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How to Build a Fish Tank Observation Hive Part 1 – The Bush Bee Man

– Feeding time at the zoo (laughs) now I get me little
hole up at the top here. I don’t know if you
remember that, but that’s to put my little bit of sugar
syrup in my little hole, and it will hopefully,
when it stops dripping, and the ladys have to go
up and get in the lid, and go (tcha*tcha*tcha*tcha*tcha) stop dripping you piece
of nonsense, otherwise you’ll make a liar of me. Of course the bottle is a
vacuum, but if your bloke had a proper jar and it
wasn’t a constructing, so the bottle could
squeeze easier and cause a little more liquid out but, no expense spared her of course
recycling at its best. So the girls are all
clustered here trying to keep warm on this freezing cold
morning here in the winter, course the other part of
the world your in Spring aren’t ‘ya then the
girls are just exploding with excitement, at the
moment we’re in the middle of winter and the girls
are all sitting together going “pass the blankets deary, its cold” They’re all cuddling
up, anyway we thought we would show you our
uprightner, observation hive because we’re about to
make a horizontal top bar observation hive out
of a fish tank no more, so that will be interesting,
and I’ve even talked the wife into letting me put
it on her balcony, kinda. (intro) Wonder what we’ll store in the cupboard. And if we could put a feeder in it. Anyway, now you wouldn’t
believe it, the dear wife she’s down visiting the
parents having a sisters weekend which is really
cool, cause you know, its nice to catch up with
family, and she rings me up and she says, “hey there’s a fish tank down the road for free.” And I went, “oh that could be kinda cool.” Anyway she told me how
big it was and I thought, “oh what the hell we
might use this one as our top bar observation hive.” She did, now at the time
that I’m thinking about putting it out on her
deck so, theirs still a negotiation, I said if they die out well maybe they’ll get
moved, but if they live she said that could be fun so, who knows. Anyway first things first,
we’ve gotta sorta turn this in to some sorta of
usable format for our girls. So I thought that the
idea, is we gotta get rid of some of the fish-tanky bits. And I’m gonna take the
base out of it and put a wooden base on it so
I can make an entrance. But of course as anybody would know, glass and silicone are stuck
together pretty good, so from ‘ol trusty mr. Google he’s gonna have a crack of using WD-40 on
it so, get a load of that. I guess if we smash the
thing it didn’t cost us nothing anyway did it, so. Maybe we could put it
back out onto the side of the road ourselfs and
say to give away on it. But I guess if its in
pieces no one will take it. The other thing we need to do while we’re waiting for the silicone
to soften up with the’ WD-40, is make the top
bars to sit across the top. Um, I got some old bars
here that are not gonna fit nothing else anyway
cause maybe they’ll bear the wrong size, so I got
some tops, and no bottoms, and no sides, so I figure
they can go across here. And then we’ll have, I
don’t know, a fish tank top bar observation hive
I guess, which would… What the hell, it sorta
goes in all the rest of the madness around here doesn’t it. Anyway, I don’t know
if this will work, but it doesn’t say dissolving
silicone on the tin but still, we’ll see. (spraying) we’ll do the bottom bit as well, cause I want to take this
bottom bit of glass here so we can make an entrance at the bottom. So We’ll see what happens. (spraying) Well that’s one way to
empty a can isn’t it. (laughs) Got to get some more. I guess it says on the
can, cleans of grime. Hm, stops annoying squeaks,
Hm, that’s interesting. Starts wet motors. – [Cameraman] Maybe you
should put some in your mouth. – I knew you were gonna say that. (laughs) I’m more then just an
annoying squeak though aren’t I. Anyway, okay now, we’ll
let that do its thing. So now what we need to
do is find some top bars, and I figure we’ll cut
them and make a little divot in them so they can sorta sit on top of the glass and hopefully, hopefully it’ll hang together, but
hell. Who would know. Anyway what’s the worst
thing that can happen, the ladies were hanging
in the tree so, maybe they won’t mind being in
the daylight. (laughs) Anyway, but I think we’ll cover ’em up. So these old top bars
that I’ve got here that I didn’t even know where
I collected them from but that’s the whole part of the journey. They they look a bit like
‘homemadees, but anyway I haven’t got any other
bits for ’em so, I figure they’ll be ideal for this job. That’ll be a stack anyway. I didn’t have any that were leaned. We just have to cut
these to the right width, for our fishpond, or our observation hive, we better start calling it
the right thing shouldn’t we. So over here we go. So I figure if we just nip off the ends, we want them to hang over
the edge here that will give us the support,
so we’ll make them just a ‘abso-smidgen wider
then the tank itself. And we should be some wilier. I picked up an antique
saw ridge over here to so, lock should be good, might
make it an awful bit easier. Hopefully I can cut a
bit straight (laughs) with my other business.
