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Hey, Patty #1: Are These the Best Tacos in LA?

It is the most beautiful day on Earth. I need tacos, right now. In my belly. ASAP. Aaaaaand it’s go time! Are we ready for this? I was born ready. Maybe an Horchata will be in my
future. I’m almost bilingual. Don’t let that intimidate you. I am driving a Dodge Journey. I mean look at all the space back there.
And not only that but, I can drive a Journey… …while listening to Journey. Yeeeeeees! [singing]
“Anyway you want it…” Loteria! [singing] Patty: Jimmy,
Jimmy: Welcome. Patty: Hi.
Jimmy: Nice to have you here. I’ve been told that your vegetable tacos are fantastic. They’re delicious. They’re the most delicious.
But do you have a favorite? That’s a bit like asking who your favorite child is.
That’s true. I’ll go through a phase where I want our
shrimp taco or our carnitas, or… Just between us, you started with my two favorites. The carnitas, to me, is one of the best stories
of how a recipe gets to Loteria. And it starts with the incredible love of the kitchen
my mother had. My mom and my brother and I
made this sauce. It was wonderful. What’s the name of the sauce, again? “Morita” “Chile Morita” “Chilly Moreeta” is how
a person with a horrible accent would say it. Right, Chilly Morita. Would you mind picking three tacos? Why don’t we do a “baker’s three”? Ok, let’s do a baker’s three. I like that. I love the idea of doing
the carnitas because you love them. We’ll serve you potatoes roasted poblano peppers. And our mushrooms that are cooked with epazote. Are you familiar with epazote? No. I mean…
I’ve had it in my mouth but I don’t know what it is. Okay, so let’s start with those
and then the two favorites. These are three of our
classic veggie tacos. Our calabacitas,
our potatoes with roasted poblano peppers,
and mushrooms epazote. Delicious! Thank you, Jimmy! If you’ve traveled anywhere in
Mexico and you go into the markets in Mexico. The Mexican bounty and basket is really
very special, very unique. Yeah, this is ridiculous. It’s so good. Everything that we use is…
The whole idea is: The way you would make it in the Mexican kitchen. Patty: I’m just gonna do this.
Jimmy: You’re not cutting a taco with a knife & fork? Patty: Because I’m going to share, Jimmy! Jimmy: Do you eat pizza with a fork & knife? Patty: No! Jimmy! I’m not doing this because it’s how I want to eat it… Patty: I’m doing this because I’m trying
share in a civilized fashion. I’m a real honky over here doing this. This is for someone. It’s so good. It’s ridiculous. It’s so [bleep]ing good. Oh my God. It’s like, it’s [bleep]ing amazing. It’s crazy! Sorry I’ll say that without my curse words.
It’s so good. This one’s gonna be delicious too. Here comes the shrimp tacos. Oh… the best! We’ve got the shrimp tacos in
a spicy chile morita sauce. Ah! Chilly Moreeta! It’s so good. It’s sort of upsetting, it’s so good. This is the carnitas. CARNITAS! What do you do to the meat? You know we marinate it for 24 hours before we cook it. And you marinate it in milk and cinnamon
and all kinds of yummy things What? OK. And then we cook it confit
like you would a proper carnitas. Carnitas are juicy… Thank you so much. Oh my goodness. Oh man. “Don’t back up unless you want tire damage.” Ok bossy sign. Fine. Seems a little bit late for the threat. I’m working on a second trimester taco baby right now… …whose name is Jimmy. Next up, we are going to meet my friend Anikke… …at Sonoritas. And I’m very excited for her to join us.
She lives in the neighborhood, I don’t think she’s ever been before, so this
will be an experiment for both of us. Patty: I’m really glad you can join me today. I just went to Loteria thinking I would
have a couple of veggie tacos… Oh I had at least a baker’s dozen tacos. Patty: So I’m calling on you…
Anikke: I will carry the taco torch. Anikke: Which is not a torch I carry often. Patty: You’re not obsessed with tacos?
Anikke: I’m not obsessed with tacos. Patty: But you live in Los Angeles?
Anikke: Yeah. Anikke: I love them… Patty: Oh you’re like a horrible person to date! Patty: “I love you, but I’m not that into you. I can’t commit. But I love you!” Patty: Oh, here we go. We are living.
Thank you. Anikke: Oh yeah. I needed to refresh
before we got into it. Patty: Can I try?
Anikke: Oh, get in there. Patty: Wow, look at those chia seeds just swimming around like little amoeba. Anikke: They do look like little amoeba.
Patty: That’s delicious. Anikke: It’s like spa water. Patty: Ok, so let’s go back to why you’re
not into tacos. Patty: Why can’t you commit? I have a repressed memory,
I worked on a taco truck. Were you like really Scarlett Johansson in “Chef”?
In the movie? Thank you for comparing me to Scarlett
Johansson, first of all. Anytime I can do that for a woman, you’re welcome. Anikke: We’d drive all over LA…
Patty: You and who else? Me and some high school boys who would make bongs out of the cucumbers we would use for the tacos. Yes! Yeah, it was great. Ok, are there other things in Los Angeles
that you’re secretly not on board with? Fauxhawks. Tank tops on men. Tank tops on men, that’s a huge problem in this city. Anything else?
Anikke: Too much flip-flop. Patty: Ok.
