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Home-made Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty – Gordon Ramsay

These fingers with a delicious chip butty The secret of a good chip butty is in the potato Now these are désirée potatoes one of my first ever jobs Was working in a chip shop most input sacks and sacks of potatoes into the rumbler which will send the potato peeler All day long today. I’m gonna do something a bit healthier for my oven chips with a twist simply peel slice and blanch for three to four minutes drain season and cover well with paprika spread evenly over an oiled baking tray and Place into a preheated oven for 20 minutes simple as that Next up easy fish fingers. This is Pollock a Really nice firm delicious fish cut the fish and finger size patterns of fish Put them onto your plate and just lightly salt them You can do that literally 20 minutes 30 minutes before you start cooking the fish It firms the fish up beautifully and it allows it to become a little more durable especially in the pan now for the coating Start by thoroughly coating the fish in seasoned flour And then just roll it To get rid of those little sharp corners Because then it stops those corners almost burning in the pan in to a wash And really coat them wonderful Then this is dill goes running you out with a fish and run the deal through my breadcrumbs That makes it more aromatic Laman on to your breadcrumbs nothing wrong with the chip butty nothing wrong with fish fingers Just give it a lovely modern twist Beautiful once the fish fingers are thoroughly coated they’re ready to pan fry, and they’ll need around three minutes on each side All the fish fingers to be nice and crispy get a really nice color on them first and then we’ll flip them over Then finish them with butter Bring the heat up into the pan a nice little normal butter That worked wonders with the bread comes in the deal Nice and carefully Take them out, they look and smell incredible Stay nice and crispy Now to assemble my chip butty starting with buttered thick crusty bread It’s nice and wet Mop up that amazing flavor On Slice in half never slice in an angle My mouth is salivating beautiful On with the chip butty, there’s one thing missing and it signifies that I’ve never forgotten the joy of comfort food, but my god that makes me feel like a nine-year-old Excuse me for a moment, want to stuff my face Homemade fish fingers and my ultimate chip butty so simple to make but trust me it tastes amazing Now the secret to whisking is a big beautiful balloon whisk the bigger the blue that needs sliding down juicy and creamy tender

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