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Homemade Indian Tacos and Indian Frybread Recipe | Hilah Cooking

Homemade Indian Tacos and Indian Frybread Recipe | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey there! I am Hilah, and welcome
to Hilah Cooking! Today I am going to show you how to make Indian frybread, AKA, Navajo
frybread, and it’s BFF, Indian tacos, AKA, Navajo tacos, and if you know what these things
are, you are either getting really excited right now, or you’re getting ready to tell
me I’m doing it all [bleep] wrong, but if you don’t know what I am talking about,
then pay attention because we’re about to get a history lesson too. What? Oh, yeah.
Learning. [MUSIC] [Indian Tacos Recipe]>>Hilah: Alright, first we are going to make
our dough, and I’ve just got some dry ingredients here and some milk and some water, and these
were invented in the internment camps, like in the 1860s when the U.S. government was
pushing all the Navajo out of their territory and making them go live in basically like
concentration camps I guess, and then they made this to eat with the government rations
that they had that was like flour and lard and powdered milk. I’d never heard of these
before. Chris took me to Oklahoma and we had them at the state fair, but they are like
a huge deal there, and they’re delicious, so anyway, now they’ve become kind of like
part of the, I don’t know, the lexicon of the cuisine there. Ok, so we don’t want
to knead it, this is similar to the tortillas that we made before, but not quite the same
thing, so get the hands floured. [PAUSE] Get four chunks out of this. So, just start patting
it out. Don’t want to make them too thin, and we’re just keeping this like, it’s
a real tender little dough here. Ok, now that’s it, like, we’re pretty much done. I am going
to turn around to the fryer and we are going to fry them in some oil, not lard, lard would
be more traditional I guess. Alright, I know my oil’s hot when I put a little wooden
spoon in there and it starts fizzing. You want it to about 350, and delicately place
my little frybread with my hands because I’m living on the edge. You just want to lift
up the edges to make sure your bottom is getting, make sure your bottom is getting browned,
and this will just take like two minutes. Alright, and then once it’s nice and tenderly
browned, we are going to carefully flip it, and it does that, so beware, careful of yourself.
Wear a shirt if you can help it, some shoes too is good. Yup, alright, check it out. We
have got an Indian taco here. So, I want to, I have got a little bowl with some towels
in it. I am just going to kind of prop this upright to drain while I keep frying the rest
of them. Oh, hell! You little bugger. So this could be served for breakfast like with honey
on top of it, and then it’s just like frybread, and but to make a taco, I’ve got some beans.
I think it’s always whole beans, like, not ever refried beans, so throw some of them
on, and then I’ve got my taco meat that I just made, the same recipe that I used in
the crispy taco video. I am actually using bison in this one, just, well, that’s, I
don’t know, whatever, keeping it real I guess, some cheese, and then some tomatoes,
some lettuce. Dude, it’s kind of, kind of hard to eat here, and then like some pickled
jalapenos if you want, some hot sauce. You could put sour cream on it, and I guess you
could put whatever you want on it, but this is how I had it at the fair, so you could
also probably roll it up and try to eat it like that, but that seems a little playing
with fire there. I do like that, oh man, that’s way too big of a bite. Umm hmmm, that is some
fine eats! I tell you what! Well, there you go. There’s an Indian taco. It doesn’t look
much like a taco. You may not be familiar with the taco, but it’s delicious indeed,
and it’s got a long history behind it, so I hope you try this recipe, let me know if
you have any questions in the comments below, and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. Thanks
so much for watching, and I hope you have a great day. Bye! [MUSIC]>>Hilah: Taco! Taco! Taco!

100 comments on “Homemade Indian Tacos and Indian Frybread Recipe | Hilah Cooking

  1. I saw the Miccosukee Indians yesterday. They eat this. They sell it. My cousin's ate it before….. She claims it better than Taco Bell. Happy Old/New Year

  2. Trošku trapně jsi se snažila o indiánský Tacos.Špatně vypracované těsto,moc tlusté.Až moc horký olej,už po minutě bylo vidět,že je spálený a barva osmažené placky napovídá,že je málo usmažená.Jediné co se dá říct,rozesmátá blondýna,ale dílo nic moc.

  3. Well you did it right actually, every native make's there's differently I'm San Carlos Apache and we make it like that but when it comes to the topping it's your choice how you want it, Great job girl slay it.

  4. a native here bringing a version of a recipe passed down to me, 6 cups of flour , 1/4 cup sugar and a packet of yeast and 1 tsp of baking soda and add water until the dough looks sticky and is chasing the spoon or the mixing attachment on your machine then nead the dough on a floured surface will be sticky at first so be warned keep neading until smooth and not sticky , then grease the bowl drop it in and cover with damp towel put it in warm place and then let it rise 3x and then pound it down after each time then get the oil heated up and pick off a little dough piece and flatten it and drop it in the oil if it begins to float the oil is ready and then get a plate of flour (use it to roll the dough balls in to stretch the dough in a flat shape ) now to start making the fry bread flatten an stretch the small flour covered dough ball then place in oil cook on each side till golden brown and place on a different plate, p.s it will get really tough if it gets cold so my tip is to place it in a ziplock when warm to keep moisture in it best served fresh

  5. You didn't show…or tell us what to use, to mix it …or how much to mix ? you didn't show us NOTHING…..😳???????????????????????

  6. Puts on brown vest and two braids to make indian tacos, i wonder if she wears a zarape and a huge sobrero to make mexican tacos lmfao.

  7. You should have just told us the ingredients. Not a history lesson and it just didn't happen to the Navajo it's happen too many Native American tribes.

  8. I'm Yaqui ..I make em all the time ..we don't use can beams we make em from scratch but I give this girl props for trying ….yu did good ..y'all be nice .I love making them ..I make mine bigger …

  9. she rocks and looks very sexy doing it so fuck off haters,and im native cherokee and choctaw,make it like your own f… them r u married im single let build our own tribe so they can talk about that,its done………….smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Like your recipe. But I just have to say this as a cook and a woman. Why the f…k are you wearing a leather vest and exposing yourself while you are doing something like deep frying food? Really.

  11. So just flour and milk? U never explained what your “dry ingredients” were… looks damn tasty tho!

  12. No real Native woman makes fry bread with their breast showing. this is so disrespectful. This video is very disappointed

  13. Nálunk ezt lángosnak hívják. Balatoni lángos a legjobb.

  14. Most recipes are quite similar (at last for the plains Indians)…usually flour baking powder and water I've seen ppl add a TINY bit of sugar, lard even melted butter but never milk…thats cos most of us natives are lactose intolerant

  15. My mother is black and my father is full Choctaw Indian and the bread looks just about right… Believe it or not….everyone makes it different… it isn't a set recipe just as long as you have the main ingredients flour, baking powder and frying oil you can create your own version and toppings! I like to add a Little sugar and some just like it with salt. Either way It's very delicious and easy to make!🤗

  16. What a bimbo.. I lost brain cells watching this video.. Who uses milk ? Smh wypipo always messing some stuff up

  17. Your funny, cute video. I’ve been eating Indian fry bread and Indian tacos since I was a child. It was very popular back then. It’s always fun to make them at home. I’m glad to see you didn’t knead
    your dough because I’m going to try and make fry bread with Einkorn wheat all purpose flour which shouldn’t be kneaded at all, the gluten structure is weaker in this ancient wheat.

  18. I love my teacher mom. Who's my teacher? Watch this vid.. sooo yummy. And good.. they won't last two min..

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