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Hope Outdoors Inshore Fishing

Hope Outdoors Inshore Fishing

(upbeat country music)(upbeat country music)– Hey folks, we’re here
today in Ocean Springsfor a Hope Outdoors fishing
day for special needs,sponsored by Immanuel
Baptist Church.We’ve got some veterans,
we’ve special needs peoplefrom northern
Mississippi and Alabama.We’re gonna try and
catch some red fishand speckled trout today.And once the fog burns off,we’re gonna have
a beautiful day.– Well, Hope Outdoors
is an outdoor ministry.We take people
with special needshunting, fishing,
different things.And it was kind of a
creation of my father-in-lawand another group of
men in Chatom, Alabama.That was in 2005.He had a hunting camp thereand kinda had the
vision to take somebodyand kinda invest in them.And somebody who doesn’t get
out in the outdoors very often.We’re ready.– And about a year and a
1/2 ago, two years ago,I was approached, living
down on the coast,I was approached to do
a gulf coast chapterthat focused on fishing.And I’m like, “Wow, you
know, that’s pretty neat.”So after talking with my wife,we decided to do it.And we needed to
partner with a church.And I have a friends
that goes to churchhere at Immanuel Baptist Church.And they were onboard
from the beginning.And they really embraced
us and made this event,particular event their own
outreach ministry for the year.– I’m from Canton, Mississippi,this is my first time out here
fishing with Hope Outdoors.And hopefully, I’m gonna
bring home the prize.– Watch your toes, gentlemen.– And you can just come
right over this way.– [Chris] Back me
right in there.– Yes, that’d be great.– I can hold on to that thing.(men chatting)– [Dana] Our goal here is totake handicapped
individuals fishing.Inshore fishing on
boats we utilize.– [Don] I gotta boat that,I really bought it to try
to be able to take peoplewith special needs and
wheelchairs and stuff.So I bought a boat that I
felt like was good for that.And I’ve done that quite a bitover the last couple of years.I just got this boat a
little over a year ago.(upbeat country music)– [Chris] A little bright red.– [Don] Yes sir.I’ll take it, get the
skunk outta the bag.Got him?– [Chris] Got him.– [Don] Here we go.– Skunk’s out of the bag,
we’re ready to go now.We know they’re here.– [Don] Bring him
down like that.Being a hard head.Come on, be something
besides the hunt.(upbeat country music)(man laughing)– Well, we’re trying
to get better.That for sure.– [Don] Yup that is.– Me and Mr. Don, we
tag team this thing.So it’s just gonna
take a few minutes.I’m gonna give you
some excitement.I’m telling you.(upbeat country music)– Well, it’s been
slow this morning.We came back down
here in the bayouto try to catch some red fishcause the fog was too thick.Now we’re about to head
back out in the bayand maybe out front
so we can get,hopefully, some trout
and some bigger red fish.(upbeat country music)– You know, I have a 13 year
old son with disability.And he loves to fish,
he loves to hunt,he has all the same aspirationsand desires and
goals that we have,he just needs an opportunityto help get him there and do it.– All right, who’s ready
for a big red fish?Anybody?(upbeat country music)(water splashing)Look it this here.Yeah, that’s gonna
be a good red fish.(water splashing)– [Todd] Can you rod it for me?(water splashing)He probably gonna make 18.(upbeat country music)Almost 20 inches, 19 and 3/4.Let’s give it to our
fisherman back here.Here we go.Hold it up for the camera.– [Don] Tell me about it.– [Todd] Tell me about it.– He threw out,
straight across to thereright there at the end.He bit like in three seconds.– [Todd] Good deal.(water splashing)(upbeat country music)– It’s gonna get better.The key is to have faith.– [Todd] You can’t hold him,that’s one thing you
can’t hold is an eel.(men chatting)(upbeat country music)(men chatting)– All right, what happens now iswe actually moved
to another spot.The fog lifted, we’re able
to get out to Deer Island,we’re fishing a man
made fishing reef here.We’ve got a little time
before we head in for lunch.We got, what, who
caught the red fish?– I did.– He got a red fish, got a
couple red fish in the box.And an eel, who caught the eel?– I did (laughs).– My eel man.So we’re gonna try
and see if we canpull a few more fish
