the buddy heater. It’s sizzlin’.
It’s working, man! It is working, that’s awesome. I mean we have a stove, you could just use the stove, but… Where’s the fun? Oh, he just lost half his wiener. So we were just packing up here, and Ben went to pull up the tip-up… It’s huge, man. That’s a big perch.
That is a huge perch, look at that! Wow! He’s gonna go back though, let’s get him in before he freezes. Dude, I couldn’t believe it! hahahaha Okay, we had a really good day out on the
water we used the hut for the first time. I got my first walleye.
Very first walleye. A nice one too, we got a cool perch on the tip-up that we didn’t know about, hahaha haha yeah, That was a really good last minute surprise. Anyways hit that subscribe button if you
subscribed yet, and want to see more and we’ll catch you later.
Cheers guys.
Thanks for watching.

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