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Highly Caffeinated Cocktails & Pork Loin Tacos: Chef’s Night out With Thirty Acres

We had a dish washer who
was, without a doubt, on bath salts. Cuz he came in and
went to the bathroom for 40 minutes with
his backpack. Then the bathroom smelled
like burnt tin foil. And I was like, why does
the bathroom smell like burnt tin foil and
methamphetamine? And he was like,
whatever, bro, dude,
I just got here. My name is
Kevin Pemoulie. I’m the chef and owner of
Thirty Acres restaurant in Jersey City. I own the restaurant
with my wife, Alex. We’ve been here for
three years. Thirty Acres is a small,
32-seat, seasonal American
restaurant. Currently we’re doing
a tasting menu. We have an a la
carte bar menu and everything changes
regularly. These are called
Tisbury oysters from Massachusetts. They’re big and gnarly. My wife and I moved out
to Jersey City in 2010. We just really
sort of fell in love with
the downtown area. It seemed like it would
be fun to kind of try to be a part of
a new wave out here. So this is tortellini
stuffed with stinging nettles and
ricotta cheese. And this is a dish we’re
currently serving on our tasting menu. For the first, almost three years of our
existence we were an a la carte menu. Really small menu. Never got to be more than
like 12 items at a time. But the idea was really
just to offer a more complete dinning
experience and to really give
better service. We have a real skeleton
crew, but it works. Our sous chef,
Jon Vitiello, has been here
about a year now. He’s been just a really
tremendous asset to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to
have on my side. Allen Ventura, he’s the
longest-standing employee that we have here. He grew up in
Jersey City. Never worked in
a restaurant. Started as a dishwasher. Went from dishwasher
to prep cook. Line cook. And I honestly feel
like he’s a member of my family at this point. So we headed out here and headed over to
modcup coffee. All right. I got short legs though. Off to modcup. Yep.
I don’t really know that
much about modcup. Modcup is very
good coffee. They make great roasts. They roast Monday and
Friday. And everything is
just fantastic. They do very different
style roasts. Just about everything
they do is just the tops. It’s really great. It’s really great. Just great, great coffee. We got over there and
met up with Travis and Justin. Hey! Those guys have
coffee drinks ready to go for us. So we are officially
closed which means we can serve booze. Ah-ha. Modcup coffee is
a local coffee roaster. These guys are really
doing a great job. Ladies first. More fashion for you. They’re making I think. Coffee Manhattans. They had a nice
orange bitters, too, that they
were using, too. But it tasted of
coffee and bourbon, which I think can have a
lot of similar qualities to them in some ways. This is nitrogenated
coffee. Highly caffeinated. Well, everything is
highly caffeinated. It tastes like a beer. Oh, that is delicious. Oh man. I really want one of those coffee
nitro cocktails, right now, because I feel
still pretty terrible, but I really would
like to have one. Cheers, thank you,
yeah, thank you guys. Awesome to have
you guys here. I mean, everything was
really, fully loaded with caffeine and
it was a good way to get the night going,
for sure. Thanks for
coming by, mate. Yeah. Goodnight.
My plez. I got fully revved up
on coffee drinks and cold brew and
what have you. And we got in the van and
we headed through the Holland Tunnel
to Uncle Boons. Oh my God, I’m so
caffeinated. I know. Don’t air any of
the parts about us talking shit. No, air them all. I don’t care. About anything,
except for Hoboken. Because you suck,
Hoboken. We’re only joking. Oh my God. God, this is
the longest tunnel. Holy balls, what
the fuck is this tunnel? Oh, tears. That’s not good for
the sound. We’re so close,
it’s so good. Because I have to pee so
bad. Here we are,
Spring Street. Uncle Boons is
a Thai restaurant. Ann Redding and
Matt Danzer, we’ve come to know through doing
some events with them. I mean it’s literally
my wife and my favorite restaurant
in the city. Everything they do is
just really amazing. They’re not necessarily
doing, or trying to be anything other than
authentically themselves. No no, no way! This is world-famous
Danny Bowien. Don’t record that. So, yeah, when we got
there we met up with Danny Bowien and
his wife Youngmi. Danny is the chef
of Mission Chinese. We started with
some sort of shot, I don’t know what it was,
but it involved a chaser of a
pineapple with some chili salt on it,
which was really good. Then we had some
beer slushies, really delicious. That’s awesome. Whoo. And really goes
well with our food. A spicy rotisserie
chicken and a banana blossom salad. So they first sent
out the chicken and banana blossom salad,
which I think is my singular favorite dish
I’ve ever had in my life. So banana blossom
dressing, we use our house
made chili jam. There’s also coconut
milk in there, to kind of get that
creamy texture. It’s nice, it’s one
of the dishes like, you have salty,
you have sweet, you have heat,
you have savory. There’s a lot of
elements going on. It’s pretty hot but
it’s well balanced. My mouth is on fire. You gotta eat it with
the sticky rice. They also sent out
probably our second favorite thing,
which is a chicken liver masaman curry with
braised pineapple, too. That’s also just
totally phenomenal. Definitely the best
chicken liver dish I’ve ever had. I had a couple
cocktails that I don’t even know what I
was drinking at the time. What is this one? It’s a pineberry cobbler. So it’s sherry with
a little citrus, sugar, and pineberries. And then they just
sent out a huge spread. Kind of like a mixed
grill of sorts. There’s craw-fish,
and prawns. There’s sour sausage. There’s bone marrow. Grilled baby octopus. It was just a spread
of Uncle Boons’ grill. So we got a little
head on prawn. We’ve got our
Essen sausage. We’ve got some
grilled octopus. Sometimes we do
blow-fish tails. And then we’ll add
the roasted cabbage. Depending on what we have
in house we’ll kind of embellish on that. I can’t thank them
enough and they just did such a good job as
we knew they would. Cheers.
