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HOME MADE Bobber & Eggs for Salmon!!! | Bobber Down!

HOME MADE Bobber & Eggs for Salmon!!! | Bobber Down!

Hey what’s going on guys! I’m super
excited we’re down at the river here we’re gonna catch a salmon off the kayak
on bobber and eggs. There’s fish surfacing and jumping all over next to
me here. But that’s not what I’m excited about. I’m excited about a bobber that I
made myself from scratch. I even built a lathe in 15 minutes to make this
thing. And I’ll show you really quick how to do this. And then we’re gonna catch a
fish. I came up with a cool idea yesterday, and that was to make my own
bobbers. So this morning I built a little bobber lathe. And this is what I came up
with. So this is just a prototype but we’re gonna get serious with the build
that we’re gonna use for this video now. We’re gonna start with a little skewer.
And I wanted a bobber for this video that’s just a little bit bigger, so I
found the biggest champagne cork that I could find. It’s gonna want to wander on
you a little bit. I’ve noticed that with cork so just manually hold it and
make sure that you’re nice and centered. That was terribly non centered, but that’s okay
the lathe is gonna even that all out. okay first off I want to make sure that
we’re using it nice and straight skewer. Watch out a lot of them are super curved
and that’s not gonna be good on the lathe. This one here is actually
remarkably perfect. All right guys so this here is the lathe that I literally
built this morning in about 15 minutes. So what I’ll probably do for you guys
since this is probably gonna be kind of interesting for a few of you and you
might want to try this yourself. I’ll make a follow-up video once I’ve gotten
better at this. I might even improve this and make a nicer version. Maybe not. But
either way I’ll make a video for you guys on exactly how to build this lathe. And how to make bobbers yourself if you so choose to want to do. Okay so what
we’re just gonna do here to get started is feed the skewer with the pointy end
through our cork. There we go we want that cork all the way down here. Okay now
that that cork is on we’re gonna break off just a little bit of excess. Just
like that. Feed that through that hole there. Look at that! Got a couple
different grit sand papers here. This first one is like a 60 grit just to do
the roughing on the cork. And then this guy here I have no idea what it is! I cut
off the numbers. But it’s just a super fine grit just to get a nicer finish on
it. Push that part there all the way in that
hole. Boom! Snap it off. It’s starting to suck in that wire there. I’m seeing
that thing there was blocking your view a little bit. But boom! Now all of a
sudden we have this gorgeous little stainless steel coil. Right before that
loop. Look at that. By the way this tool here this is awesome for lure making.
This is what I make my bullet lures with. Check it out. Boom! Now I’ve got a stainless wire
somewhere in the shop. Little baby drop here. Don’t want to spill any here. Then
we’re just gonna coat this little guy a little bit too. Just the tip guys. Pop that right in like that.
All right it’s point-of-no-return guys. I don’t know how far we’re gonna go. How
about that right there. It’s been a little while. The paint is
almost dry. We’re gonna give it just a little bit longer. And then we will give
it another coat of fluorescent paint. That is my first bobber I’ve ever made
so I’m gonna sign this puppy. I never sign stuff. This is gonna be just the
ugliest signature ever. Oh no. Told you. Told you It would be horrible.
Looks like a child wrote this. That’s pretty horrible. But you know what? That
just goes perfectly with the first bobber. Here goes nothing. This is such an exciting, yet such a
scary moment. I’d rather not touch it because – oh no! No!
A fly got on there! Get off there! No, no, no! This is not gonna be some Jurassic Park
thing. Oh I hope that didn’t just ruin it. That’s actually good. I noticed there’s a
couple spots here that had not gotten any epoxy yet. Take a look at that. I
think that is good enough to leave on there for a little bit. It’s gonna start
hardening up. We’re gonna leave it overnight. Then we’re gonna catch
fish with it tomorrow morning. I’m tired. I’m really tired. But I’m super excited, because I just went in the garage and check this out. Oh yeah.
