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Hot Dogs & Caviar w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto + Darren Brand | Basic to Bougie | MTV Cribs

Hot Dogs & Caviar w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto + Darren Brand | Basic to Bougie | MTV Cribs

– [Crew Member] Sound
speed, quiet on set, please. – Yo, what’s up y’all?
I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto (Darren screams) – I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand. – And you are watching Basic to Bougie. – No, Basic to Bougie. – Basic to Bougie. – God. – Where we prove that even the the most basic food can be bougie. – Or, that the most
bougie food can be basic. – Mmm (hip-hop beat) – [Timothy] We are gonna
be trying three different versions of each dish and
seeing if we can determine which one is the cheapest and which one is the most expensive. – I’m on it today, bro. I’m ready to eat. So we don’t know what
we about to eat, okay. And now, I’m putting my faith in these white folks behind the
camera with these foods. – Sometimes you just gotta
trust the white people, man. – You trust the seasoning? (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) – Blindfold, put it on. – We’re gonna have one bougie
option and one basic option, – [Darren] Okay. – So we don’t know which is which. – (clears throat) Butler! Remember, he’s white. De’Quan! – Colonizer! (both laugh) – [Darren] Is the butler here? Did he go? Gimme some of that, bro. My boy. You take it off. (drum roll) Tim, why do I feel your hand immediately? – Chill out, bro. – Why are you already on my side? – Chill out, dog. – Oh, that’s so inappropriate.
That’s a hot dog. (ding) – Hold up, I haven’t touched anything – Here, take this. – Don’t put the wiener
in my hand like that. (Darren laughs) – Oh, what is it. Oh, wait. It’s caviar. (ding) – (Darren screeches) Ew! (upbeat horn music) – [Timothy] So we’re gonna
try and determine which is the cheapest and which
is the most expensive. – Is hot dogs basic? – Depends on your kind
of hot dog, you know? – [Darren] I don’t know– – [Timothy] All wieners are different. Where should we start? – [Darren] We’re definitely
going with the cookout, – [Timothy] Right off the bat. – [Darren] the great value pack. This is definitely the cheapest. – [Timothy] Oh this is
like a baby deer hot dog, you know what I’m saying, they’re trying to throw us off our game right now. I’m not mad but this is
definitely the cheapest. – Cheap. – I’m gonna go with the one
with all the jalapenos on it. Is this Hawaiian bread? Oh my
god, it’s on Hawaiian bread. – [Darren] Most expensive,
hands down, right there. – This looks like food truck (bleep), you know what I’m saying? Food truck (bleep) is expensive. – I don’t even think that’s a hot dog, that look like sausage. – Yeah, exactly. – That’s not regular sauce either, that’s some kind of special made sauce. – They put love into this. – Did you save the
biggest wiener for last? (both laugh) – [Timothy] Let’s see, a bunch
of onions, grilled onions, some green peppers, red peppers. – [Darren] I’m not fooled by this, I’m gonna say this is second. – [Timothy] You haven’t even tasted it. Oh, it’s mushrooms in here, though. Got a good snap to it. – Got a deep crunch on that. – Mmhmm, that’s good. – That is good! (Darren belches) (both laugh) Boy! I had to let that out
so I could continue to eat. – Which one did you burp up right now? – I think all three came
up, do you know what I mean? My breathing went off a little bit. – I was like, “Oh”. (Darren grunts) – This is gonna come out tough later. All this we doing to ourselves now is gonna come out tough later. – [Timothy] What’s the cheapest? Which is the most expensive? – [Darren] Plain American
hot dog, the cookout hot dog. – [Timothy] Cheapest? – [Darren] Cheapest. – [Timothy] The sausage
link, the Hawaiian bread? – [Darren] That’s the most expensive. – [Timothy] Yeah, most
expensive and most delicious. – Do we have another one
of these, for back up? Just in case this one
don’t, don’t work out? – Let’s see the cards. – De’Quan! – Jeffery! – Why do you keep changing the names? Get up in there, bro. – All right, here’s the verdict. The fast food hot dog: One dollar. The loaded hot dog with
mushrooms, mozzarella, tomatoes, bacon, and onions… – [Darren] Bam! – [Timothy] Eight dollars. And, the gourmet hot dog, bacon wrapped– Oh, it was bacon wrapped! Bacon wrapped, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli pickled
jalapenos, cotija cheese… – [Darren] 17 dollars. – [Timothy] 17 dollars. – [Darren] Come on, man. – We know our wieners. – All right, man. (Timothy laughs) – Hey! (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) – All right, now it’s
time for the bougie part. We’re gonna try and compare this caviar. Darren, you eat a lot of caviar? I’m gonna take that as a no. If you eat the eggs of other animals, bro, it makes you more powerful. – Who told you that? – My mom. (Darren scoffs) Let’s try it together. – The two blacks look the same. – I’m gonna go on– don’t be racist. – I’m not racist, but I’m
saying the two black kinds– – [Timothy] They do look exactly the same. (both laugh) – [Darren] Little known
history fact, did you know that you not supposed to eat
this with metal spoons? Because it messes up the flavor. – Really? – Yeah, actually dude behind
the camera told me that. – Oh, get your scoop on the left. – I got my scoop. – Get a scoop. – Throw it in there? – Yeah, yeah. Let’s toast, cheers. (hip-hop beat) (Darren slams table) – It just tastes like
little balls of tuna. You’re not feeling that? – The texture’s so crazy!
It bursts in your mouth, like little burst bubbles,
like do-do-do-do. No! – You got a flavor? – Salty. – MmHmm. I think they’re
all gonna be kind of salty. – I think this came from a river. – Possibly. – Why is that one green? (Darren coughs) I don’t give a (bleep) about this round. – [Timothy] This kind of
tastes familiar though, what kind of fish is it though? – Yo, This one’s nasty. This is last. Last one. – [Timothy] Okay, let’s get it. – Oh, god, bro. The green
one’s still sitting in there. – This is a– – [Darren] Go ahead. – It’s nice. Bouncy. – Got crunch. I heard the crunch. Did that crunch? – I kind of like that a lot. I’m (bleep) with that. – You know what order I’m
putting these (bleep) in? – Hmm? – I. Don’t. Know. (Vivaldi’s Four Seasons) How do you pick this order? – I don’t know how to
compare caviar, though, but I’m gonna just go with what I like. I definitely like the
blacks more, most expensive. – [Darren] Yeah, of course you do. – Of course, Wakanda Forever. – [Timothy] The green guy– – [Darren] Disgusting, cheapest. – [Timothy] Cheapest to me
because it just tasted like– – And it didn’t have any– – It wasn’t popping. – [Darren] Yeah. De’Quan! – Round two. – Hey, what’s up? Love you boy. (Timothy clears throat) Okay, here we go. – So the Lumpfish roe, – Hello! – was the cheapest one,
that’s five dollars. Oh my god, I was totally wrong. (both groan) Sturgeon roe, 25 dollars,
which one is that? 25 dollars number two. So green guy, Paddlefish roe– – [Darren] The ones we hated. – [Timothy] Most expensive, 100 dollars! Damn! – The blacks was the worst? – [Timothy] (laughs) Well,
the cheapest, not the worst. – The blacks were the cheapest. This green shit… – Wow. – Costs 100 dollars– Who is buying this? – Let me try this expensive (bleep) again. – [Darren] Treat yourself. Just go ahead, the whole thing. – Oh, I will, I will. – [Darren] As a friend. Oh, damn. Damn, that’s it. That’s
the end of this episode. I don’t want no more– what
is this? Caviar, fish eggs. (Darren coughs) I feel it swimming back up. (Timothy laughs) We had some amazing hot
dogs, phenomenal, the best. – Mmhmm. – And we had the worst
(bleep) in life, caviar. – All right, thanks guys
for watching another episode of Basic to Bougie,
I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I just ate caviar. – You gonna be all right, dog. Make sure you tune into the next episode – Ah!

