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How to be successful businessman by selling products online – JR Fisher

good morning everybody it is Monday
morning so monday morning pretty exciting well it is for some people it’s
not for others depending on what you’re doing on this Monday morning if you’re
in a job that you like that’s great if you’re growing your business that’s
great what we wanted to talk about today was actually what will sell online it
seems like a lot of people are kind of figuring out that we want to sell stuff
online it’s it’s what’s happening it’s what’s going on into the direction we’re
all heading but then you run into that situation where you kind of wonder you
know is my idea good is it not good so we’re going to kind of look at that
today I have been getting a lot of messages about training you on how to do
stuff online and I am going to have a course coming out right now all of this
is free if you want more information you can always go to you
can send me a personal message on here if you have an email address or
something we’ll keep it our list we don’t spam me with a bunch of
information but at least we’ll be able to notify you when that course does come
available so it’s Monday morning and if you have a business online like I do
you’re pretty excited because there’s a lot of stuff you can do this week
there’s a lot of stuff you can do today you to grow your business and that’s
that’s what it’s all about really it’s growing your business and why would we
want to do that obviously is for that freedom to do what you want on a daily
basis so we’re going to look a little bit about what would sell online so
basically anything that is not a one on one type situation where you actually
have to be with the person you could sell online so this would include
physical products this would include digital products and and sometimes
there’s confusion on what a digital product is it basically is whatever you
would train somebody or teach somebody in person and you actually record that
product and you actually put it out there in the market for people to
actually purchase it from you so there’s there’s a few things we want to look at
and and I think that the biggest factor of selling something online is do
something you enjoy do you really like now we we sell physical
products at survival cave food we’ve been doing that for years we have some
digital products now we’re going to be doing some more training basically just
to give back so people understand how to how to market online how to sell online
so we’re going to be doing that also but let’s talk about what you want to do
let’s talk about what’s best for you so the first thing you want to look at is
something you like doing so once you kind of look at that you kind of figure
out where your talents are what are your talents what are you good at I have a
friend who is in photography I spent some time with down in Cancun Mexico he
has built his following to over 500,000 people on YouTube that’s a pretty good
following so he makes millions of dollars and basically what he’s doing is
he’s selling courses on photography he reviews products he teaches how to use
these products he teaches how to do a business on right he teaches all these
different things so that’s certainly a business you could do about what we need
to do is we need to kind of focus on what you like first so figure out what
you like some people are in exercise they’re certainly you can sell courses
on exercise online some people are into cooking you can certainly sell courses
on that online so the first thing you want to do is narrow down what you want
to do online then what we need to do is we need to find our their communities
for your type of service so what I would suggest you do is you go into Facebook
and type in your idea whatever it is whether it be exercised or cooking or
whatever it may be find out if there’s communities online for your idea now
here is the sobering fact if there’s not a community online that centered around
what you want to do on Facebook you may have a problem so you know but but odds
are if you have a pretty traditional type of thing that you want to sell
online digital product that type of thing then certainly there’s probably
going to be a community there but make sure there’s some type of community that
is following what you want to do because if you don’t have that community out
there you really under be able to build that basic customers so once we’ve done
that what we’re going to do is we’re going to
use a Google tool AdWords tool and we’re going to go into that AdWords tool and
we’re going to see how many people are actually searching for that idea now
down in the comments after this video i’m going to put another video that I
did that shows you how to go into Google Adwords and use the keyword tool and
figure out how big your audience is going to be so that’s very very
important that you have that audience out there and in the key to online sales
is not necessarily coming up with a great idea and getting people to know
about it but looking out there in the market and seeing what people are
already interested in what they’re already searching and filling that need
but but odds are that you know if you’re doing something that’s pretty mainstream
then of course you know it’s going to be out there and you’re going to have some
keywords on that I gotta say hello to a few people there I see Barbara out there
I see ma bay Jessica Luke so I want to say hi to you guys I really appreciate
you joining us this morning so at the end of this video I’m going to put a
link down there and if you click on that link it’s going to take you to my excuse
me my YouTube page and on that YouTube page there’s a video that walks you
through step by step on how to figure out how big your community is going to
be for your idea so whatever your idea is you’ll be able to tell how many
people are searching a month what the interest is in that particular product
so once you’ve done that and you’ve determined okay I’ve got a great idea
it’s something that there’s a community on Facebook there’s people out there
searching on Google Adwords or Google and I use AdWords to figure out how big
that community is then here’s what you want to do in a lot of people don’t do
and i highly recommend this get better at what you do that’s right you may
think you’re great at what it is you may think you have all the knowledge in the
world but the fact remains is you could probably be better and especially if
you’re selling a digital product you want your digital product to be head and
shoulders above everybody else you don’t want it to be what everybody else has if
your concern that you know they don’t want your digital product or you know
it’s not going to be interesting or whatever keep in mind there’s a lot of
people online and a lot of people will like you just because of who you are
