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Herb-Oil Poached Halibut

Herb-Oil Poached Halibut

17 comments on “Herb-Oil Poached Halibut

  1. Thanks chef Christina:
    Having a really bad night in chilly Missouri. I personally don't eat red meat so it was a real joy to watch you cook fish and poultry.
    It brought a smile to my face.
    Thank you,
    SA COX

  2. I made the best fish & chips using fresh cod & haddock, then froze the other half of each fillet. Never had much success using fish after it's been frozen but going to try this recipe tomorrow after they are thawed. Thanks so much for the idea, keep up the good work Chef Christina!

  3. I keep watching these vids expecting to see the ENTIRE meal made but it’s only one small aspect of it and it makes me sad…
    What about the oven roasted tomatoes?
    Or the potato fennel purée?

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