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How did Food Network featured “Big Truck Tacos” help Pitt State students??

How did Food Network featured “Big Truck Tacos” help Pitt State students??

Due to the hard work of seven Pitt State students
who swept the Public Relations competition at the Oklahoma Speech Theater Communication
Association conference, Big Truck Tacos made a special trip to Pitt State. The traveling
food truck has been featured on the Food Network channel and for Nadia Marji, who earned top
praises at the competition taking home a first place finish, she’s is excited to see the
hard work pay off. Nadia Marji-“But it’s been a fun event it hasn’t felt like work.
It’s really been a joy for me to partake in this. It’s great to see it from start
to finish.” 30% of the proceeds the truck made during the home Pitt State game went
to scholarships for Pitt State students and for Dr. Alicia Mason, who is the advisor of
the Public Relations and Advertising Club here at Pitt state, she’s excited to see
the traveling food truck on campus and is very proud of her students efforts. Alicia
Mason-“The students did a really good job of cultivating our relationships with the
media. We’ve had so much support on both the university and community based media side
when it comes to getting the exposure out for it and as you can see by the line, people
got the word so it’s really good to have them here.”

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