because you are unique because you are different so also don’t try to be like
everybody else’s don’t try to copy everybody else’s courses do what is
unique for you and you will gain a following if you’re genuine and you have
good information and the best way to have good information is to start off
with a base of knowledge and of course improve upon it you’ve got to improve
upon it that’s a real key thing if you have any comments or questions as we’re
going through this feel free to type them in and I’ll try to answer them also
so what we’ve done is we’ve decided we have an idea it’s something we like
doing there’s a community out there and we’ve gone to the AdWords tool and we’ve
looked and seen there is a big search volume for it it was funny the other day
I was talking to my son and he’s into exercise and working out all that and I
said are you working today because he has another side job he’s just started
his business and he says no I’m off today I said well what are you going to
do today and he says well I’m going to do some shopping and then I’m gonna
shoot videos I said so you are working and he says well now I don’t consider
that work see that’s pretty cool what if you didn’t consider what you did every
single day work how much more fun would it be for you to get up every day and do
what you like and here’s the crazy thing you can do it I’m sure a lot of people
out there think well I could never do that and those people are special all of
those people are just like you the only difference is to get to success what do
you have to do the number one thing you do to get to success is you have to
start that’s where most people fail they never start they never do anything about
their ideas and that’s a shame and will you have some failures yeah you’re going
to have some failures but I pretty much guarantee you whatever your idea is
there’s a market out there for there’s somebody that wants to know more about
it so we’ve now focused on this and if you want to do physical products you can
certainly do that we did it with physical products but if you’re going
the digital product route there’s all kinds of ways you can sell it we can
sell that physical excuse me that digital product through facebook ads
which we’re going to have some more videos on that on down the road you can
go to I highly recommend that go to clickbank com we have some
products there and more products coming out there and basically what Clickbank
is and i’ll also put all this in the comments so don’t worry about having to
write everything down but what Clickbank is is it’s a community of people who
sell other people’s prod mostly digital products at this point
but there are going to be some physical products out there too so you can go
there and you can look and see what courses are selling and I have a lot of
people say well gee that looks like a great course and that’s selling I wish I
knew how they did everything well here’s an inside secret by their course if you
buy their course and you invest a little bit of money and sometimes people will
say well I don’t to invest $49 I don’t want invest $99 you have to invest in
your dreams they won’t happen otherwise so pick a course there that you think
it’s pretty cool one that’s selling and once you find out if it’s selling then
you go ahead and buy their course go through the process see what those
people are offering see what up sells they’re offering you will be amazed how
much money is made on a lot of these courses millions of dollars are
generated a lot of these courses so go through their whole process and find out
what they do there’s no secret to it all you got to do is participate in it and
once you participate in it then of course you can emulate not copy but you
can emulate what they’ve done and get your own horse going so it doesn’t
matter if you’re into you know baseball and all these things I’m listening right
now people actually make money on it how to how to play baseball or you know how
to do photography or cooking or you know basketball or survival we do any type of
self-help selves they all sell and here’s the cool thing about it if you
get good at this and you come out with these courses you’re going to be one
doing something you really love doing and number two it won’t seem like work
like what my son said the other day it wouldn’t that be awesome and here’s the
best part the best part of all of it is it frees you up so when you have an idea
go ahead and pursue and see if there’s a market out there that probably is and
then run it through those channels I just told you to and try to figure out
what your community is and try to focus on your community once again I’m going
to give you a link below in the comments section to my video on showing you how
to do research on your idea it’s a really good video it’ll take you through
step-by-step exactly what you need to do and then you can get your idea going so
remember the number one thing for success is what you’ve got to start you
know I talked to people all the time who have had great ideas for ye
years and they’re still struggling with the same thing this year as they were
last year as they were the year before but the fact is they never started and
you have to be really careful you get advice from because no matter what your
idea is if you’re balancing it all family and friends and no offense to
family and friends but if they haven’t done it they’re probably going to tell
you you can’t do it because they’re coming from an angle of I’ve never done
it how could they do it so be really careful to you good advice from if you
want to do well in this business you know you’ve got to talk to people who’ve
done well in this business don’t talk to a relative who’s never done anything
online because they’re going to tell you you’re crazy they don’t even understand
it so you know feel free to PM me send me messages emails I love to get that i
love to answer all of those for you but you’ve got an idea in you I bet you do
right now that would sell online but you’ve got to give people the
opportunity to buy it from you so that’s pretty much what I’ve got for you today
we’re going to be here on mondays wednesdays and fridays but friday it’s
got a little bit different we’re going to call that focus friday so what we’re
going to do at fridays is we’re going to look at what you’ve done for the week
would it be accomplished tips and tools that you can help you accomplish more
and in mondays and wednesdays we’re going to be more on specifics and how to
go through the process of getting whatever it is you want to sell online
and get you free because that’s what you bottom line on to do feel free to leave
me any comments send me emails check out check out and I know that idea you got you’re finally going to get it going
aren’t you love it okay you guys have a great day and thanks for watching and
I’ll see you real soon bye

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