off here before lunch.There we go.(men chatting)White trout.Got him?(upbeat country music)Ooh, nice.(upbeat country music)– [Man In Gray Hat] Thank you.– You’re welcome.You got it?– [Man In Gray Hat] Yes.(upbeat country music)– [Todd] Come on fish, let’s
get him inside the (mumbles).(man laughing)– [Cameraman] How’s
the fishing going now?– It’s coming together.(men chatting)
(upbeat country music)That’s right, we’re
gonna work it.– [Don] Is that all right?– Yeah, I’m all right.– [Don] A little bit
more right next time?– Yes sir.– [Don] Can you do it under?Can you count to 10?– A little white trout going on.That’s closer.A few groceries.(men chatting)
(upbeat country music)– [Todd] White trout.And a catfish, hold
on, wait, look.He’s got two for one.– [Don] Double.– He’s taking two
at a time back here.(man mumbling)(men laughing)– I think he said last night
he was gonna beat you today.– [Adrian] That was
the goal anyway.– [Don] I think he’s
about two behind now.– [Adrian] Hey look,
be quiet, he will too.He’s just taking any.(upbeat country music)(man chatting)– [Man In Pink Hat]
Yeah, all right.– Hey, we’re here
on this little reef.The action’s gotten hot,we started putting
some fish in the box.But we’re running out of time.What we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna go get some lunchand we’ll probably
come back to this spotand work on this afternoon.What do you think guys?Y’all having fun?– Sure.– All right.– [Dana] Let me help you out.(upbeat country music)
(men chatting)– Yeah, you hear that line
come through the water?– [Todd] You need a net?– [Don] Yeah, we gonna
need a net, I think.That’s gonna be something
like either a red fish or.– He’s right here.Right there.(water splashing)
– Mackerel.(fish slapping)– [Don] Good job.– All right.
(hands slapping)All right, I was
waiting for one.And a good one came along.Thank you.– [Don] Oo, good white trout.– I like that.Gotta get him behind the tie.– You can’t even count them all.That’s why you’re right here
by the ice chest, you just.– Oh yeah, oh yeah,
that’s what’s up.– White trout, 19 I’d say.(upbeat country music)– Another nice one.– [Todd] You’re
about to wear me out.(men laughing)– Still another white trout.(upbeat country music)– [Don] He goes in the box.– More white trout for the box.– [Adrian] Come on baby.– [Todd] And that’s what
it’s all about here at Hope,is letting them be a part ofthe experience as
much as possible.– [Don] Yeah, that’s
a nice one there.(upbeat country music)(men chatting)No, that’s a nice trout.– [Todd] Right up here,
another mackerel, nice one.– First salt water
fish I ever caught.That’s worth a darn.
– Really?– Yup, lived here all my life
and first one I ever caught.– [Chris] He gotta ride
home with you shorty style.(men laughing)– [Todd] Somebody wanna get up,they can go to our Facebook pageor they can go to our
website they can look at
our schedule of events.And they can apply for
any even they want to,wherever they want to.– [Woman In Brown Shirt]
(mumbles) did you catch a fish?– Yeah.– [Woman In Brown
Shirt] Yeah, you did?– Did everybody
have a good time?Did everybody catch a fish?– Yes sir.– [Dana] That’s what
I’m talking about.That’s good.(slow country music)– I use to do a little
bit freelance videography.And I got invited to
a Hope Outdoor eventand went there and
fell in love with it.I’ve been in the
ministry about 30 yearsand so this one of those thingsthat I love what they did andI love sharing the
good news about Jesus.But what I love
to do most of allis being in the outdoors.– Sponsorships are always
a blessing, for sure.Like I said, the Lord’s
blessed us over these yearsand we continue to grow.So we enjoy doing it
and it’s a lot of funand just giving back.(upbeat country music)
(men chatting)(men laughing)– It’s a (mumbles).– Hey, that’s all the
time we for this week.Hope you enjoyed the show.– Join us again next time
for more exciting adventures.Until then, I’m Pamela Weaver.– And I’m Kevin Meacham.– [Both] See you outdoors.(upbeat country rock music)♪ Riding through the bayou♪ Heading for the sky blue♪ Back on the trail
again and again ♪♪ Hikin’ and huntin’
and fishin’ the land ♪♪ Time is time well spent♪ We’ll take ya to the delta♪ To the great white shores♪ There’s so much
to see and do ♪♪ Mississippi outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi outdoors

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