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Holbox Whale Shark Tours 2020 – Now Available

Holbox Whale Shark Tours 2020 – Now Available

My name’s Andres Betancourt Avila. I’d like to tell you about our whale shark tour… In order to get to the Whale shark Sanctuary … It takes about an hour or an hour and a half to get to the Whale shark Sanctuary And if we get lucky along the way it is very likely that we should see turtles… Dolphins… and the mighty whale shark once we make it to the sighting spot we will navigate around to find a large group … we will be swimming in pairs with the assistance of our tour guide Whale sharks are usually spotted north of the Cape at around… 7 or 8 miles but sometimes we get lucky and find it much closer or a bit further something around 12 or 13 miles north of Cape Catoche if we don’t spot it nearby there’s another stop for our quest offshore of Contoy Island or in some cases we might have to go out a bit further to the big blue We usually swim with 22 to 26 feet whale sharks those are the ones with whom we usually swim with it’s a very calm and large fish and sometimes we find slow swimmers that are feeding and there are also times in which they will be swimming quickly but if we find the plancton pool they will be feeding and swimming very slowly therefore we can enjoy them better, swim and watch them better rather than when they are seeking for food and swimming faster it’s an animal which doesn’t feed from large things it feeds basically from plancton…micro organisms… krill (shrimp eggs) and as long as you don’t touch it the whale shark will swim in it’s natural habitat and we won’t have any inconvenience of being hurt while swimming and enjoying our whale shark discovery activity after our activity with the whale sharks we will be heading towards the pristine beaches of Cabo Catoche right in front of Cabo Catoche at around 1 mile off shore to do some snorkeling with a bit of luck you can spot sea turtles nurse sharks you can swim with lots of colorful fish after our snorkeling activity we will take you to a beautiful beach with a salty river called Santa Paula it’s a Salt Water river and we make our stop right there to eat some ceviche after our ceviche you can take a stroll on the beach to get some pictures to walk, to relax, quietly or swim or take a picture of the catfish on the beach there’s hundreds of catfish that live within the beach shore and right after we move away from the catfish beach we will be navigating through a firth and right through the mangrove and after the mangrove we set our course to navigate back to Holbox to do some Flamingo watching in Punta Mosquito from the firth in Santa Paula..Cabo Catoche to Punta Mosquito it’s a 40 to 45 minute boat ride to get to the area where we can find young flamingos we can see lots of flamingos that are feeding from plancton and baby shrimp and a micro organism that gives them they’re peculiar coloring algae at Santa Paula River we can see Pelicans, comorants, egrets, grey egrets, ibis and we also see lots of great white egrets which people usually call the stork the whale sharks have been spotted here since long ago my dad tells me stories that he has seen the whale shark since he was a child but we started offering this activity to the public about 12 years ago and it has become our source of income during the holidays and from May to September that the whale shark visits it’s very good for us

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