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How aquarium sumps are made

How aquarium sumps are made

so today I’m back in Detroit with my man brian baer check, and he’s [taken] me [to] a very special place to [his] free to his friend Steve Bashi Tell me how you know this guy and what we’re about to see literally I’m not kidding you Steve Used to come into a pet shop that I worked there was a little aquarium shop that I worked in when I was like 15 16 years old and Steve was maybe 12 13 and every day Steve would come into this pet shop at 4 o’clock after school and stayed till closed 9 o’clock every day. So he could just come and just hang out He didn’t work there He just hung out with me and over the years he just grew [from] that fish Enthusiast to this monstrosity [I] mean, it’s crazy. I’m so proud of him folks Brian might look familiar He’s the host of animal bites as well as snake bites And he also has his own vlog that he does on Brian fire Chuck I’m gonna leave or Brian bar checks, or I’m gonna leave a link in the description below to all of his channels I really would appreciate for you guys to check them out if you haven’t noticed by now I actually did some videos with him over there And if you haven’t seen them check them out show them some love and subscribe while there as well So let’s go find Steve and get this started this guy [where] you going to put me off the strippers? That’s smaller. They don’t deserve it This is just we’re gonna do just live monkeys But we’re going live on Steve tell us about your shop what you do and then show us around because this is [absolutely] incredible what we do we do life support for aquariums anywhere from hundred gallon tanks to public aquariums now and everything in between so This is where we do it start to finish Nothing’s imPorted everything’s American-made American-made material Kind of from my my mind to to the machines to the customer type thing We’re in Detroit. You’ve certainly been on my radar for quite a Few years. I’ve seen your stumps at trade shows It’s absolutely incredible. [I] had no idea that. This was the scale of your shop Is my third shop first shop was 1,600 my first shop was my house my living room? Brenton 1,600 square feet was my first Kind of see what happens and that that got out of hand real quick that we moved to 9,000 square [feet] For about three and a half years we outgrew that quick, and then I purchased my own building about three and a half years ago 18,000 square feet which we call headquarters here in Detroit, and we’re outgrowing that already so we just we [just] do what we do and we [appreciate] everybody supporting us. It’s awesome. You’ve got I don’t know if we’re going to be able to take in everything But I’m noticing right off the bat you’ve got You even do glass this is glass. So actually is actually it’s kind of long start with that we’re doing a kind of a Livestock room that It’s gonna be probably one of the top five in [the] us when we’re done no see you just seen the birth of it You’re seeing a few things yeah Roll room we just built right we have two 3D printers a lot of prototyping R&D All right, you’ve got some CNC. Machines couple feces two lasers cutting right now. I? [there] cutting right now can I take a peek? doesn’t pain Yes, you can make Whatever you want, [and] yeah, whatever whatever. I think of like it I can make which is kind of scary these [days], but so there’s no limits. We’re always about You know whatever you can dream up. We could we can kind of make it non-standard stuff. We don’t do though so your Cookie cutter stuff, so your your main Clients are actually public aquariums or no I wouldn’t say it’s our main client it. Just were clients lot you know hobbyists retail stores a ton of Aquarium design groups [which] we’ve done it started at a hobbyist level absolutely [it] was it was actually [just] for customer [car] only did custom When we first started and it just kind of kind of people start hearing about it and started requesting stuff So we came up with our own Hobbyist line Standard size and your shipping although, what are some of your hobbies stuffs that you got? We’ll take a look over there sure here’s kind of a huge like that’s cruel reactor yeah bioreactor without the Media [I] [miscounted] That’s kind of a machining side yeah, and this just the production side of assembly gluing Final touches Jeana’s over there doing she’s actually doing to find somebody on atMs tank Yeah, this is crazy. That’s a consistent shipment to New York private home We call plug and play all the bells and [whistles] yeah, obviously So you’ve got a fluid ice filter there is that called man. No, it’s actually my our own proprietary Media I haven’t made in Germany it took about a year and a half to get that accomplished Yeah, because you got to have [it] neutrally buoyant. It’s a different design It’s [si] has about 30% more surface here than called this no reason for that is I can make a smaller reactor Work like a larger so more surface area yeah, different vintage different size a little smaller We have a mate in blue and in red To match all our stuff really. We’re all about that. Yeah hiring a soup type [lik]. Here’s a white [waste] going out Oh, wow, [I]? Don’t it’s almost like you want to just build a stand for it in this dismissal? Just display it we get it all the [time] [people] End up taking their drawers off Yeah, what’s the point of hiding this in a stamp don’t get another one that’ll be pretty cool once it mixes with the white flag if you take a close look on the underside you see like a Proprietary spray plate which quiets down the intake and actually spins the media even the holes are drilled on an angle. Oh You know you’re using a water pump as opposed to an air pump both It’s actually air fed from the bottom and water fed from the top so it’s a [counter-current]. You know Which is really [the] most efficient possible way to run anything is kind of current you have any of those running in the show I? Don’t love to see that I’m Gonna have to Yeah, yeah, hi. I’m here a bit early. Sorry well Yeah, look at that. That’s