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  2. All wieners are different πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ain't that the trueπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ save the biggest wiener for last πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Timothy: you like caviar
    Darren:the face
    Timothy:I'm going to take that as a no you know if you eat the eggs of other animals it makes you powerful
    Darren: who told you that
    Timothy: my mom

  4. I wanna be in the show I'm always hungry replyyyyyuπŸ€”πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

  5. As soon as he said my mom I was dead
    Did u find the difference?

  6. 3:58 tim " you know if u eat the eggs of other animals it makes u stonger" big boyy"who told you that" tim"my mom" lmao

  7. Timmy: if you eat the eggs of other animals it’ll make you more powerful
    Big baby: Who told you that?
    Timmy: *slumps down* my mom
    Big baby: **face of disappointment**

  8. Soooooo, is this wild β€˜n out’s version of worth it? Cause if you say it isn’t, it is so…

  9. Not sure how the "Hawaiian" dog is called Hawaiian when it has Mexican ingredients on it LOL. I was expecting it to at least have the stereotypical Pineapple and it didn't even have that. They do say it is on a Hawaiian bread bun which isn't even Hawaiian it is Portuguese LOL

  10. I just found this series & I’m loving it!!! Darren & Tim are HI-LARIOUS together. Darren’s reactions are killing me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Timothy DelaGhetto: if you eat the eggs of a animal you get stronger. Darren brand: who told you that? Timothy DelaGhetto: my mom. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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