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Home Cooking Poached Tuna Grilled Pizza

Home Cooking Poached Tuna Grilled Pizza

Olive Oil is not just for salad dressing
olive oils are good for all sorts of cooking grilling roasting sauteing and
even baking I’m using extra virgin olive oil for this poached tuna which works
really well because olive oil coats food instead of being absorbed into it so the
end result is moist in flaky you can filter and reuse olive oil from
poaching or pan frying a couple of times and still get the same appealing texture
and quality results although some of the flavor will diminish with extended
heating the monounsaturated fats and the antioxidants and extra virgin olive oil
help the oil hold up well in the pan just take care not to reach the smoke
point because extra virgin olive oils vary based on the type of Olives the
growing region and the harvesting the smoke point falls along a range however
this range is easily above the average home stovetop cooking temperature of 350
degrees you can substitute in the same amount of olive oil in almost any recipe
that calls for another cooking oil to avoid changing the flavor of the dish
use olive oil to amp up the flavor use extra virgin olive oil for this grilled
bread pizza I brush the outside with extra virgin olive oil this coats the
bread for a nice finish that’s not soggy if you’re grilling something for an
extended period of time remember olive oil is actually a blend
of refined olive oil with some extra virgin olive oil added back for flavor
since it’s mostly refined the smoke point range is higher and more
consistent so you might consider olive oil over extra virgin olive oil when
grilling or cooking at higher temperatures for longer times but the
flavor is really the best benefit this tomato sauce has great flavor from the
hidden vegetables that’s enhanced by the extra virgin
olive oil in the sauce remember like wine experiment with extra virgin olive
oil from different regions with different olives see how the flavors
affect different foods you

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