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Hooking HUGE Mysterious fishes while beach fishing!

Hooking HUGE Mysterious fishes while beach fishing!

[reel buzzing] [Erin] Oh my gosh [Brendon] Let’s take a straight shot to the rocks, we’re not going to climb the rocks, we’re going to fish near it. Rocks will always hold fish. Always. Yeah, they’re rounding bait up, pushing them into the corner like that. So I’m using a paddle tail swimbait right here these are pretty cheap, pretty easy to fish, there’s a lot of different ways to fish it, uh, the way I’ve been fishing it is casting it as far as I can, letting it sink, and then reeling it back quick. Uh, the fish around here are very fast and very aggressive so they want to see a fast moving fish, but there are many ways to fish it. You can cast it out there, let it sink all the way to the bottom, and reel it in slow, you could reel it in really fast on the top, this paddle tail will put a little bit of action on the surface of the water, um, you can yo-yo it, meaning, cast it out, let it sink, pick the tip up, reel in the slack, repeat. So it’ll look like this under the water. Um, but right now I’m kind of just casting around the rocky areas because I know there’s a lot of snappers around there, um, and let’s hope I can hook up on one. Ooh! That’s crazy. Aahh! On!! Yes!! Woah!!! Yeah!!! I caught a snapper! That’s dinner! Whoo!!! I got one! My first snapper here! Well, I’m not sure if this is a snapper. Guys, comment below, help us identify this species. Look at that! Right off the rocks! Like I said this morning, there’s always fish going to be hanging out by the rocks. This is a snapper, these guys eat crabs, all sorts of things… and you’re going to be dinner tonight, buddy! Alright, boga grip. [Erin singing] ♪ We’re eating fish tonight, yeah ♪ ♪ We’re eating fish tonight, yum! ♪ [Both singing] ♪ We’re eating fish tonight, yeah! [oh!] ♪ ♪ we’re eating fish tonight, yeah! [yum!] ♪ ♪we’re eating fish tonight, yeah! [oh!] ♪ ♪ we’re eating fish to night, uh! ♪ [Brendon] Hold this, hold this. I see fish out there. Woah, woah!! Woahh!! Acrobats, huh? [Erin] What you got there, Mr. Mike? [Senko Dad] I don’t know… He’s been fighting for the last 15 minutes! [Erin] 10 minutes? Oh my gosh! [Senko Dad] I’m bottom fishing.
[Brendon] What are you using for bait? [Senko Dad] Squid! It’s way out there!
[Brendon] Is it Super Salty Squid? [Senko Dad] Yeah. [Brendon] Oh my gosh! [Senko Dad] On the bottom! I heard you got the snapper. [Brendon] Big one. [Senko Dad] Good to eat, huh?
[Brendon] Yeah. [Senko Dad] Good fight? [Brendon] Swim bait. [Senko Dad] Oh, all the crabs are gone… [Brendon] Do they like it? Holy crap! Dad, that’s–! That’s a shar–what the heck is that?! You’d better slow it down, man! That drag isn’t tight enough! I’m teeling you, he’s running you that way! You’ve gotta run–you’ve basically got to run this way! [Senko Dad] Oh! [yelling] [Senko Dad] It got off. [Erin] What is it? [Brendon] It got off?
[Senko Dad] Yeah. [Erin] What was it? [Brendon] I don’t know. [Senko Dad] We’ll never know. [Brendon] We’ll never know! [Erin exhales] [Brendon] Holy crap… Aw, man! [Erin] Ah ha, let’s see the damage. [Erin] Oh my gosh.
[Brendon] Bent it out completely! [Erin & Brendon] That’s why. [Erin] Jinx, jinx, personal jinx…
[Brendon] That’s is why, you need to use strong circle hooks. Look at how it bent out. [Erin] Oh my gosh. [Brendon] I bet you weren’t expecting something that big, huh? [Brendon] It bent you out. [Senko Dad laughing]
[Brendon] Alright, this guy is coming, he’s got his fish, [Erin] Alright.
[Brendon] Let’s get out of his way. [Senko Dad] Good luck! [Brendon] Bent us out. [Man] What?
[Brendon] It bent us out. [Man] Yeah, I’ve got a big spoon on there they’re hitting. [Brendon] A spoon?
[Man] Yeah! [Man] This is my third one, I’m about done.
[Brendon] Is it ray? [Man] Yeah. [Brendon] At least I got my fish! My dinner fish. [Erin] Your dinna fish! [Brendon] Yup. Ohh ho ho ho! [Erin] Wha–?
[Brendon] It just jumped out of the water! [Erin] Ray. Oh my god. [Brendon] This is Rodell, Erin, he’s a subscriber. [Erin] Rodell, hi.
[Rodell] How you doing, Erin? [Erin] Hi! Ha ha ha
[Rodell] I saw your dad on the beach, [Erin] That’s awesome.
[Rodell] and I’m like– you look familiar, man! [Erin laughing] Yeah…
[Rodell] He said you were out here this morning. [people talking indistinctly.]
[Erin] These are beautiful… [people talking]
[Senko Mom] Okay, we need to let him go! [Erin] Oh my gosh. [Erin] Do you see all those black spots in the water there?
[Senko Mom] Oh, they fly crazy! [Erin] Yeah, I have footage…
[Senko Mom] I saw 10 of them. [Senko Mom] They were amazing, so beautiful.
[Erin] So many…

