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Homemade Tacos – Mexican Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 312

Homemade Tacos – Mexican Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 312

Hi, this is Alia and welcome back to CookingWithAlia international
Edition And we are still with Ruben Hello everyone! Ruben, what did you teach us and make in the previous video? I taught you how to make tortillas yes, Homemade tortillas They are delicious! and what we are going to make with them now? We are going to make Tacos. We can fill them with different dishes like meat or fish, beef or avocado all right! So, there are 4 things we are going to show you in this video. you are going to show how to make chicken and I am going to show how to make shrimp and I am going to show how to make salsa, Real salsa. Real Mexican salsa. And I am going to show how to make
avocado Guacamole but not in this video. Click in this link to see how to make Guacamole that is it! Actually, you can use anything you want. Right? anything you want. And we are going to show real Mexican tacos. Not potatoes. let’s START !! Boil water and add the tomatoes Let them boil until the skin of the tomatoes starts peeling off add the chiles and let them boil let them for around 10 -15 minutes OK! Cook. as you can see the skin of the tomatoes starts peeling off So, it is ready! Remove the tomato tips and place them whole with
the chile in a food processor. Add a little bit of salt to taste. Blend
well until you get a smooth salsa. Now, it is ready! You have to start boiling the water, add some
salt and a little bit of olive oil and of course add the chicken Boil the chicken for around 20 minutes and to
just make sure that it gets soft. let the chicken to cool down and then start to shred it let the chicken to cool down and then start to shredded it You can also make shrimp. Just put a little bit of olive oil in a pan. Add the shrimp. add salt and pepper and a little squeeze of fresh lemon. Cook for 5 minutes or until the shrimp changes colors and becomes opaque. The shrimp is ready! Yum! Okay! now, let’s fill it. Put some avocado Guacamole. We fill them from the outside (burned side) Chop onions, tomatoes, cilantro, or any other ingredients you like (cheese, etc.).
fill it with the ingredients of your choice, fold, and bite!!!! So Super. Very Good The salt, the shrimp and avocado are so good This is so good Ruben. Thank you so much. you should definitely need to try it. this is certainly easy and so good. and specialists are be nice to like this. I hope to see you next time and hope you try it. send me a message on Facebook. Bon Appetit!

44 comments on “Homemade Tacos – Mexican Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 312

  1. This looks good however, it looks like its bland no garlic no onion no oregano…salt pepper and a few sprigs of cilantro just do t cut it. Mexican cuisine is one of my favorites, I have been to Mexico several times love the flavor of the food..this episode left me a little flavorless.

  2. Following you from 2008, Im Mexican ( Cd, Juarez, Chih) muslim was married with a Morrocan, and I had learn how much in common we have many cultures around the world. For me a taco is with corn tortilla folded, and a burrito with wheat flour tortilla rolled, but really the combination of the crispness of fresh veggies with flavorful protein, and the hot spice salsa is what makes a tacos Yumm ;). Un taco sin chile no es taco! 😀 Saludos . Salam Aleikum.

  3. Very plain recipe but still looks good. I'd cook my chicken adding garlic and onion when boiling for more flavor. Also I'd add oregano, garlic and onion to the salsa for stronger flavor.

  4. I Love Love LOVE Tacos and I've been craving them ever since I came to Korea. Thanks for the recipe! 

  5. I will surely do this and make this a favorite recipes in the family.  I love Mexican foods.  Share more recipes.  Thank you.

  6. حبيبتي انتي رائعة تبارك الله  كل شي فبك يجنن الطبخ و اللغة***اريد اسألك كيف اتعلم اللغة الانجليزية اما الطبخ منك اتعلم يا لالة 

  7. para la salsa te falto agregar cebolla, ajo, una rama de cilantro… no usen aceite de oliva, usa aceite de maiz (es muy caro el aceite de oliva)… camaron?… serian empanadas de camaròn… ¬¬ ademas para un taco que debe ser accesible a toda la poblacion el camaron es aun mas caro, el taco es lo que la pizza a Italia o el arroz a Asia; las tortillas se ven de harina de trigo y deben de ser de maiz… buen intento de video de comida mexicana como el video de una muchacha de Buenos Aires Argentina….. saludos desde México D.F.

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