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How to build a Fish Pond – Part 6 | Pond Liner & Underlayment

How to build a Fish Pond – Part 6 | Pond Liner & Underlayment

[SOUND] [MUSIC] We’re ready to put down the underlayment and the liner in the pond. It’s only gonna take a couple minutes. So I wanna take the time right now to answer
some commonly asked questions that we hear all the time. One question that we get all the time is,
how long is this liner going to last? Well I’m here to tell you that the liner
that we’re using is a 45 mil EPDM liner. It’s incredibly durable,
has a lot of elasticity to it, and it has a guarantee from
the manufacturer for 20 years. Now the guarantee is about not
falling apart due to the Sun. Sun damage that is, so you could literally
take this rubber liner, put it on a roof for 20 years, and
it still guaranteed to that time. So when, we put it in the pond and we conform
it to the walls, we’re gonna put rock work in here, we’re gonna put some gravel down, and
we’re gonna protect that liner from the Sun. So we’re literally getting years and
years beyond that. I’ve seen ponds that are 40, 50 years old and
they’re still holding water, still intact and they’re gorgeous. Another common question we get is once
that ladder’s down, can I walk on it? They, the people are real nervous
to get in and out of the pond. Their dogs are around. They’re nervous about that. You literally can walk right in here. You can have the rocks in there. You can step on it. I’ve seen big, you know, Rottweilers run
through the pond with their nails and it doesn’t damage the pond at all. The other question I get all the time is
how do I know what size liners to get, and that’s what I’m gonna cover
right now before we do this. This particular pond, eight foot by 11,
we’re down about 33 inches deep. So, if I’m eight foot wide, I need to
calculate the three foot down, I need to calculate the three foot up, and then I need
about six inches overhang on each side of the pond, so I can do my edge treatment and
I can make sure the water’s not coming out. You don’t want it real, real close, okay? So, I need 15 foot on width this way. We’re 11 foot wide, and, once again,
three foot down, three foot up, and then I need a little extra play
on both ends, so do the math there. What we have on this pond,
we have a 15 by 20 liner. It’s gonna be all one continuous piece,
and before we put the liner in, we’re gonna spread the underlayment. Let’s get started. [NOISE] So a common asked question I get about this underlayment is when we’re, we’re sending out custom pond kits to people a lot of times the fabric underlayment doesn’t match the liner size, and you need two or three pieces the underlayment cover the excavation? So that’s a common asked question. It doesn’t have to be one continuous piece. You can cut it in all different shapes. As long as you cover all the spots where your
getting, you know, rocks and roots might come through so I wanna throw this piece up
here and then we’re ready for the liner. [NOISE] [SOUND] All right we have the underlayment, and the liner installed I got my fish
tunnel back in on top of here, we are gonna set the skimmer in place,
but otherwise we’re ready to rock, if you have any questions whatsoever
about what we did here today. Please post your questions
in the comments section, I’ll get to every single one of them. I’m Eric Triplett, The Pond Digger. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]

100 comments on “How to build a Fish Pond – Part 6 | Pond Liner & Underlayment

  1. Cambiar a español hi i want to make a pool of 8 x 5 meters with the following depths : the first 13 cm, the second 18 cm , 60 cm third and fourth 1 meter As plastic i need? Thanks

  2. Many thanks for the video!, what do you think about a concrete cave for the fish, I think I will not be able to find the kind of material you use. Thanks again!.

  3. Hi Eric, I am putting in my pond and was wondering is sand, another substrate or just the dirt would be fine in place of the underlayment? Thank you for your consideration, Andrew

  4. great video.👍👍wouldn't it be better if you spray concrete for durability and maintenance free?? thanks

  5. Great videos Eric. Basic question, I have about a 12×12 area I will be excavation for a pond, using your exact methods of shelving and ending with a 30" max depth, what size kit should I purchase? Using a retailers online calculator, it said I need a 20×20 kit, is that too big?

  6. hi
    from where i buy a liner and underlayment is this liner is the same liner which we cover the truck box from the rain

  7. Please help. I have purchased a liner that seems to have different textures for each side. One side is smoother and shiny the other is opaque and seems a little rough. Wonder which sides goes up or if it is irrelevant.

  8. Always confusion with their numbers. Why?? Why BS. .45 mm you mean. Not 45 mm. Or is this industry full of deceptions as well.

  9. 20 years for a pond liner for a small pond is ok, When a pond gets big, that's when a "forever liner" becomes the best investment

  10. Is it good to use 1 liner in a 15 x 15 pond with the waterfall or 2 separate liners 1 for the waterfall 1 for the pond

  11. So I in my back yard I have some sand that will naturally fall and fill in any holes that I try to make is there a way I can prevent this from happening?

  12. That pond looked quite rough with stones and edges. I’m about to lay my underlayment and rubber liner and it’s taking me days to hone the surfaces smooth for fear of puncturing. Am I being over cautious?

  13. Hey, it seems there are some frogs that will be very happy to have a pond all to themselves…
    Thanks very much for the lesson!!!

  14. Love your channel! a little question, What is the difference between EPDM and PVC Liner? EPDM Is more expensive then wants to know if it is worth the extra money

  15. Hi.. is a layer of geotextile NON woven fabric good enough as an underlayment before putting the EPDM liner? And how do i protect the liner from underground water pressure? Thank u

  16. I'm in Southern Ontario, Canada – any advice on the pond depth we would require so that frogs can over-winter in our pond? It can get down to -28 in January/February, but never colder than that. Thanks!

  17. Can old carpeting be used as underlayment? For an above ground pool, can retaining wall blocks be used for up to 2.5 FT? Love the goat!

  18. In searching for a more decorative liner, the only one I can find is 25-mil (with a middle seam). Do you find that that thickness would work well in a 15×15 waterfall pond?

  19. Also for a koi pond how big do you suggest the tunnel be? I have an extra 5 gal bucket but I'm not sure if it's big enough.

  20. My 1st liner has multiple holes in it. I bought a new liner and put that in and the liner that had multiple holes I put that on top of the new liner. I’m losing water around the side of my pond. The filtration system and waterfall are all intact. One thing I didn’t do is remove the small amount of water that had leaked into the pond. I put the liners on top of the water. Could that water be the water that’s coming out?

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