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How Much Fish Oil Should I Take? Fish Oil For Dry Eye Dosage

How Much Fish Oil Should I Take? Fish Oil For Dry Eye Dosage

In today’s show we’re going over how much
fish oil should you take. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler in the next five minutes we’re going to go over pretty much over fish oil dosage that you need to heal your body and some other ways to get beneficial omega-3s and omega-6s and why we don’t recommend too much
fish oil supplement but before we go into that if you’re serious
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about a $120 value for both the three month supply of the fish oil plus the book with that being said let’s jump into the content how much fish oil should you take the consensus among most doctors that
you will visit is that people should take 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams per day of fish oil the normal recommendation is around
1,100 milligrams for women and 1,600 milligrams for men obviously if
you’re pregnant or if you are a child then those recommendations are going to be a
little bit different our Heyedrated omega-3 is 930
milligrams of EPA and DHA We like you to start with a loading dose of 6 pills per day It is normally 3 per day. You
can break that up throughout the day but we want you to start with the loading
dose for 1 to 3 months and then go down to the normal 3 per day after that.
We did 930 milligrams in our formula because we added some
other beneficial vitamins and nutrients into the supplement and when we do
that we don’t want to make it too huge either We also strongly believe that you need
to incorporate food sources of healthy omega-3s and healthy omega-6s into your
diet which we will get into a little bit if you are only relying on supplements to
get nutrients you need that’s why you are suffering from dry eye you need to switch your diet into healthy
omega-3s and healthy omega-6s I’m going to have a challenge for you
guys watching this video because if you accept the challenge I guarantee you will
start to feel better but of course if you follow the diet advice that we give
in here which is like four chapters and it’s mostly adding things to your diet
we talk one little bit about taking away things but we mostly are obsessed with
adding things because when you add healthy things you’ll tend to go away
from the unhealthy thing pushes all the bad stuff out exactly so with that being
said some healthy ways to get your omega-6s and your omega-3s it is very simple this is
your challenge for the month one avocado per day Eat one avocado per day. Put in your
smoothies. Put it on your salad. Put it on everything. Just eat it up with a
spoon. If you eat one avocado per day you will find massive benefits in your
health, your dry eye, and in your disease state in general so that’s my challenge to
you is eat one avocado per day some other things you can add your
smoothies or things like flaxseed ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, chia
seeds that might cause a little bit of GI upset but just check those out. Those
are ALA which converts to EPA and DHA in your body so you have to take a little
bit more of that to get the same benefits but you’re eating a whole food source
which is even better then finally nuts eating organic raw walnuts, almonds, pine
nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds the key thing being organic raw and if you
if can unsalted as well that’s vegetarian sources if you want to
eat meat sources which you know we don’t
recommend as much and if you do eat meat make sure that it’s wild caught fish so
wild caught sustainable mackerel, salmon, herring, tuna, and sardines just make sure
they are wild caught and sustainable and then finally if you eat ground meat meat that comes from like chicken and beef those too make sure they are organic
and free-range organic and free-range eggs you are going to notice that those
yolks are going to be a lot more orange and that’s because they have more lutein
and lutein is great for your eyes dairy like organic whole milk, organic cheese stick to white cheese like cottage cheese
and ricotta cheese grass-fed butter grass-fed organic free-range is key with
that because they have more nutrients they’re not going to have the antibiotics
pesticides or anything like that Do you use fish oil supplements? Let us know which brand you use in the
comments below and when this video gets to 50 likes we will pick one
lucky commenter and we will send you a 3 month supply of our Heyedrate omega-3 that means you have to like the video too We will also send you our Rethinking Dry Eye book $120 value you can visit and get your free a Rethinking Dry Eye book if you’d
like to learn more how to treat your dry eye naturally the book is free with a purchase
for a limited time check out this video that talks
about the seven benefits of fish oil

24 comments on “How Much Fish Oil Should I Take? Fish Oil For Dry Eye Dosage

  1. 😍 Many of you know that fish oil is an incredibly useful supplement that can help with a ton of ailments and is generally good for you, but do you actually know what fish oil is, where it comes from, how it's made, and what ALL of the benefits are?

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  2. 😍 Mentioned in the Video 😍

    ✔️ Heyedrate Omega 3 For Dry Eye:

    ✔️ Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega JR:

    ✔️ Nested Naturals Vegan Omega-3:

    ✔️ Heyedrate Lid & Lash Cleanser:

  3. 👉 Do you use fish oil supplements? Let us know which brand in the comments below and when this video gets to 50 likes, we will pick one lucky commenter to win a 3-month supply of Heyedrate Omega-3 and our book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment.

  4. If you’re serious about getting rid of your dry eyes for good, head to to claim your copy of our new book Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment for a limited time.

    We’ve had hundreds of people use exactly what we teach here to find relief.

  5. I get hot flashes sometimes I think it’s because of the fish oil twice sometimes , could my guess be accurate?

  6. I take krill oil because it's purer than regular fish oil, and besides it has astaxanthin. Hope to win. I really like your channel. Please talk more about the Sjogren syndrome. Thank you

  7. i am suffering from puffy eye dark circle in such a young age ?? why like this friends ? please explain. thanks

  8. I take 2 Nordic Naturals Omega Vision in the morning and 1 regular Nordic Natural Omega 3 at night. It's been over 8 months but I really don't notice a difference 🙁

  9. I've completely stop taking all fish oil. I burp alot, and I hate the fish oil smell and taste in my mouth after my burp. Note: I'm a farmer in the middle of nowhere. The nearest Walmart+ is over an hour away. So for me to take anything fresh food is totally out of the question. Is there a substitute for fish oils out there?

  10. Just started with the three a day as recommended on the bottle…..a week so far. Looking to commment next week on my progress

  11. I used to eat one avocado per day and it led to major acne breakout, naturally I undertook a food sensitivity test and avocados were in the red.

  12. Hi Drs. Is it ok to get blade free Z-Lasik if I have very very dry eyes? The specialist told me they would put punctum plugs right after so it can keep my eyes lubricated . I’m kind of iffy about the situation because my eyes are really dry to the point where I can’t use contacts. Thank you

  13. I do use fish oil supplements and have noticed a positive difference since starting it. I take NOW brand Ultra Omega 3-D 600 EPA/300 DHA

  14. Thank you for the great info! My eye doctor recommended 2,000 mg daily. I am currently taking a marine oil supplement called SPM that my functional medicine doctor had recommended for other inflammatory conditions, but I am going to switch to fish oil and see if that helps with my eye issues. I LOVE avocados so thank you for permission to eat a whole one each day! 🙂

  15. I take fish supplements. I heard it was healthy and necessary. I started 3 pills a day then moved into 1 with my daily vitamins. Been feeling great an awesome for a long time now. I don't intend on stop taking my vitamins anytime soon.

  16. I suffer from severe meibomian gland dysfunction. I take eight capsules of Nature's Bounty fish oil per day. This routine has the added benefit of reducing my IOP from 18 to the 16 – 17 range, which is amazing. Thanks for your great video, but you forgot to state the adverse effects of taking too much fish oil. I may be guilty of overdosing. What is the risk? I am interested in switching brands.

  17. Hello…love your channel ❤
    I use New Chapter WholeMega Whole Fish Oil Omega 3 index support. Wild Alaskan salmon. 👍😁

  18. I’d be interested in learning the mechanism of how omega 3s help. Also, I’ve read a lot about how most supplements are/go rancid long before their expiration date—thoughts on how to distinguish this? Do you rec liquid omega 3?

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