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How They Make Gefilte Fish Tacos at Fletchers Cafe Montreal — Dining on a Dime

How They Make Gefilte Fish Tacos at Fletchers Cafe Montreal — Dining on a Dime

– People are getting
playful with Jewish food. You know, I have a friend in Boston, he loves to like mash up Korean flavors in a matzo ball soup,
you know what I mean. So, there’s people getting
playful with it too. Like, that’s such a fun way
to kind of move it forward and test the boundaries of
like what Jewish food is. – I’m walking down
Saint-Laurent, or Saint Lawrence in beautiful downtown Montreal. I’m heading to a place inside a museum, a Museum of Jewish Montreal. The Jewish people have a
long history in Montreal. And, their food is deeply embedded in the history of the cuisine of the city. What Fletchers is doing
is really interesting, they’re doing a modern take on traditional Jewish flavors and dishes. I’m excited to try it out. So, let’s go. (upbeat music) – I go to McGill, study art history. I live in the neighborhood, all my friends live in the neighborhood. So, this is definitely a
place a lot of my friends come to hang out, spend a lot of time just sitting around and talking here. I think people are really
confused by it at first because it kinda looks
like a boutique or a cafe. And, it kind of is like
a real hybrid of things. But yeah, it’s definitely unique, and there’s like a lot of events here, and it’s doing a lot of stuff. – I mean, I’m not Jewish, are you? – No, I’m not Jewish, but a lot of it is really like nostalgic for me even because my family’s
Ukrainian, and that’s like obviously Ashkenazi, Jewish food’s huge. And so, things like borscht,
they had that in the winter. That’s a huge thing for me. Pickles, anything pickled. – One of the things that I love is, we’ve taken gefilte fish, which is a super traditional,
eastern European food. – Gefilte fish, yuck! – Right?
– Right kids. – [Customer] Yuck! – Boo, boo.
Thank you. But, wait.
– But no, it’s actually so great. When Jews come in here they’re like, gefilte fish tacos, and
gefilte fish club sandwich? And, they’re kinda like, they
don’t know what to do with it. – Sure. – And, then I’m like, no, no, wait, just let me make it for you. – [Lucas] Just try it. – Try it out. And, then they’re like, this is so good. And, then they keep coming back. – Okay. I actually really like that. Nice minced fish, halibut and tilapia. It’s got characteristics
of, of course, a fish taco. Which is a common thing
in Mexican cuisine. But then, it’s also got
that nice component of a deli whitefish salad,
which you would pick up at a traditional kosher-style
Jewish delicatessen. I think, combined together
it works very well. You’ve got nice pickled veg here. Some nice tender, semi-fatty whitefish. And, then you’ve got sort
of a creamy harissa mayo, which imparts just a
hint of peppery spice. The fish flavor is really what comes through within the whitefish. I really like that. So, this is gonna be the
za’atar spice sandwich. Z-A’A-T-A-R. It’s a spice mixture that is composed of among other things, thyme,
oregano, marjoram, sesame seed. It’s gonna be a real nice,
nutty, earthy, spice flavor. Used throughout the Middle East. This is going to impart a
real grounded herbal flavor. It’s a nice complement to the egg and the tomato in the sandwich. Potato pancakes, or
latkes, closely associated with the Jewish holiday of Hanukah. The key to getting a good
latke, get all that moisture outta there, ’cause you’re
gonna fry those suckers. And, that’s what’s really gonna give you a nice fry, a nice crunch. And, they’re commonly eaten
with sour cream, or applesauce. In this case we have yogurt, which is gonna be a
nice, sour, cold dairy. (crunching) This is sort of the ultimate version of like a sour cream
and onion potato chip. Nice crunchy latke. Dessert time. Ice cream sandwich, massafan. It’s essentially an almond cookie. And, then we have ice cream in the middle. ♪ This is how we do it ♪ That was a bad idea. (laughing) Maybe that was a terrible idea
just to bite right into that. I love the flavor of
cardamom, and rosewater. I get a lot of that within this. Chewy, almost marzipan-like,
massafan cookie. So, again, with this dessert creation, similarly to the breakfast
sandwich with the za’atar, similarly to the gefilte fish,
turning that into a taco. They are taking the
traditional Iraqi massafan, and turning that into like a
delicious ice cream sandwich. Mixture of new and traditional. It’s such a simple concept. But, I think when it’s done
well, it almost always works. Part of the idea of cuisine, is that there are traditions within our food, but that our food ways also evolve. We have our traditions,
we revere our traditions, but that also there is room
for our cuisines to grow, to try new things, to try new flavors. Because why not? That is what makes life interesting, and that is what makes life fun, and that is how things
change, and evolve, and grow. And, I think it’s done
really, really nicely here. I really hope you enjoyed this episode of Dining on a Dime from Fletchers, inside the Jewish Museum of
Montreal, in Montreal, Canada. If you’d like to watch
more, please click here.

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