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How is Jigsaw’s Alaskan Cod Liver Oil Different from other Fish Oil?

How is Jigsaw’s Alaskan Cod Liver Oil Different from other Fish Oil?

– Hey, it’s Thomas DeLauer
with Jigsaw Health, and from time to time we
have questions and concerns that come in to our customer support team. And today I wanna address
a very simple question that doesn’t just
surround Jigsaw products, but pretty much any kind of product that you could be getting on the market, and that is the world of fish burps whenever you take any
kind of fish oil pill or cod liver oil pill. So Jigsaw Health is proud to
announce our cod liver oil. It’s literally one of the
best, most pure cod liver oils that you’re gonna be able
to find on the market, but that doesn’t mean
that you may not have a little fish burp from time to time. Now, what exactly causes
those unpleasant fish burps? Well, usually it’s a digestion issue. You see, fats are hard
to digest to begin with, but fish oil, being a polyunsaturated fat, is exceptionally hard to digest. So depending on what
time of day you take it or depending on just how
your digestive system is in the first place, you might find yourself getting
a little bit of bloating and a little bit of a
burp from time to time, but you can take some
precautions that’ll help you out. Now, the main thing that you wanna do is you wanna focus on a
very high quality fish oil. You see, a usually a fish
oil or a cod liver oil pill isn’t processed in a very clean way, so it oxidizes very quickly. When it oxidizes quickly,
it turns somewhat rancid, and this can cause a very unpleasant burp. Now, when it comes down
to Jigsaw’s cod liver oil, we take extra precaution to make sure that everything is processed as quickly and as minimally as possible. This means that you’re
getting a very, very pure oil that’s coming from the cod liver that has been frozen
instantly upon being caught. So literally once the fish is caught, the liver is frozen at
negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit, preserving all of its nutrients and making it so it doesn’t go rancid. Then there’s a very short
path distillation process that allows that cod liver oil to be processed very minimally
and put into a capsule so that you can enjoy the
benefits of cod liver oil like high amounts of vitamin
A, high amounts of vitamin D, and high amounts of EPA without
all the unpleasant burps. Now, another question that
comes in regarding cod liver oil is that of pro-resolving mediators. Essentially, what
pro-resolving mediators are are breaking signals for the cells. So basically they tell the
cells to kinda chill out. They mediate everything. So just like the name implies,
pro-resolving mediators, they resolve and they
mediate cellular issues. So sometimes cells can
just go kinda haywire. And if you have high amounts
of pro-resolving mediators that are coming from healthy sources of vitamin A, D, and EPA,
you can help balance that out so your cells function in a very optimal, efficient, and energetic way. If you have more questions for Jigsaw regarding any of our products, be sure to put them down in
the comment section below, and we’ll answer them in video four. As always, make sure
you’re keeping it locked in here with Jigsaw, and remember that it’s fun to feel good. I’ll see you in the next video.

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