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How To Anaesthetize and Euthanize Fish Humanely With Clove Oil

How To Anaesthetize and Euthanize Fish Humanely With Clove Oil

Clove oil is a great way to humanely anaesthetize
or euthanize a sick fish humanely. Clove oil can be bought at most pharmacies and is very cheap. To Anesthetize: Clove oil should be dosed
at 1 drop per 1litre of water for small fish and 2 drops per 1litre for larger fish ~4
inches. The fish should not be in the clove oil for more than 1-2 minutes. To Euthanize: To Anesthetize: Clove oil should
be dosed at 3 drop per 1litre of water for small fish and 4-6 drops per 1litre for larger
fish ~4 inches. The fish should be in the clove oil until it stops breathing. The clove oil should be mixed in a separate
container of warm water until it creates a milky emulsion. The fish should be put into
a container outside of the aquarium. Once mixed add the clove oil to the container with
the fish. Th fish will breathe slower and roll onto its side or back. Once this has happened
it is anaethatised and can be worked on. To bring the fish back to consciousness put it
into fresh aquarium water and it should recover within 1-5 minutes.================================================If you enjoy my videos please like / favorite
them and SUBSCRIBE to my channel. There are more to come full of useful tips
and tricks for new and experienced fishkeepers.================================================

9 comments on “How To Anaesthetize and Euthanize Fish Humanely With Clove Oil

  1. step 1. put the fish in a jar with extremely little water.
    step 2. place hot sauce on the fish
    step 2. put a shit load of salt on the fish
    let that fish dry the fuck out

  2. Could you use a low dose of this in a aquarium to decrease aggression kinda lik a fish cat nip or would the oil part disturb the chemistry of the tanks biology

  3. This worked very well on my 9 year old goldfish with an incurable swim bladder disorder–I tried everything I could, even vet surgery. She got to a point where I knew without a doubt she was in constant pain, and I could not let her continue like that. I gradually increased the dosage of clove oil over the span of an hour (I think it ended up being a few full mls) until I knew she was gone, and she went so peacefully that I knew it was the right choice. Still broke my heart; I had her longer than many people have their dogs.

  4. Just used clove oil on 2 guppies that was struggling. They was born slightly deformed but as they grew it got worse and last couple of days they was struggling to keep upright and feed. Other babies born same time was twice there size. So decided to use clove oil on them to end there suffering.

  5. My betta's name is Fancy. She has been lethargic and not able to control her swimming and has had what I believe to be dropsy for some time. She also has tumors around her mouth that have gotten bigger. I treated her in a hospital tank with Betta fix remedy for 7 days but it did nothing to improve her condition. That was months ago. She stopped eating 2 days ago and was lethargic at the bottom of the tank only desperately coming up for air. Her suffering and decline has been very fast. Unfortunately my betta did not go to sleep peacefully. When I added the water with the clove oil drop Fancy suddenly swam around frantically in her container trying to escape. It was unexpected and very sad to see her reaction. After a few minutes she relaxed and fell to her side, her breathing slowed almost entirely. I added more of the water with your suggested many clove oil drops. She stopped breathing and passed away quickly at that point. This has been a sad experience. I will not have a betta again. She was very beautiful and the loss is emotionally draining.

  6. If the pharmacist asks you what you’re gonna use it for say toothache. I told them I was going to euthanise my fish and they refused to sell it to me due to a law against the harm of animals. Ironic because my fish died of dropsy, which was excruciating for him

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