Anikke: Yeah, this is where my parents come out. Patty: I was gonna say…
Anikke: “Wearing a hat in a restaurant!?!?” I feel like what I’m picking up on too, is you can basically have a motto in your home. A sign that says “No shirt, No shoes, No service”. It’s happening!!! Patty: Oh my gosh. This is all delicious. Patty: Oh! What’s happening with the fish?
Something write home about? Mmmm-mmm. Ok. “Dear mom, The salmon at Sonoritas is
delicious… ” Like what is happening here?
This is a full-on ribeye. Get involved with it. Patty: He took a little baby steak… …cooked it up just for me for this taco. Anikke: A precious little Patty steak… Patty: Exactly. Anikke: Raw… Patty: Uh-huh. Anikke: Fresh… Patty: Vulnerable… Patty: And now here it is. Complete and now in my belly.
Anikke: And it was really good. Delicious. That was delicious. Bye, Marco! Ok, next up on The Taco Express is Tito’s Tacos… Which is known for crispy tacos
and a line around the block. I am meeting my friend Mike Nelson. Oh, Mike Nelson I think Tito’s is a legit Los Angeles experience.
I had to walk under a freeway to get here. Yeah. And in into other parts of the country… have the place where you pull your car up and the carhops come and deliver food. That’s kinda cool. Or in the Midwest you have Dairy Queens where they just have a window… I think this is Americana. Old school. 50’s, 60’s, 70’s… Like come up to a window.
Get your food. Sit at a picnic table. Patty: You know Tito’s has been here forever, right?
Mike: Since 1959. Patty: Exactly.
Mike: I’ve read. Mike: Family owned and run.
Patty: Family owned and operated. Patty: The same family has made their tortillas for them this whole time. Multi-generational. Mike: What was the thing that blew the lid off of Tito’s? Patty: The Daily Meal. Mike: The Daily Meal. And what – they
ranked tacos first… Patty: Tacos were number seven in Los Angeles…
Mike: No, no, no… number one in Los Angeles… Mike: But number seven for the country. Patty: Because for their burrito – the bean and cheese burrito at Tito’s Tacos is… Patty: …number one in the United States of America.
Mike: …the country. Which is insane. It’s happening.
Oh my God. Mike: What are we getting? Mike: I’m definitely getting the…
Patty: Cheese taco. Mike: I’ll get a toastada. We’ll get a bean and cheese burrito, and a taco with cheese… Patty: Ok. That sounds great. Mike: And a bunch of coffee. Mike: Bunch of coffee. Sounds good. Mike: I think this might be one of those meals where you need to take a shower after you eat. Mike: Should we unveil it?
Patty: Unleash the beast. Hang on. It takes four hands. Four hands! Mike: Let’s se what… Oh, my God. Patty: What is happening? Mike: Alright here’s our tacos… Patty: Merry Christmas. Uno… Dos… Tres… Patty: It’s so good. Yeah, totally simple; lettuce and meat. Mmmm…
Oh? Whoa! Peppercorn. Hmmm? Pmperpah? What was that? Was that a Muppet noise? It’s comfort food. The number one burrito in the country is
sitting right here. Yeah, simple. Bean, cheese, burrito. Mike: That is it.
Patty: Number one in the country. That is really… …really good.
Mike: Really? Mike: Don’t Bogart that thing now. Patty: It’s so good it almost makes me want to cry. Patty: It’s like stupid good. Patty: It’s a good like, it gives you a
flashbacks of deeply comforting things. Patty: It’s a sense memory experience. Mike: That thing has blown you away. Patty: This overrides sensibility. Mike: When you quit fondling it and just eat it… Mike: What are you doing with it? Patty: I don’t wanna let it go. Mike: You’re in love. It’s bringing up a lot for me. Hang on, I’m gonna have another bite. Go the other end. No, I wanna get mono. The kissing disease!
[sarcastic laughter] Patty: It’s not like in the Mission District in
San Francisco. They’re delicious but… Mike: It feels really good in your hands too, doesn’t it? Patty: It feels remarkable. Mike: It’s weird. It’s really warm. Patty: It feels really good. Like you — You kind of are coming across right
now — And I don’t mean to criticize, but… …you seem like a little bit of creep when
you’re holding it. But now I understand I probably did too. Mike: I get that with everything I hold though. Mike: You can give me an umbrella. Mike: Or a telescope. You’re like “Look at that weirdo”. Oh yeah. That was my last bite. You sure? You sure? This was incredible. It’s so incredible I have orange soda.. Stuck in your throat?
Stuck in my throat. What’s the phrase again? Like, subscribe to the…
Like the video, subscribe to the channel. [Old timey voice] There’s this thing called a computer and you get on there and you put your floppy disc in.” Patty: You’re not making my digestion any easier. Mike: What about the people at home?
Patty: The people at home are welcome to like this video. Mike: Hit that thumbs up icon in the corner.
Patty: Or subscribe to the channel. Mike: Yeah, hit the subscribe button. If you liked it, didn’t like it. If you have your own favorite taco place write about it in the comment section below. Feel free to leave comments. Even if it’s “FIRST”. Or some idiot troll. No, you don’t write comments. We’re sick of you. “TRUMP 2016” NO! Stop!
Don’t use this for your political stance… Patty: You sure do know a lot about
what they write, Mike. I do… I’m one of ’em. I’m one of ’em.

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