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hey guys welcome to another episode of
pico de gallo I am Robbie and today I have another special Mexican recipe for you
if you’re vegetarian you’re gonna love it.
please keep watching the video this is some tacos made out of our hibiscus
flower drink that we made a couple of episodes ago right you remember? if you
want to check the hibiscus flower cold drink click on the description box below
so you can know how you’re going to make it right all right so this flower is
edible so don’t throw it away save it and then
for some tacos awesome right alright so let’s go over
the ingredients it’s very simple we’re going to use the hibiscus flower that we
already use for our drink one onion garlic cloves salt and pepper cheese
that melts very good coin tortilla some extra virgin olive oil and of course us
buy a spicy sauce and some lime juice for our tacos okay so what I’m doing now
it’s I’m going to place a little bit of the extra virgin olive oil and our
chopped onions and after a while I’m going to add my chopped garlic I think I
used two cloves of garlic so it doesn’t burn and after that after a couple of
minutes I’m going to add my hibiscus flower that I cut already with some
scissors just to make it smaller and we’re going to fry it a little bit okay
give it a little bit of of time there add to taste salt and pepper and this is
like the most basic recipe okay if you have some fresh tomatoes you can make
like a puree your blender with with a small piece of onion and maybe half a
clove of garlic and add it there okay and just cook it a little bit if you
don’t have just do some do okay just keep it simple and your salt
and pepper and that’s pretty much it okay then you’re going to warm up your
corn tortillas and let me give your tip and you put some extra virgin olive oil
in your pan and and use it to let’s say make a little bit wet or human your
tortilla it will have an amazing flavor okay so I did this to two tortillas and
what I left it just basic okay add some cheese that melts very nicely okay I
actually forgot to put it in the on the pan okay so just do that well you’re
here not very tortillas and then add what we cooked okay your hibiscus flower
with the garlic and the onion and of course just as a topping use some wacom
or lame if you have on hand if not don’t worry about it and of course your your
lime juice okay Mexican tacos always have line okay so at that and of course
your spicy sauce so I add some cheese salsa of course very important your lime
Mexico we use lime okay so let’s try them so let’s put let’s take our time go
let’s put in the line some lime juice to taste of course and then went what some
salsa I like them spicy of course I think that’s a little bit more that’s
enough so this recipe was delicious I hope you
enjoyed it if you want you can add some some mushrooms maybe and also so tell
them a little bit and they’re great I hope you like them try them out
subscribe to my channel and give me thumbs up bye bye

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