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100 comments on “Hey Former Trump Administration Officials: Your Future Is Bright

  1. "Dr. Sebastian Gorka"… Yep, that definitely sounds like the name of a guy who would dangle James Bond over a pool full of sharks.

  2. This is no James Adomian bit, hell it's not even funnier than Michael's bit on the Majority Report. Goddamn it Resistance Dems, lift your game

  3. I am sixty five and last week I picked up a new battery for my car. My eye turned into a blood ball worse than Biden's. It happens and it is temporary.

  4. Man, time does fly here in Trumpistan, I remember that guy, but it seems like twenty years since he came, and went.


  6. Haven’t seen a well informed third Reich bit from an American Show in a while. Impressive. Hope Colbert is also reacting to our newest amusement park gaffe. (Which technically counts as a crime in Germany as publicly displaying non-Hindu swastikas for any other reason than educational purposes is banned here)

  7. Wait, immaculate Whmerica. Wasn't it Nazi Rocket Scientists doing US ICBMs and Moon Program? Whereas, Hungarian Order of Vitez, which Gorka wore a Medal of- existed long before German Nazi Party. Get ur Sh*t together, Whmerica and learn History from Books, not from Hollywood Fairy Tales.

  8. Irish is not something to have at more than 6%. I am all European Countries mixed, still only have 0.8% Irish. Thumbs down This Irish Clown.

  9. Dr. Gorka will soon be competing for Dr. Evil's job as Head Villain… pays more than a position in Don the Cons administration

  10. I am from Hungary and Gorka is obviously hungarian. but we do not have a Hungarian Nazi Part. Instead we have Orban Viktor 😀

  11. "a British born Hungarian American" dude, says google. but what is that accent? not Hungarian, I'm sure. and it is far faaar away from any Red Coat English (I've heard so far)

  12. Everyone who was pick by this racist idiot left the White House in disgrace they all was clueless at there job and tinted to work anywhere unless it help racist groups

  13. I've just now noticed that Gorka no longer uses his fake Hungarian accent he was so fond of.
    I wonder why…

  14. The only one left from his orignal cabinet is Ben Corson. The brain surgeon who wasted his talents sitting in an empty office, when he should be giving. Trump a lobotomy instead.

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