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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

How a Tuna Sandwich Became David and Tamela’s Biggest Argument | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

– People look at
you and think, oh, you got 30 years of
marriage, and you’ve figured everything out.
– But you don’t. Well, there are
some things that we’re still trying to figure out. But I feel like it’s
still a learning process. You know? Well, our biggest argument
which we always share was, I was working in optics
at PearlVision Express, and David was doing hair. I got home, and it was late. So I was like, well, since it’s
so late, I’m not going to cook. I’m just going to make tuna. So I made tuna– so we had tuna
sandwiches with cheese. And mind you, I never ate
tuna until I married her. So I bite into the tuna
that I don’t like– that she makes special, that
I do like a special way. I bit it, and
something was missing– relish.
– So I was about to walk away. He was like–
– Did you put any relish? Did you put any
relish in this? I was like, yes, it
has relish in it. She said, you
ungrateful n-word. I did. And I said, ungrateful? You done called me ungrateful?
– So it– Your momma ungrateful. So it just went–
it just blew up. Over a tuna sandwich. And it blew into
everything that we had argued about for the last two months. But him not thinking I’ve
been at work for eight hours. And at the time, I
was on my feet, so– This is why we say, whatever
you’re arguing about– BOTH: Stick with the issue.

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