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How to Breed Rosy Barb fish (finally secrets revealed)

How to Breed Rosy Barb fish (finally secrets revealed)

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day Once again to talk about this kind of tropical fish that we have here and you are here back at Dexter’s World Channel Today we are going to talk about How to breed ROSY BARB but before that I would like to make an update also about the tank that we have made. As you know, this tank is now ready for occupancy. I repeatedly said that this tank really is for our Aquatic plants the business of aquatic plants is really also very good Considering that they are easy to propagate and this is high in demand in the market Imagine if you will just sell 3 stems for $1 and this plants could easily propagated You will earn a lot of money Well, my purpose of making this channel is really to encourage everybody to earn out a more hobby Well, I started This as a hobby, but it turned out to be a lucrative business Breeding Japanese Koi breeding gold fish breeding mollies and whatever tropical fish that you can breed that will suit your temperature will suit your Environment in the place or the farm that you are operating is really a challenging one breeding tropical fish Well today I’m going to talk about breeding Rosy barb. You know,ROSY Barb’s is at sub tropical freshwater Cyprinidae that is found in southern Asia from Afghanistan to Bangladesh This fish are one of the most popular and readily available Fish for aquarium hobbyists for many reasons they are an active fish as an aquaris maybe rosy barb are a good choice for the beginners and Anyone interested in breeding aquarium fish because rosy barb is just very easy to breed it is considered as one of the undemanding and beautiful fish Impressively colored during mating period it can be kept together with other small fish but can be aggressive towards other fish like goldfish and carps So yesterday we made a blog about this Rosy Barb’s that are caught on camera breeding. I immediately Placed them in a separate tank. Well, of course, I have separated the female and the male to prevent them from Continuously spawning their eggs this Rosy barb’s Now the breeder ones will be transferred to the breeding time and I already have prepared an aquarium for this and we will make a series of This breeding today, we’re gonna put them together and of course tomorrow or in the next video that we are going to upload will be somehow the development of the eggs and the eggs turning into fry so for the meantime, allow me to just get or gather all these breeder Barb’s and Allow me to just put them in the breeding tank So this is the tank where we place all our female rosy barbs and my intention is to just choose ten of them and I will choose the most pregnant ones to become or spawners and this are just Five months old Barb’s for small fish like this. You can breed them as early as five months old We will count one two, three, four, five six. Seven eight nine ten I will make it twelve and we need more male than female So since we have twelve maybe we can add 20 males so the male’s really have bright colors and what’s good about this fish is The fact that they can also blend with other small fish That’s what I have said earlier, but those of you were really breeding Rosy Barb’s maybe you can also make some comments or suggestions how to improve our breeding system and maybe can also share your experience but in as far as I am concerned I’ve been breathing this kind of fish for the past 20 years now and I’m glad that we can make a video on this A step-by-step process so that you will understand how to propagate this kind of fish. So, come on. Let’s go So guy’s this is the aquarium that I have prepared as our breeding time for our Barb’s maybe you will ask Dexter What’s the measurement of your aquarium? Well this measures around 36 inches in length and we have here 18 inches in height And 12 inches in width and that’s the perfect measure for a breeding tank for this kind of Fish the small ones now you will see that I also have here an air pump well, this is very important for them to concentrate on Spawning their eggs and Of course I have here some plants and this plants are called the hornwort and you can use any other plan for this Because it doesn’t matter what plant are you using but I will recommend the hornwort the hidrella Or even the Kabomba Plant as our egg collector now maybe you will ask again Dexter What’s the best time for us to breed? Well, this Barb’s cannot breed in any other time except for down. They will start chasing spawning their eggs at 4 o clock – 7 o clock in the morning and We will prepare them a day after Well, of course, I have to mention that if you are breeding this, rosy barb even the tetras or even this Tiger Barb’s You will separately in the male from the female for us to have a controlled breeding Because if you will not the chances are they will just spawn their eggs sporadically and you cannot control them and you cannot even have a higher rate of production because you cannot control the condition of the water But if you are separating the male from the female, of course You can control the breeding like this one and we will now transfer them. I Have here 12 female Barb’s and 20 male barbs So we will start putting and in catching them, especially when they’re pregnant You have to catch them very carefully. You can catch them by hand. Of course, you have to include little amount of water So that they will not become stressed and they will not become injured So this is our way of transferring them They are expected to lay their eggs tomorrow morning And we will have an update about this tomorrow morning and this is going to be a series of video about breeding rosy barb’s What I did in breeding betta fish well for those of you who haven’t seen a video yet about breeding koi fish and betta fish You can just browse our other videos and we have a good videos on this and I’m so glad that many people across The globe have expressed their gratitude for Dexter’s world Channel for uploading videos educational and even a video that can really guide for the new beginners to Also venture in breeding this kind of fish. So you will see now that they are adjusting to this place Maybe you will ask will they spawn today? No, they will not spawn today because they will have to adjust the new environment And of course, this is not the time of spawning The time of spawning is 4 o clock in the morning until 7 o clock in the morning another question What kind of water did you use? Well, I would suggest that if you are breeding this Barb’s and Even this Tetra’s you will use the rainwater Because rainwater proves to be very effective in the hatch ability rate if you’re using rainwater the hatch ability rate is really that high and Tomorrow we’re gonna make an update how they feel this plans with eggs Another question that you may ask Dexter do we really need plants in? Breeding the answer is absolutely yes, because they will not be encouraged They will not be enticed to lay their eggs without plants. So plants really are very essential So that’s the thing that we can share so far, please watch out our next video about this Barb’s now chasing and spawning their eggs and maybe a couple of days from now we gonna show you the babies of this Thanks for watching. Only here Dexter’s World Channel.

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  1. Too deep for the fry when is born 8 inches of water is perfect for breedind any barbs or danios zebras

  2. Too deep for the fry when is born 8 inches of water is perfect for breedind any barbs or danios zebras

  3. Sir Dexter i just want you to make a video about breeding common goldfish pls i already buyed a fish that i promised to you can i have a heart?

  4. I tried to breed my rosy barbs once. In a water container after leaving the pair for weeks. Only 1 fingerling remained hahaha

  5. In bangladesh we have a type of barb that is silver but when light refracts it gives a beautiful tinted color red green etc. we eat that fish. lol.

  6. #From Bangladesh ..

    We have normal barbs in local not rosy one :(.. I m with u from quit long time dex… Stay happy.

  7. my betta fish has already babies in 2 days but the father is eating the babies so my sister removed the father from the babies but the babies are still growing they are already 1 month old.

  8. Sir Dexter i'm from school and I really looks for your vedio.
    Have a nice day sir you really encourage me even I am 13 only Thank you

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  10. Sir dexter the rosy barb is one of fish that can place in a planted tank without air pump i also want to buy that,that is just cheap for only 10 pesos per piece and can be place to other fish like livebearers and koi or goldfish

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  14. So many fishes r getting die in my aquarium.sir what I ll do.nearly i lost 200 baby fishes when mother fish before giving birth n also after all r getting die

  15. Well done, love the Rosy Barb and aquarium plants also, I am learning so much from your techniques, so I thank you for your videos. God Bless, from Queensland Australia 🙂

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