Cheers. Cheers. You guys should start
serving these at the restaurant. Then we’d be
copying them. Yeah, so then six of us headed
back to Jersey City, back through the tunnel. What are we,
on Houston Street? What is this? Houston and what? They have a Houston
in Texas. Fuck you, Hoboken. Film this.
Fuck Hoboken. No, fuck Hoboken. I just like saying
how I feel. It’s just saying
how I feel. You’re being real. I’m saying that Danny
Bowien hates Hoboken. We rolled up
on Lucky 7’s. Lucky’s is kind of like
a small, I guess, divey bar, but it’s just like
a good neighborhood bar. I was shocked that it
was jamming when we got there, to be honest. It was Sunday night, I thought it was
gonna be mild. It was fun to stay. It was fun to pop in. We, at this point
are close enough that we didn’t have to,
get back in the van. So we started
walking over. Yeah, we should
walk back. And walk past
Hollywood Fry. They have three or
four restaurants. How far is it?
Not far. It’s on the way to our. Gotta sell that song. Gotta sell that song,
bro. You know something sir? What’s that? With these polarized,
as good as night as day. Do you sell those? I’ll sell them to you.
Yeah, you sound like
you sell them. You could see ’em, you’ll see the same
way I see now. We can see the same way. I see drunk right now. Yo, wait, this is it, yo! The infamous
Hollywood Fried Chicken. Jersey City. Allen really likes it. We’re talking up
the chicken spot and Danny really wanted
to check it out. You know, this place is
open until like 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. I actually don’t
think they close. I mean they maybe close
like a half hour and they reopen. So, we popped in there. Allen took care of
all the ordering, cuz he’s, somewhat
of a regular there. So, we picked up
some stuff to go and came here. Can I please carry
some of this? No, I got it.
It’s good. It’s actually light. This is a lot of bags. Very happy that we just got a bunch of
Hollywood Fried Chicken. The guy with
the garbage truck. Cuz I don’t really feel
like cooking right now. And neither does John. No, I don’t. And Hollywood Fried is
gonna do it better than we can anyhow, so
I think we’re good. We did have the intent
to cook here, which we wound up doing
also when we got here. But we lightened
the spread a little bit due to the disgusting
amount of Hollywood Fried Chicken
we brought back. This is important. This is the Italian
Cheeseburger from Hollywood Fried. Allen’s the only
that could explain this properly. There we go. Beautiful presentation. Our Italian hero
has fries, ketchup, mayonnaise, and
two hamburger patties. Allen hyped up this Italian cheeseburger
sandwich which is like. It tastes exactly
like school lunch. I still don’t know
what makes it Italian, I don’t know. They are going to
make something. Why, you’re totally
bummed by that? No we will. Yeah yeah yeah. We’re gonna do that as
soon as John gets out of the bathroom. We’re gonna make
some fucking chili shrimp
pork tacos and. We trim up our
pork loins as we have mangalitsa pork
and we trim up the loins. We brine the meat and then we cook it in
a dried shrimp and chili sauce overnight. And we just threw it
all on the plantra. Seared it up. And we had previously
purchased some corn tortillas. It’s just like rich,
fatty, a little spicy. And it’s just good
late night food. We serve this with what
we call volcano sauce and sesame seeds and rams and
scallions and bullshit. And it’s great. And we have so much of it all the time,
that this is honestly the perfect thing to
throw up right now. Anyway, this is a perfect
wrap up, I think, of what we’re doing on top of the
Hollywood Fried Chicken. I realized after some of
our little Hoboken rants, I have to say, I have
a friend, Marc, who has a place called Dozzino in
Hoboken, that is great. Cool little pizzeria. And aside from him I
stand behind everything else we said.

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