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Home-made Spoons? Using Lures for Blue Fish

Home-made Spoons? Using Lures for Blue Fish

I made these lures at home, drilled some holes in it, put a treble hook, put a swivel, you know, this is why they call ’em spoons, ’cause they used to be made of spoons, I think… Good morning, everyone! We are here in Delaware today, and we are going after some bluefish. Luckily, we have found some local friends who are giving us many tips, which are very necessary to our success here, because we’ve been here, like, 3 or 4 days and we have not been able to get on any fish, because the weather has just not been cooperating, it’s been really windy, we’ve been getting sandblasted, and the fish haven’t been here. So… we’re very lucky to have found some friends to help us out and hopefully Brendon will get on a fish today. So, basically, everywhere we go there’s a new fishing technique, or there’s new, like, fishing… trends / secrets for each area, does that make any sense? Get yourself buck tails. (Erin: That’s what everyone’s using…) Everyone’s using buck tails. White and red buck tails. I can’t teach you guys how to come here and fish! What you really need to do is listen to these tips, come here, spend a couple of days observing, experimenting, (Erin: Talking to people?)
and talking, to people. Generally, people are pretty nice, if you are, if you are kind and respectful, people will help you. (Indistinct talking:) I just like those spit tails.
The one with the red head and all the spots on it? That’s still a good one.
Yeah, the trout? You gotta use the 5- inch, because…. Those fish are on top of them rocks. [Al:] That one to the right of where your rod is, that little bit of black? Don’t even think of stepping on that. ‘Cause you’re gone. Good to know. That gets wet, you’re gone. [Jason:] There’s, it seems like every two years somebody [Al:] Somebody will die out there.
[Jason:] Somebody has an accident. Loses their life. There’s accidents all the time out there. [Al:] And it’s funny, you don’t even have to know the guy fell, you hear this noise, [Jason:] and you know.
[Al:] did you ever drop a watermelon on the concrete? [Jason:] That’s what it sounds like. That’s what it sounds like when they hit the water– I mean the rocks. Just like that. And you know the guy behind you fell. Wow. It’s crazy what the fish will do to you, you’re gonna want to catch them for the rest of your life. [Al:] That’s the plan.
And there’s nothing that will stop you. Nope. So, we met this wonderful, amazing woman named Elaine, and she has been really helping us out here, because she is the local fishing expert! [Elaine:] You should have been here an hour ago! Haha! [Erin:] and what I really admire about Elaine is, she’s basically, like, the only woman fisherman here, and she is retired, and this is just what she loves to do and to me, that’s so cool, and, you know, she’s been talking about how, it was kind of difficult for her to fish here at first, you know, some people wouldn’t want her to be next to them, and some people, you know, would help her a lot, but, just through trial and error and talking to other people and learning, she’s come to know this inlet very well, and we are lucky to have met her. The wind is picking up and you can definitely see it in the waves here! It looks like there are, like– boats have gone through! It’s not, it’s just the wind and the tide. They’re here. (Man, fat one! Wow!) Now that two people have hooked up on bluefish, it’s like, everyone jumps into action, and everyone is, like, in the water now because once they’re running through they’re here. Uh- oh, fish on! Nice! (Indistinct chatter:) Oh! Elaine got one! (Erin! Miss Elaine!) (Ha ha ha!) I lost him. He came up and shook. He came up and went “Chu chu chu!” I was afraid the line would break and I’d go falling backward! Before he hit it, I had about four hits! She’s so cool! (Yeah!) Oh, there goes another one! (Slow down!) (Got one?) No… Woah! Woah, got one! (Oh, he got one!) (Now, as long as you bring that baby up…) (Whoo! I got one! I got one!) I got one! We’re all hooked up! Everybody’s hooked up! Who hoo! Whoo hoo! Oh! Oh, snapped me! Broke off? Yea-up. Alright. He just broke the leader! Look at that! Oh, ho ho ho! Oh ho! Look at that! Wow. Just the power of these fish! (You don’t use those.) I used the wrong one, huh. Amateur mistake: I bought the wrong leaders. So, the difference between this, and this. (Ahh!) This thing, it literally just broke off! Put your buck tail right on there. Ah, now this, now it won’t break this one off. No. Okay.They’re gonna see that, they’re gonna see that shine and they’re gonna hit it, they’ll hit that white as well but, it wont break. Okay. Thank you, man. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! One, two, three, four. Four men on fish. And there’s another fifth one down there. Alright, they came in and they came in hot. I see five people on fish right now! Hooked up! Look, I will show you. There’s one right there, there’s one right there, Oh! There’s my Brendon right there. There we go! Ha ha ha ha! How do I get this guy up? Can you pass me a gaff? Nice. Alright! Yes, thank you. Thank you! Whoo! Dinner! Yay. Biggest blue I think Ive ever caught. There we go. There are, there’s like, there are so many fishermen here and we’re all hooking up to these one after another! I don’t really feel like staying here and talking so I’m gonna, uh, I’m gonna go catch more. Alright, ready? We’re gonna use this knife! See if that works? Yeah. I made these lures at home, drilled some holes in it, put a treble hook, put a swivel, you know? This is why they call ’em spoons, because they used to be made of spoons, I think… (Make a note: you don’t want to use treble hooks!) Oh, um, another note: I shouldn’t have put treble hooks on, I should have put single, big hooks, but, uh, you live and you learn. (Seven bites!) Gone. Broke my leader. Again? Yeah! Wow. These are crazy fish! Stole my awesome lure… It’s gone. Whatever. What happened? These fish are too strong! It literally broke, here, take a look. It broke my steel leader off, it just broke it. So there are some big fish here. So, just looking around me, I can see… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 bluefish pulled up. Wow. It’s been like, five minutes… Everyone here also appears to be keeping all these bluefish, and there’s no limit, no size, you can keep 10 a day, I think, um, my question is: do you these these people are keeping them for bait? Or keeping them to eat? Because I’ve heard not a lot of people like to eat bluefish, now, Brendon and I are going to try to eat this bluefish in the next episode, um, but why do you think all these people are keeping bluefish? Comment below! (Locke: Biggest one, right there)
Thank you! Woah! These are big bluefish! Now, if you take a look, these ones are really skinny. When they fatten up, they’ll leave. They’re in here to spawn, now the males are real skinny, they’re coming in here to eat a bunch of fish, they’re feasting, they’re mating, they’re doing their thing and when they’re done, they leave. These are the female ones, they’re fatter. But, I mean, take a look, look how skinny it is. Right? Versus, versus this. Look at the belly. The knife didn’t catch anything because, uh, the fish are too big and it just bit it off, the spoons are too– woah! The spoons are too light! Can’t cast them out, it’s way too windy. It got a lot of hits, (but no good,) but no good. It didn’t cast well, it was flopping all over the place, um, it got bit many times, but that treble in the back, I gotta fix that out, I gotta change that to a nice, big, uh, standard single hook. The wind’s getting crazy! Uh! It’s been pretty crazy, I was not fully prepared for the size of the bluefish here, they snapped off, like, four or five of my lines. Underestimated the fish. Like, I had steel leaders on, too! But they were not strong enough, it would literally break through my steel leaders, these are some big bluefish. These are big bluefish. *coughing* What was that? You hair! It’s blowing into my mouth as I’m breathing in! Okay. Bye! Uhm… All the people that we’ve met here have really helped us out, and we really enjoyed just being around and talking to them, and hearing their stories, hearing about their fish. And we want to say thank you to everyone who’s talked to us and helped us, we really appreciate it, we truly could not do it without you. So, thank you guys for helping us. and thank YOU for watching 😉

