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Herb Crusted Salmon & Pasta Primavera

Herb Crusted Salmon & Pasta Primavera

(cheering) Our next guest is the host of the popular YouTube channel show, it’s called Laura In The Kitchen. (cheering) She’s here from Jersey with fresh Italian recipes for the spring. Welcome back Laura Vitale. Thank you! Hi. Here from Jersey but you are actually Italian Italian. Yes, I was born in Italy, I moved to the US when I was 12, but I’ve been in Jersey since ’05. Swedesboro, New Jersey. Welcome back, what are we making, I’m ready. We’re gonna make two dishes, really easy. We’re gonna make a one pan veggies and crispy topped salmon and we’re gonna make a pasta primavera which is a fancy word for springtime pasta. Everybody loves pasta primavera. Yes, yes. Alright, let’s get started. What are those ingredients? So in the sheet pan, what I’ve got here is a mix of vegetables that you’ll find in your regular grocery store or farmers market this time of year. So zucchini, asparagus, shallots, tomatoes. And you’ll see that those same ingredients that’ll be in the pasta because shop once, use it twice. So what you do to your veggies, you have your oven preheated to 425, you season your veggies with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, a little seasoning if you want to. I see squash. Yes, you see yellow squash. The tomatoes look terrific. Those are bigger than cherry tomatoes. What kind of tomatoes are those? They’re sort of like between a, I call ’em between a beefsteak tomato and a plum tomato, they’re sort of right in between, they’re sweet and delicious. And very small red onions. Yes, that’s shallots, so they’re not as strong as onions. And asparagus including the stalk. Well, just sort of like right before you get to the very last two inches. Yeah, I don’t like that part. I don’t either. You do salt and pepper, a little bit of olive oil, pop this in a hot oven at 425 for about 15 minutes. Then what you do is you take your salmon filets. I’ve got two beautiful salmon filets here. You could do four, five, however many people you’ve got coming over. Sometimes salmon is very dry. I must say, this is very moist. You know why? (audience clapping) Because we make a crispy topping that kind of adds flavor and crunch and protects it from getting dry. But you would think that the breadcrumbs would soak up the moisture from the salmon. Why is it so moist? ‘Cause of the olive oil in here. So in here I’ve got bread, some stale bread will work. You’ve got garlic, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley, and tarragon, which is such a good ingredient and it’s an herb that people just don’t use enough. No, how do you use that besides this? I put it with seafood, I love it with seafood. And then you pop the thing on and you let that go for a little bit until it resembles something like this. And then you just top your salmon with this. Pretend it’s all beautiful and gorgeous. You kept this crunchy, they’re not mushy breadcrumbs on top. You guys, they crunch. Nobody likes mush. And then after you pop it back into the oven, it looks a little something like this and it’s gorgeous. (audience clapping) Now what are we making here? This is a pasta primavera, which is a springtime pasta. It’s using really fresh ingredients, really minimal ingredients, and it’s easy. I like easy because I’ve got a kid, I don’t have time to cook for an hour. How old’s yours? She’s two. Oh wow, you really don’t have time. I don’t. Who’s taking care of her while you’re here? My husband. Oh, now does he work from home or is he a stay at home? He works from home, he works with me. And he also has his own family business. Your husband works with you? Yes, him and I own a business together. How’s that going? Pretty good, pretty good. Good for you. (audience cheering) Good for you. Thank you, so far so good. I want some of this. This is very good, I wanna wrap all this stuff and take it back to my room. So you’ve got veggies in here. Again, whatever you’ve got, whatever you can find. I’ve got asparagus, zucchini, shallots, and carrots and a little bit of garlic. And then to this you add a little bit of flour because you’re gonna thicken the sauce this way. Mmmm. Right? And then again, a little bit of salt, a little bit of thyme. The noodles are strong and broad. Yes, that’s how I like it. Holding all of the flavor. Yep, I add a little bit of veggie stock, you can add some white wine if you want to. If you don’t mind can I put more salt in? You can put whatever you want. I’m always low in sodium. I tell you, my doctors say, shake it Wendy. So do I. You are? I love sodium, I love salt. I like salt way more than sweet, I just do. You ever go into a restaurant and the salt and pepper’s not on the table? Why do they do that? ‘Cause then I have to ask. ‘Cause chefs think that they’re really all that. And you all are all that but you gotta– Here’s the thing though, when it comes to salt it’s really a preference thing. So I like my stuff really salty ’cause it opens up the palate, it makes it muah, so good. Is this the cheese? Yes, and then if you wanna put a spoonful in here that would be phenomenal. I’ll take this for here, and this for there. You gotta do it up. I gotta tell you, this is the deal, this is the deal with Parmesan cheese as well as pecorino, it’s very expensive. It is. So I’m taking the rest of that hunk home please. You should. Thank you. But here’s the thing, it’s expensive but a little bit goes a lot further. A long way. Than the cheap stuff that you need so much of. Yeah, don’t buy the processed. Are you gluten free and all that? No. Okay, so all this stuff is the real deal. That’s why it’s so delicious. I’m finishing this during commercial. Thank you, Laura. Everybody this is Laura Vitale. For more information on these recipes, please go to (upbeat music)

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