Kiara’s excited too! Don’t eat it! This is not a toy. Right where I signed it
you can see there’s a little bit of bubbles going on in there. But you know
what? That’s okay. Look at that. I mean it almost looks like candy! I’m being
attacked but let’s go fishing. Don’t you do it. All right guys. Let’s
get right into the action here. I am all set up with just a basic bobber setup
like I showed in another one of my videos. We’ve got some freshly cured pink
salmon eggs. I have this season so far had the best luck actually with pink
salmon eggs. Which is funny you know. Chinook is really good too, but I have
had not a single female Chinook this year. But that’s okay. That’s alright. I
don’t mind the Pink’s. So let’s go ahead and just throw a little bit of this on
to the hook. Oh yeah there we go. This is so ready. I’m kind of in a
weird spot here. I’ve jammed my kayak between these posts in the middle of the river.
And I’m seeing some salmon surfacing right over there. They’re behind me, so
they’re kind of everywhere. I have not fished this spot before. So let’s go ahead and just give this a first cast. I hope that Bob or even
floats. First time contacting the water. It’s kind of going down. I
don’t think that that’s a fish though. Oh it doesn’t float. I put too much weight
on. All right. We can adjust that. That’s easy.
Easy fix guys. Someone yelling around over there…
Urban salmon fishing! I hope you guys dig this. I am by the way gonna go out to the
Olympic Peninsula here soon. Next week guys, next week. We’re gonna hit up some
really beautiful rivers. Oh whoa! So guys I know we’ve been doing a lot of
Bobber fishing for salmon. I’m actually gonna do some some
squid fishing soon. Probably this week I’m gonna go out. So hopefully the week
after that we can do a video on how that works. But they’re actually surprisingly
easy to catch. So I’ll definitely do a video on that here soon. You know I’m
gonna do some steelheading. Several of you have said that they want to see how
to catch steelhead. I’m gonna try and catch a Mackinaw lake
trout for you guys. Maybe a Burbot! Guys! Yes! Let’s do a Burbot. I want to do a Burbot this winter. I
totally forgot about that fish. It’s a high-altitude, fresh water
Cod. And they live really deep in the lakes up here. So we’re gonna
catch a Burbot for you guys as well. But yeah let me know in the comments.
Write a comment below. Please. And let me know what you guys want to see this winter or next spring! What do I need to go fishing for? Oh! Oh! Guys that was a bite! That was
a bite! We missed that one. OH that’s a fish!
Yes! Un-freakin-real! Homemade bobber down guys! We got it.
I’m gonna loosen the drag here just a little. Oh that’s so beautiful.
That is so satisfying. What have we got? Look at that! Oh beautiful!
Yes!!! BOBBER DOWN BABY!!! Oh he’s pulling a little bit of line. Putting up a
beautiful fight. On those eggs. Pink salmon eggs. I’m gonna get that net
ready. Oh come here. You are such a special fish. Come here, come here
come here! Yes! Yes! Oh let’s go! That is sweet! Oh guys I wish I could
explain how happy this is making right now.
