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How many fish actually see your bait?

How many fish actually see your bait?

Ok everyone, lets see how many fish look at our bait without biting it. Comment your guess below. *Ding Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding Ding* *Ding**Ding**Ding* *Ding*
This is our last day in Florida, and we are fishing on this bridge that we drove over
everyday to get to our fishing spot and every morning we would see these fishermen line
this bridge. So we decided we wanted to try fishing here as well. when we start fishing here, it doesn’t even
seem like there any fish in the water. But as our underwater camera shows that wasn’t
true at all. Got a little hook on here, and a split shot…
that’s it. 10 pound test, a clam or a piece of shrimp and this is what I have been recommended to use. Can’t say its working that great because I
haven’t landed many. But they keep taking all my bait! How do they keep eating around my hook like
that? They are eating everything BUT the hook. The fish underneath Brendon were just toying
with his emotions, they were too small to hook and so they just ate off all of his bait. Eventually though, our group began catching
these little snappers. Keeps stealing my bait! These little mangrove snappers were nice and
everything but they arent exactly the fish we are looking for. We are fishing for jacks, you can see them
run through here like a Porsche, like a Lamborghini. They are so fast. *Line Crosses* Sh*t sorry! As we waited for a bite we saw all these schools
of fish pass below us and as we were admiring them, Brendon hooks onto something bigger. Look at that! Woahhh. That’s a beautiful fish. This is called an Amber Jack? Wow! Jack Crevelle! Wow, nice. What are some of the distinction markings
on that. Yellow tail, yellow fins, couple of little
sharp teeth. These are aggressive predator fish. Ive caught one in Mexico before! Im going to filet and eat it! So I wanna ask the viewers, anybody who is
watching this, do you guys know anything else about this fish? How big they get? Some cool facts about it, please comment below
that’d be awesome. Do you hear it grunting? This is going to be eaten for dinner. This was caught on a Pompano Goofy Rig. On a Pompano Jig. Its supposed to replicate a
sand flea. So you let it down, there is fish scavenging
the bottom like this. When they see it come up, they hit it. Bridge fishing! So your dad and I were talking earlier about
how, this must have been a walkway at some point and they had to rebuild they had to
rebuild the bridge and probably forgot about this project and now it seems like its the
perfect fishing spot. Because it just has a bunch of structure under
the water. Woooo! What is it? Oh its a pompano! Oh its another crazy jack? Can I flip it up? There we go. Ho! Ho! Ho! Another little jack on a pompano rig. Nice! Yeah! We had a lot of fun catching fish and talking
and being out on the bridge with the other fishermen. But we have a lot to learn. Any final thoughts? People all around us were catching fish, but
they were from around here, and they know how to do it. Practice right? Yea. It looks easy, just like anything new you
are trying, unless you have beginners luck, takes a little bit of time to get used to
and learn. Did you have fun? Yeah! Even though I didn’t catch many, I had a good
time. We want to thank everyone who helped make
this Florida fishing web series possible. We learned a lot about this Florida fishing
and the fish that live down here and the people that love them. We will be back in a few weeks to go after those monsters with some new local friends, so until then don’t forget to subscribe to this channel,
like this video if you enjoyed it and tell us what you want to see next! If you want to keep up with us, head over
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sure to stay tuned for more.

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  1. In Hawaiʻi, we have three different types of jacks (called Trevally Jacks): Giant Trevally (or GT, all white), Bluefin Trevally (ʻOmilu), and Yellow-Spotted Trevally.  The juvenile trevally in Hawaiian are called papio, and the bigger ones (usually over 5-7 lbs.) are called ulua.  Any bluefin ones are called ʻomilu.  The GT can get up to about 200 lbs, possibly more, and can be as long as the average man is tall.  ʻOmilu get up to about 50 lbs (I think), and yellow-spotted ones can get up to about 15-20 lbs, I believe.  I would recognize this fish anywhere, no matter its color scheme, because most of us fish for it if going from shore, or if guys a skin diving and spearing them.  Don't get me wrong, we will go for other fish, but this is usually the prize for the size and fight.

    One tip I learned: don't throw them back.  If you throw back the alpha of the school, the entire school will swim away.  Even if you're going to throw them back, only do so after catching as many as you can, keep them in a bucket, then release them.

