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How to Add Fish To A Fish Tank / Aquarium

How to Add Fish To A Fish Tank / Aquarium

Acclimating new tropical or cold water aquarium
fish properly is the most important step to adding fish to an aquarium, but is is most
frequently done incorrectly leading to premature fish death. These steps will guide you how acclimating
new tropical or cold water aquarium fish. 1. Turn off any lights in your aquarium. 2. Roll down the
sides of the bag as shown in the video above
and float it for 30 — 45 minutes to allow the temperature of the water in the bag to
adjust and the fish to get used to it. 3. Whilst is it floating add a some of your
aquarium water into the bag every 10 minutes to allow the fish to get used to the new water
parameters such as pH, hardness etc. Aim to have added at least half again the volume
of water that is originally in the bag. 4. Get a fish net and a bowl large enough
to contain all the water from the bag. 5. Place the net over the bowl and pour the
water and fish from the bag through it whilst catching the fish in the net. 6. Put the fish into your aquarium! 7. Keep your aquarium lights off for at least
4-6 hours to allow your new fish to settle. 8. Discard the old fish water from the bag
(this is to prevent parasites/diseases from entering your aquarium with the fish)

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