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How is it like to HARVEST HUNDREDS of FISH?

How is it like to HARVEST HUNDREDS of FISH?

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you are here back at the textures world channel We were never like the others Today as you can see we are actually draining the water over this tank because we are going to harvest Some of our fish well this tank contains goldfish in Japanese Kawaii and this Japanese Koi have grown already that can already be displayed at the pet store Well, this is three months old since we placed them here but in total I think they are five months old since they were hatched and today We are going to take them all from this tank and we will put this inside the aquariums in the pet store So this size is good already for the aquarium and You will note that this are the more fish that are here The size is good already. If you are going to harvest your fish then make sure that they will fast for at least One day yesterday they were not given food because of this intended harvest That’s why they fasted for one day and this is really very vital because if we are going to place them inside in the plastic bags with full stomach They will really die. They will be gasping for air because of indigestion coz their stomachs are full If you were growing your fish in this kind of thing, we really have to maintain the cleanliness of water by means of siphoning the dirt By means of putting you water and raining half of the water every day this pant is too small work a 500 fish combination of goldfish and carp So that is why every afternoon we are draining half and then we’re putting new water But this new water that I’m referring to is an old stack water That is in this tank This tank is filled with water that has been stuck for how many days so that anytime You can just change the water without fear of high chlorine. That is very not good for the fish And you look at the way how we do these things The oxygen tank is very heavy to carry from the pet store here in a household what we do is to just place this oxygen inside this plastic bag, and we will just put This oxygen as soon as the professional game placed inside So you look at this one Ryan. Can you do these things? and can you catch this first because this are already very Stress And maybe you will say Dexter, that’s very crowded it’s Overcrowded well, yes, this is overcrowded but they will Immediately be brought there at the pet store in less than fifteen minutes from now So there’s no problem about the overcrowding as soon as we will do this very quickly So Ryan is now getting some here from this plastic So we are making some sort of innovation to put this oxygen inside this plastic and Transfer the air now Inside this one we just squeeze it. Okay, squeeze it dry and gonna be a shame Okay, okay so very slowly yes, that’s it so as soon as the fresh Okay, listen up. Okay, and you will save this one. What’s And this is safe already very safe for two hours. They will not die and since this is very congested as I’ve said we will Do this very quickly we cannot Allow them to stay long in this plastic. So Ryan will now try this one You can also do this with rubber band and if you don’t have rubber band You can use anything just to make sure that the ear will not come out from the plastic bag We’re expected to harvest more than 200 and 300 quarries So these are plenty and uh Khalid. This is the second harvest already I forgot that we already made the first harvest The time that I was not around our staff here made the harvest already So this is the second harvest that’s why we will only expect to harvest around 200 They stopped Abby is doing now this thing Yes Can you look at the cover of it? It’s the the one that is in charge of the koi and pet store here in the place and also Ryan is here Brian can you look at the camera Brian is also the one that is in terms of? The our pet store in that one. You will see also that this tank has angel fish Of course, this angel fish is the doctor’s what I’ve said in charge of eating all the parasites that will develop in the tank Plastic, of course to make it very safe. We will place this in the styrofoam Okay, this is congested. Yes it is So the tip that we are talking about is when you harvest the fish, please Refrain from feeding them a day before the intended harvest So do not feed let them faster start for the period of one day Well, we normally use the rubber band that We are showing another Alternative if you don’t have rather band you can use the small plastic or cellophane for this purpose So we are here now on the 5th our guys and we will note this fish inside and this bacon aquarium and this is expected to be sold in just a matter of two to three weeks and then we will again harvest some of our fish and Then of course we can also do them around breeders and buy fish from them So we are now in the process of Appeal of distinction acclimatize this one to get the sack or the same temperature And a little later we will release this fish inside this acquired So there’s the theme that we can share with you guys I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and parsley are asking em has me personally to support also the channels extra virgin here and have a good database keep saying from here a textures world

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  7. If you want goldfish make sure that their tank have a very good filtration and take note 20 gallon for the first fish and additional 10gal for other goldfish

  8. I thought you are away for a couple of days on work assignment? Old caption recycled? Still enjoyed the video though. Keep up the great work.

  9. Can you please put up your prices for each of the fish in your stock so your fans can plan if they want to purchase new fishes

  10. Those are some beautiful Fish.
    I liked the video on your sons channel. It would be better to maybe get him a 20 Gallon and divide it into 5 sections for the Betta Fish so they have more space and the environment is more regular.

  11. Love the video Dexter always like seeing your pet shop . It's amazing how different tastes are in different countries here people do love the Goldfish and Koi but we have a lot of people that are into tropical community tanks, cichlids, and of course the larger predatory fish. I still think you'd be able to sell a lot of plants & small tetra in your shop a planted display with a couple 100 neon is quite attractive my lfs displays some in a 100 gallon and says it sells 1000's of neon a week for them . They might be too much trouble though as the fry are too small to eat Daphnia and you have to breed them in smaller batches.

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    Fasting fishes 1 day before and also with the method of oxygen. 👍
    Dexter Sir maybe an idea for your Son Dexter jr channel is where he shows viewers how to culture daphnia by catching in wild and then raising them in an aquarium.
    He can use the green water from the ponds to feed daily and do water changes. I wished I was near you to collect all green water to feed daphnia as it's not available in wild. It takes roughly 2 weeks to get nice green color but only to be eaten in 3 or 4 days by daphnia. I've tried yeast but culture crashes. Green water is my best method.
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