You can see I’m a little nerdy as well. And like making my own tackle. Fish is secured on the stringer. Thank you guys so much! Thank you for all the
support! It’s mind-blowing to think that there’s so many of you watching. The channel is grown scary fast. I don’t know where we’re going
here. I really don’t know where we’re going. We just hit a
thousand subscribers like three weeks ago, I think. Three weeks ago. And we’re approaching 5,000 subscribers now. So I don’t know what’s happening. I am
gonna go out on a limb here and actually say that I enjoy making these videos
more than I do the fishing itself. Sounds crazy. And I didn’t think that I’d ever
get there. At first making the videos was a bit of
a chore. But just seeing the feedback from you guys gets me pumped up. Look at that, more fish jumping back there. So we’re gonna get back to fishing. But
seriously, thank you so much for your guys’ support. Thank you guys for always
smashing the “like” button! Remember, if you guys haven’t already smashed that like
button. Destroy that little bugger! Boom boom
boom! Smash it! I know a couple of you have
mentioned: “Hey dude stop begging for likes.” I appreciate the comments, okay. But
here’s the deal. There’s a difference. I’m not begging for likes. I’m simply
asking you to let YouTube know that you like the video. Essentially what is going
on in the background – and very few people know that – is that YouTube has an
algorithm running all the time. And it detects how many people watch the video
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know that you like the video unless you smash the “like” button. So if
not enough people hit the like button, then YouTube hides the video, and doesn’t
show it to more people. Even if you’re subscribed, sometimes YouTube will
block the video if it feels like it’s not performing well. Because YouTube’s
trying to keep people on their platform. Sounds really weird and sinister, but it’s
not. It’s really about your guys’s experience. Making sure that you guys see
the videos that you actually want to see. So if you want to see more videos like
this, and actually want to get notified by YouTube, and have it pop up on your
screen – hit the like button. Leave a comment. Remember, I read all the comments guys. There’s a reason I know that there’s two of you
asking me to stop asking for likes. But I’m gonna keep doing it. Look –
more fish. So we’re gonna fish here now. I’m gonna put this hat on. But thank you
everyone for your support. Little salmon spinning there underneath me… All right,
got that leader untangled from the net. It is attached again! We are back in
business! Let’s get some eggs on there and catch another fish! They’re freaking
everywhere right now! Oh WOW! Guys, I can’t believe it! I was
about to wrap it up! Seriously, I was about to call it a day.
And then this feisty, feisty fish just hit us. Whoa! Whoa! What a fighter! I’ve never seen one do that! He’s spinning around. She looks like a girl! I’m very gentle here.
I’m gonna loosen the drag just a little. Just a little. Don’t wanna over overpower
her here. There we go. Perfect. You know guys, I actually like fishing with very
loose drag. Extremely loose, with a baitcaster. Because you can thumb
whatever amount of drag you feel is appropriate. And I do believe you’ll
lose less fish that way. Let’s get that net ready. This is awesome guys. I am so stoked that
I did this. Made that bobber. Come on! Oh! That was not graceful! Oh. Second fish
in the net. That is awesome. Yeah I was saying I’m so glad that I made that
bobber. And came up with this idea to just go from build to catch. And was
literally about to call it a day. Seriously, I thought I was gonna be like: “last cast
guys”. I was gonna start saying something like that. And boom! The bobber
went down. I didn’t even really expect it. All right guys let’s get this fish in
the boat. There we go. Man, look at the gorgeous color on this.
This is an absolutely beautiful, wild Coho. Not huge! But you know what? That’s okay.
I don’t need to catch just the biggest fish or anything. I’m happy
with catching anything. I’m happy with just being out here! Let’s just set
the record straight! All right guys we are gonna call it a day. This is the
second Coho now that we have caught on our first homemade bobber. So what what a wonderful day super happy to be out here. Super glad to have you guys with me.
Again if you enjoyed this video and want to see more stuff like it – go ahead and
give it a “like”. Tell you what. What I’ll do is I’ll make a deal with you guys. This
might be ambitious but I think we can do it. If this video gets 1,000 likes –
Alright, 1000 likes. At this point I think that’s doable. Then I will custom make a
giant bobber! I mean, I’m talking like a bobber the size of my head! I’ll turn it
on the lathe. I don’t know how I’m gonna make it yet. But I’ll make it for you
guys. Show you how and we’re gonna catch a shark with it! We’re gonna go
deep-sea bobber fishing for sharks. I’m gonna throw this puppy on the stringer.
Subscribe if you are new to this channel and want to see more videos in the
Pacific Northwest. Especially Washington State. I’ll be doing all sorts of crazy stuff like this. Like I said, let’s head out to the Olympic
Peninsula and fish some more beautiful rivers. Can’t wait to do that. I will be there next week. So probably in about two
to three weeks you’ll start seeing videos on that. Alright guys! We will see
you at the next adventure! Until then fish on!!!

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