100 comments on “Hooking HUGE Mysterious fishes while beach fishing!

  1. I agree with Wendy Liu it's a Mangrove Jack. The second fish that got away could be one of the jumping sting rays, they love squids, secondly it took the line into the left and right direction. Same as a shark. A big yellowtail Kingfish or Amberjack or Samson fish would run off with the line STRAIGHT into the horizon. Well jush a guess.

  2. is there got Puffer fish? my fishing place have too many Puffer fish.. so many my rig is gone because of that fish bite my rig.. sometime that fish bite my main line.. do you have any solution?

  3. You are so good in fishing that is or maybe a red bird or a singer but I'm not so sure whether it is a singer but I think it is a red snapper Hi my name is here bye

  4. Btw – in hindsight, probably wasn’t the best advice to tighten the drag.

    Dad might’ve had better lucky 🍀 letting him do it himself, Mr. “Better tighten the drag…oh, it bent the hook.”

    Just saying.

  5. Nice! I bet there were some really big hammer head & blacktip shark lurking around with all of those rays!!!!

  6. Bet the old man lost a sting ray they pull all your line out and take hours to get in. I got one in once the next one I hooked I cut the line👍

  7. ID seen a huge School of rays like that in Manzanillo México,AND i learned they were chasing some small fry near the beach.good vídeo!!

  8. That was a young Manta Ray that is an endangered and protected species. Glad to see if swim away, could have brought it out a little farther to release it though, their harmless because they don't have barbs like bat 🦇 and other rays do.

  9. I dont think much of your rod and reel. Why dont you use stronger and better equipment? It seemed to make catching a small snapper difficult for you.

  10. Definitely a NICE Mangrove Snapper! I've caught LOTS of them in south Florida as well. They are very common in warm tropical water environments.

  11. Sting ray or a shark guaranteed didn't see any headshakes so thinking more big sting ray.

    Edit* finished the video definitely sting ray.

  12. the dad knew what was up already. He knew the hook he was using and matched it with his drag. It's not that he didn't think to tighten the drag, he simply knew the hook he was using and the power to fight with. After he tightened it up and palmed the reel he muscled the hook open. Hopefully he was already down to the bare minimum before he decided to muscle harder.

    i'm betting it was probably a ray, a slow and steady pull without any chance of head turning. Once the fishe stops for a little bit the next pull gets weaker as you're able to turn its head more frequently. Rays however there is nearly 0 chance you will exhaust it unlee you're using a strong conventional and 80lb line with full drag turned on unless it's a baby ray.

  13. Senko Skipper where does Anselmo work, which ATV place? Going to CSL and want to hook up with him…

  14. I love when you say that's dinner, because I love how human can get their food without paying someone else to catch it or cook it

  15. What will be the good size reel to fish there? Was your Stella 5000 size?? I think I am bringing Daiwa BG5000. It has 22lb drag… do u think it will be lack of power???

  16. What are the rules on taking fishing gear on flights? Im actually going to cabos in a month n would love to take my fishing gear.

  17. I was not sure about buying an extending rod and reel on the internet>>> I usually like hands on to make a purchase. After buying some 20 lb. 4 stranded woven line and having it installed I was off to my local river dock for "the test" extended easily, casted perfectly with even a light lore on it and the feel and balance was favorable. The reason for this purchase is I fish mostly from a 9.5ft. kayak in a 90 acre fresh water lake on the 400 acre Burlington Island N.J., a solid pole is hard to move and travel with limited space, this retracts to about 18",excellent.

  18. There is a app called Fish Rules and They have all the fish you can find in the United States picture and the name of the fish look at it And you can change it to any state I hop u like it

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