  2. I used to catch these Jacks in Naples Florida off the pier what I used to use was a ounce and a half Diamond jig with a Bucktail. throw it out there as far as you can and real like crazy until it gets to the surface and dances on the top water and the Jax would Chase it on top of the water. hang on because their adrenaline rush Frenzy when they hit that thing your lines going to run

  3. They tended to carry worms in their tails. Every time me and family catch one we always cut the tails off.Its said they eat shark poop which gives them the worms.

  4. Back here in South Africa they are called Kingfish (Ignobus) and the mother of all species of Kingfish is the Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignobus) and to me there is no stronger fish in the ocean (pound for pound). The GT (Giant Trevally) can grow up to about 80 kgs and you will need exceptionally strong tackle to land it. Nice video…

  5. The problem with jack crevelle is that the good majority of them have parasites in them when they get around the 10 inch mark or bigger. The majority of Jack's I've caught had parasites.

  6. Gc,giant travelly and any certain fish was slow to grow up, better you catch and release it☺ (relaxed vlog)

  7. I must say, it is fun watching your fishing knowledge and skill-set grow on camera. Zero pretentiousness and the excitement of catching new fish species brings back a bunch of memories. I am looking forward to the video of your first Tarpon, or your first 40"+ Snook on topwater. Talk about life-changing…
    Keep your lines tight!!

  8. Wonderful combination of voice over work and live voice action. Also fabulous under water filming of the fish! I'd love to know how you did that!

  9. And ALL the other fishers that were about to go home then saw that catch, immediately decided to stay a while xD

  10. Last week, my dad and I were fishing off a bridge dock at a park along the Intracoastal. We had a very similar problem there. My dad and I used frozen shrimp. I cut the shrimp in half and I used with a 1/2 ounce sinker on a leader. I While we did get a lot of bites but we did not hook anything but I got a crab holding onto my shrimp. I did see a school of jacks and a manatee around a mangrove near the docks though. But as I said, I caught nothing but a crab that day. I am targeting mangrove snapper and sheepshed. So help me out here.
    How can I improve my chances of hooking one? When is the best time of the day to do so in the summer? Is it better when the tide is lower or higher?

  11. You’re right that was a walkway below the bridge but there was a hurricane that came by and completely destroyed that walkway it was and still is a nice fishing spot

  12. the jack is making that noise when its in stress and the way they make it is that their teeth will like rub against each other!

  13. The Jack crevalle is best used for bait for shark. We caught a couple of 30 pounders and we tried to eat them every way we could, we fried, baked, grilled, sauteed and roasted them i will never try to eat one again but they do make great cut bait because of the dark bloody meat.I have eaten Hard head catfish, fresh water catfish,sting ray, carp, drum, buffalo, perch, gar,snakes squirrel,rabbit and i would eat any of those again except jack crevalle. I will try anything once heck i even tried jack crevalle several times just trying to find a way to make it taste good but in my opinion leave it for bait.

  14. I caught a 38 pound jack about a month ago (we weighed it it’s not exaggerated) I used 15lb mono and live lined a minhaden it was a 45 min fight I got him to the kayak at least 3 times but as soon as he came close he took off very fun fish to catch and fight very well for their size.

  15. Taste pretty good if you smoke them on the grill bleed them out first. I usually cut them under the throat and turn upside down in the bucket until the meat runs clear.

  16. You ever do inshore NC fishing. I need help. I've gone fishing maybe 20 times this year and only have 3 fish to show for it.

  17. Jack's get 250 to 300 they eat there young I use to find big ones chasing smaller ones and hang on a fence and grab smaller ones and throw them over the fence at south shore park in Miami Beach Fla.

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  19. probably like 20 fish will see the hook without biting it that’s my guess I’ve been fishing before and didn’t catch a thing it was about an hour long waiting for something to bite my fishing pole but I’ve never eaten fish before but i heard it’s really good

  20. They can fight like hell and if not thrown back cut the dark meat out of the fillet and soak the meat in the fridge in milk or vinagar before cooking.

  21. I love how your videos don't start with a big message "to like and subscribe and hit the bell icon". They get right to the point and that's why I subscribed and hit the bell icon 😉

  22. ever gone fishing in NZ, because i live in that country and i swear the fish always see your bait, ALWAYS,
    if you fish the right spot

  23. Grew up in bayville n oyster bay on long island and fishing here in floruda totally different then up north as l gone from va up maine fishing. Here in florida am learning different method then one would use in the north. Here you feel a bite u move the rod right away or ya lost your fish.

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