100 comments on “Home-made Spoons? Using Lures for Blue Fish

  1. Well Erin you see my mom and I catch baby blue fish every summer we useually use the fat small ones for bait but the larger skinnier ones are well good for eating because the meat in my opinion is more tastier my mother uses a fried salt recipe

  2. Looking for blue fish??…find the birds following the bait… Fish finders are in the sky……smoked blue Fish is awesome….bake and fry if you got the skills taste great if you cut thier throats while still alive to let the blood pump out…..

  3. Hey what's up Alvin here from Tobago and we do a lot of handreel casting, have you ever done this type of fishing and what you think about it compared to rod and reel

  4. Any good to eat ? we dont really have blue's down in south Florida I have cought a few in Miami beach in the winter back in the day

  5. Só acho que se perde a isca faca e colher …. Não irá se deteriorar com o passar do tempo … Ou vai ? Não sei

  6. @ 5:08 Elaine left because dude whacked in the back of the head to cast into the spot she lost the fish at damn. Erin why are you so mesmerized by a woman fishing ? I guess as a guy raised by my mother and grandmother strong they did everything woman I don't have a typical male response. My sister fishes works on her own cars etc so Idk.

  7. I think blue fish are great eating and try them smoked as well there very good smoked , and your right they are very big blue fish.

  8. Nice. I lived at Pax River Maryland when I was a kid. I’d fish in the basin and we would catch bluefish and striped bass on worms using a cane pole. The biggest ones would be about 30 inches. I miss that place. Right across the river was Solomons Island and I was in the sailboat club on the naval air station and we would sail over to Solomon’s Island and play in the old lighthouse on the point. Thanks guys I think you are wonderful and inspirational thank you.

  9. We call them in New Zealand and Australia king fish awesome fighting power they have you need 80 pound leader to handle the power of those fish.

  10. Blues are not a trash fish it gets a bad rap because when they're bitting you can catch alot at a time. And they taste great when grilled.

  11. Famous fishing hunting materials all India suppliers all new variety fishing rods and reel sales for delivery all India my mobile number 95 15 16 5589 my WhatsApp number 95 1516 5589

  12. Your knots are terrible!! Always losing fish. It’s a shame man. Your lucky to live in such a good fishing area

  13. Hey from south africa. These are called Shad or Elf here. Best to fillet and shallow fry. It is a very bony fish so will give a 4 outa 10 for eating..
    I have used it for bait .. the head rigged for flat fish especially Rays/Sharks. Remember catch and release. Conservation for the future generations…..

  14. That just angers me! Do pride have no idea how to kill a fish??? Do you know how or are you to lazy! Please it's just horrible to let any animal die by sufficating under stress. Plus when they are stressed the release chemicals that make the meat mushy and rot faster.

  15. That woman reminds me of my Mom. Mom taught me everything I know about fishing. Getting up at 5am on the first day of trout was better than Christmas. At 74 she is teaching the grandkids the tricks. Blue Fish are delicious. Garlic, pepper and basil.

  16. Lots of people do keep and eat Bluefish. I do too. Just take out the dark oil gland strip along the side and they're quite good. They also keep well when frozen so make a good fish to stock through the winter. Nice, exciting video! Too bad we don't get Bluefish down here in Colombia, where I live now …

  17. What kind of buck tail are you using? Where did you buy it? I see that you use a very similar one in your videos, the white buck tail. Thanks

  18. I know a lot of people hate fishing crowded areas but I'm a huge fan. The other people have info and gear and they're always super nice. When I was a noon it sucked but this channel helped me so much. I can usually outfish my neighbors now

  19. I honestly hate it when people gaff the fish from its body. It kinda ruins the fish. Japanese fishermen try to only gaff the head, and the value of the fish goes down when they gaff the body.

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