all perfect everything’s I mean this is all the details [ething] check out this next one. Yeah I think it’s kind of speak for itself Here, so this is not seen before [no] all right. We won’t we won’t the customer hasn’t even seen it yet So we won’t name names, but that’s just I love it. I love it No wonder they come to you though really [when] you think [about] that when you see your work here Wow Another fluid eyes filter is this all part of it Oh, you do anything you want don’t ya love it no limits [is] [this] gonna light up [my] human baby. That’s gonna light. How does it you actually could if you wanted to yeah this all Brian you got this guy in your town Why don’t you have an aquarium? [I] want an answer right now [told] me he wouldn’t he doesn’t want to see him that uh yeah He’s not we don’t like each other that much yeah, if I wasn’t knew there was all hard right now I mean if he brought me a tank. I probably put it outside that by my garbage I would I don’t want this in my I would crack it before I mean I’m looking for quality you’re not here I’ll get it. I’ll get my tank from Home Depot that comes right around yeah Work on a ton of job these coral viewers no Boxes kind of you’re seeing like [the] start of what’s gonna end up looking like this So I read your faces Here just kind of it’s literally an assembly line. Yeah Love it So on a busy day is there somebody at each station we were yeah, there’s [tom] right there He’s doing it so [tom] doing it right going. Yeah. He’s prepping for media Chambers. Here’s the finished product. There’s the kind of stuff Yes, they’re starting here get the bases cut removing the tape has a horse Here we all are every station has its media chambers all departure always making something This is the ultimate you know Aquarium hardware store, especially [if] you’re ever looking to build something this is insane And here’s another one. Yeah, there’s some big big boy custom ones How did people how do you order you go to banshee [dock] we don’t sell direct So these are just through a dealer or I set up a count with us Who’s a good who’s top three dealers for your products in the United states? Who [I’m] [Gonna] hurt anybody’s feelings here? Yeah, anything everybody everybody who ever want to come get it premium aquarium specialty champion Okay, our brick and mortars are our troopers. If I go to your website can I get Okay, so you don’t sell the recs, but you can get it. What if you need something custom? Still has to be ordered [to] do an authorized dealer, okay? the birth of What this is going to be of this [really] [just] is this going to be? So where these stands are that’s where? Yeah, and they’re going right on. This is exactly where they’re going yeah, you get an idea just [give] you an idea [standing] like this doesn’t look like [that] many, but boy. Oh boy, and they’re going to be livestock holding tanks Thanks, these are all One 20 by 48 500 gallon each and all the [life-support], you’re going to see it again [you’re] just seeing the baby right so with these twos you can not only provide life-support systems. You can provide the fish as well Oh really fish and [Coral] We’re actually doing like a Detroit reef club So can be pretty much a club members only club to really take Detroit to the next level when it comes to Livestock And you’re heading that up and starting right here. What do we got going on here? It’s [just] an old Montana kid Did you build this back in the day? No, no, okay. What’s it look like I built that stan what’s this is Joey’s the head Oh, that’s all plywood do I voice yeah interests ass Do I want you to the man cave? This [is] [where] the actions an action because we’re [brian’s] [at] he knows What’s a husband comes here? Yeah? What oh you got the gray goose get the patron yeah. Yeah, you like the good stuff Got a couple dead fish. Yeah And then this were you gonna relax. Yeah, it’s a little quiet man Yeah Invited over to watch games, sir. You know [harvey]. I’ll take you. I know you’ve been [a] [good] [eye]. That is true Yeah, it’s true. That last one goes when you had a kid I was mad It keeps going if you want to keep going it keeps going yeah, [three] point. This is what the lobby You were joking when you said this is the real deal G-man you can’t come to Detroit [I]? Thought we were gonna end up in somebody’s garage That was eight years ago This is just another little spot. It’s at your office. Yeah, what? Yeah, when I come over yeah That office is insane that’s crazy entrance those ipads on the wall Your office better than my office, well my surrounded in aquariums. This is crazy. I love it This is computer monitor. [is] that’s your computer monitor. You’re using windows of course you get a narrow screen, nigga fix two. Masks very rarely in the office Yeah, I’m out there working and [aliens]. That’s why I have a lot [more] fun of that than sitting in a chair six months and you’ll see You won’t even recognize it really clean it’ll also went on that’s for sure yeah, I Haven’t slept in a Few years [you’re] [all] for the outro. No girl. [oh] no. I’ll get you in it for [what] for you like I want to thank you for coming. Oh, yeah Yeah, yeah [offer] [a] [new] behind. We should do like that Kick dance more booty [for] the fighters, but it goes over hair like this white Yeah, I’m covered in everything fuck the whole probably just go to sleep. Just like a beatle just running through each again Alright, well see I definitely want to thank you. You don’t let me come here. I true. I really enjoyed your story I started out [in] your you know your living room type thing and Built yourself up nothing short of an empire here. This is amazing. It’s definitely inspiring especially since you’re one of us I do it yourself fish keeper. I don’t want it in just a fish door so yeah, I love it. Well again Thanks for coming, and when you get there set up coming back. I’m back absolutely buddy Awesome it you guys hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. If not join me next Thursday, and I’ll have something different for you

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