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18 comments on “How it F e e l s to go on

  1. I can confirm, upon further investigation, that indeed, when you visit said website, this is what welcomes you ol' chum.

  2. Now then, me Old Chums – let me tell you for real – I'm Angela Winstanley – the originator of Noggin Clontith – the artwork, videos on Angie8051 and the old Noggin Clontith website.- ( and I won't say the word confirm,, haha )
    If you check out or new channel – Angie8050, you will see from the material posted there – that this is authentic – and it's us. The old site did not operate properly for some time – and due to personal circumstances – Noggin was ' retired' for a while. We were not getting the links from the site you mention above, and were frankly, 'out of touch'. Then we started to receive more and more fan mail from people who had searched for us – wanting more and curious about the situation.
    As a result of all this anyway, we are developing a new site – and have a new FACEBOOk page – Noggin Clontith the REAL You've been Gnomed. Steve has been back in the studio recording loads of new soundbites ( a only he can) which will be available for download – and many for free. Plus there is much more under development

    So I hope this squares away the questions, and thanks for the opportunity to share this. If people go onto the old website, there is a link to the new one – so we will be keeping the old one on existence for some time.
    Confirmed !! haha

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