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Home build DIY fishing drone for drone fishing (all the basics).

Home build DIY fishing drone for drone fishing (all the basics).

Hi everybody
this is just a short video to show you the different components that are used
in a fishing drone that I have build going to do the components in this video
and talk a little bit about how I have built it and in a different video, I will show how it flies and dropping mechanism and so on so this is the drone it
basically has got three legs the reason for that is when you are on the rocks and
it’s uneven it lands much better with three legs than with four sometimes with four legs it will land and then it will wobble a little bit if one of the legs is not
stable and that will influence the accelerometer inside the flight
controller that may give you some problems so at the moment I’ve got 13-inch props and the motors are 4108 Sunny sky motors going under 700 kv it is not kilo volt but it stands for for every one volt of battery power
you can get 700 rpm so if you’ve got a 10 volt battery on that you will have
7000 rpm so that’s basically what that means so we can talk a little bit about
the different components in the drone and I’m just going to switch to the bench
so look you just position correctly alright so here you got your APM 2.8
flight controller I’ve used 2.6 as well you also get a 2.5 there is not much
difference in them but I can tell you is that if I have to order another one I
will go for the pix hawk it might be an earlier module pixhawk
and the reason for that is that they’ve discontinued the firmware upgrades in
the firmware for this module and it’s not a problem
I’ve used this with old firmware and for especially for a fishing drone, it’s
not a problem at all so let’s have a look at the different components first
you’ve got your flight controller some of them’s have internal sensors that are your GPS and your compass you also see that the compass on this one external and it’s coupled via this wire and it’s also
mounted in this head so it’s the compass and the GPS that is in
this in this part are the two sensors that’s important here is number one
accelerometer which is inside this flight controller box and you also see
mounted on sponge here sponge type of rubber of feet here to keep it stable that
is no sudden movements in the accelerometer and other sensor that is in
it and that’s very important is your barometer that is measuring the
air pressure and if the drone is close to the ground level it’ll use
the barometer to determine its height because
the air pressure is high dependent and it’s a more accurate way of calculating
the height of the drone than for instance using the the GPS right so
that’s about the sensors then your motors you will see there is three wires going into the motor motor is a three-phase motor and
the three-phase motor is driven by your speed controllers now electronic speed
control as you can see better this one your electronic speed control you get
them in different amp ratings this is a 30 amp electronic speed control you’ll
see the three wires coming to the motor and then you on the other side you will
see the two wires red and black for you positive and negative and you also see a
white and black wire that is for your control that’s coming via your flight
controller but from your receiver then you’ve got your receiver here your
receiver, in this case, is a 6 channel spectrum receiver that I use course you can use any transmitter that
you like these transmitters are quite robust and they work well another thin gis your servo motor that is connected directly to your receiver here and it’s controlled from
your remote the bottom the you can see your servo and if I push a button on
the remote, of course, the servo will just move in the other direction you can
see it’s open at the moment so you will clip in your bait there I will talk in a
different video about how this specific part works and what I found better in that further on you can see aluminium
construction mostly because it’s light and you don’t want to add extra weight to your drone I also mounted the LED as you can see here external introduced is now externally LEDs inside
controller then if you put the lid on here you’ve got a bit of a problem with
that also good idea if you should build something like this is to put your
battery connection on a place where your battery can easily connect and also make
sure it’s securely connected here so that it doesn’t move when you’re pushing
your battery another thing when you put in your
battery also make sure that you if you do the connection make sure that this
it’s not loose otherwise you must just bend these pins so that you have got a good connection there so that’s basically the build of the
drone the flight control that is doing all the
work the parameters you set in a mission planner
I just shift to that you can see the mission planner software and you’ve got
all your configurations then you’ve got your map and it will show you drone on
the map if it’s connected at the moment are not connected you can also see your
altitude your ground speed all your other instruments on that so very nice
piece of software also you can download this for free from the internet it’s
developed by a lot of individual developers like I’ve said they have dis
continued use of the APM controllers and now you can use the same software for
the pixhawk controllers but you can still use the older firmware for the I
APM controllers indeed and if they’re correctly set up this absolutely nothing
nothing wrong with them they’re rock solid stable in the air if all your
settings is correct remember all of those things depend on your specific
build so that’s just a few basics on the drone and like I’ve said I will do
another video where I show you how it flies and how we use it for fishing
thank you for watching

4 comments on “Home build DIY fishing drone for drone fishing (all the basics).

  1. Cool beans. Just posted a vid of a paper clip setup for carrying bat and looking to build a hexacopter for big bait:).

  2. Could you share you email address plse..wanted to ask you a few questions..brilliant video by the way..excellent..

  3. This is one of the best homemade fishing drone videos on Youtube! I'm building one very similar with Matek F405 and 3508 580kV motors. Do you mind sharing the weight of your drone, payload and run time?

  4. Thanks for the great vid. This is one of the only DIY drone fishing videos out there. I'm building one using an Omnibus F4 and iNAV becuase I battled to get telemetry and OSD working on APM. The iNav comes with it's own set of issues though…

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