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Highly Caffeinated Cocktails & Pork Loin Tacos: Chef’s Night out With Thirty Acres

Highly Caffeinated Cocktails & Pork Loin Tacos: Chef’s Night out With Thirty Acres

86 comments on “Highly Caffeinated Cocktails & Pork Loin Tacos: Chef’s Night out With Thirty Acres

  1. These are great…   nothing like watching other people hang out to let you know how boring your's is

  2. just an observation, not trying to be offensive: every US city we see in Munchies freaking looks the same to me (very similar streets and general layout)

  3. THIS ONE SUCKS, Way to highlight Jersey City by going to New York and trashing Hoboken, a van filled with class acts

  4. Here is the thing, I don't give a fuck about what you think about Hoboken. This is about two things drunk staff, and dank food. They for sure got some nice shots in thee of food. Whats up with that hamburger with fries, instead of "Italian" call it the "Mericuh as fuck". Danny Bowien also has a episode of munchies, as I recall its super entertaining. Keep em coming rick.

  5. AH! FUCK YOU Thirty Acres owner's wife! Hoboken is the only thing that matters in New Jersey!.

    No but seriously, total shouts for kicking ass in Jersey City with Thirty Acres.

  6. Serious chef who loves good food gets this shitty fried chicken and that italian sandwich? Real chefs next time please..

  7. 2 observations:
    The Aussie at Modcup body language screams that he hated Kevin and wanted to bang his wife.
    After seeing all of the Chef's Night Outs up to now, this was the worst because of Kevin, so I can't blame his wife if she bangs the Aussie.

  8. These boy's are the real deal. A small restaurant that's enjoying success. Beer slushies, a real line cooks beverage. Quality coffee cocktails? What chef wouldn't enjoy those. Shout out. Mission Street Chinese. Please, keep sharing these talented video's. Blessings ChefMike.

  9. Looked like all great food, who cares how they act i just like looking at the food and the places for a potential visit 🙂

  10. I really like this episode cause I'm from Jersey City but like Hoboken is a great place also like there's so many great hidden spots as well as Jersey City

  11. That was a terrible ending. They didn't put any effort into the late night cook-up which is what really wraps up each episode of Chef's Night Out

  12. That moron is wearing shorts in what looks like cold weather.

    They probably hate Hoboken because some non-hipsters from Hoboken came to their restaurant.

  13. Everyone talking shit on these people but they seem down to earth and all friendly. Granted they got drunk and said some classless things about Hoboken, but who hasn't said stupid shit while being buzzed?

  14. You can't burn tinfoil. You may be able to melt if with a torch type lighter, but it's not the tin producing smoke or ash. The black shit on tinfoil used to smoke or whatever is soot from the flame, not the tin foil. The myth that it burns or that you can get brain damage from smoking off of it is retarded. If you get brain damage from smoking drugs off of tinfoil, it probably wasn't the tinfoil. It was probably something that wasn't supposed to be in your drugs, or the drugs themselves. Rant off.

  15. People like this make are making Jersey City look so bad with there false sense of entitlement. Saying shit like fuck Hoboken, and going into New York. Bitch go back to where you came from.

  16. Did anyone else think that the kitchen at 30 acres is quite boring? Super minimalistic and white and soulless. Kitchen needs to be the centre of the restaurant in terms of everything.

  17. The banana blossom salad at Uncle Boons is awesome. My server said to would be too spicy for me. PFFFFT. And yeah, Hoboken sucks…

  18. "My pleashzz."

    Would it kill you to finish that word? "Pleasure". There.
    Shortening some words are okay, but that just makes you sound like a lazy douche.

  19. Another one that's closed — I feel like that's the trend for a lot of the restaurants featured in this series.

  20. all these negative, envious comments on munchies are so annoying. great show, great people. i sit here in stuttgart and i am traveling the world. thanks

  21. If the joint has 32 seats, why is it called Thirty Acres? If it were 30 acres, it would be the size of an average warehouse. Way too big for a restaurant!

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