Although the drops on wood would be just as good, but.
Anyway, doesn’t matter. So anyway, I picked up
this little saw bench from another bee keeper down
the road that’s retiring. And um, yeah the few bits
and pieces that he wanted to get rid of, and I
spite this in the corner of his shed and I thought
“Oo, that might be very, very handy.” For my
little project, and its gonna come in handy for this
project so, just as well. Anyway we give a push in the go button. (table saw noises) I think I’m reasonably
confident that theirs probably a proper tool
to do that with but, anyway all we’ve got
is made a little divot, either end so we can sit
on the end of our glass. We have to find something
to sit in here yeah. To truth I hope their all a bit regulated. That one looks pretty fat doesn’t it. Anyway, we’ll cross that
bridge when we come to it. (laughs) we might need
a new belt very soon, he does look a little bit
exited, just flicking bits off. Anyway, maybe the belt will
make it to the finish line, theirs bits of it flying
everywhere freaking the cameraman out, oh hell. Another high quality tool here
at the bush bee mans farm. Aw man, anyway, they sell
belts at the shop don’t they. We get that far, here we go, anyway, lets cut these things up. (table saw noises) (upbeat music) Here I was thinking I was being so smart, but I reckon I’ve gotten
my bee spaces wrong. Cause I was just thinking as I was slicing these up, they’re actually
supposed to have the little gap part on the,
hang on Ill show you. So you got your normal
frames in your bee box. You have your little spacer bits, as well, as the jolly. So you’ve got, What ‘ya do, whatever the measurements
between there and there is. Give exact, lets see if we find a ruler. Where’s the bloody ruler,
have we gotta ruler? So we need roughly 4 mils,
we’ve roughly got enough. Oh hell, my goodness, I suppose at least we figured this out
before we got that far. So what have we got, if we
go from the gapes between, if we make it, its still
not qui… oh shit, wonder if it matters if its
slightly more then 4 mils, cause they might be able
to marine a bit with, would they? No?, it
doesn’t?, I don’t think it would matter to much. The other option is,
somewhere in this shed, their are some hive spacers,
like top, like things you put your bars in to space them out. Maybe we can look for them. Well theirs been much
discussion behind the camera at the moment, about
how to fix the problem that’s just been alerted
to ourselves, we’ve just discovered, and were
gonna have a go with the cameraman’s idea and see if
we can make two into one. But I don’t know how were
gonna go about nailing down through there. Were
gonna put a ‘lil bit of board like that, which we
were gonna put that bit of board in hole here. But of course we can’t
do that, cause it will be to many jolly boards. My thought was we would have it just in every other gap. Just put that board in
every other gap, but then we wouldn’t know which one
had a gap and which one didn’t, so we’re gonna
have a go at nailing them together, and if they
don’t work nailing them together, then we’ll have to come up with a different option so, watch on. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ‘botherations. Wonder if we should get rid
of those bit of painting cardboard off me bench so
we got a bit more of a solid thing to kit on. Oo many jobs going on all at
once isn’t their, mr. Tide. So we’ll have a crack, see
if we can nail this together. I found some little 40mil
nails, and um, hell, maybe if we get away with
it, we might go and buy some nails, but hell, theirs
probably enough in here to do this project anyway.
So, never throw anything away, apparently that’s the plan
here at the bush bee man. Cardboard is an attempt to
stop the paint all covering my desk, my bench, and my workbench being covered in paint. ah Hell, anyway. Do you
think it would really matter everybody says, probably not. Lets see if we can, get it in some, so in a uniform situation.
Any clue how you might actually hold that there.
I reckon what we’ll do is we’ll go, one, two, three, ah that looks good I think I need to sharpen my pencil. This is gonna be fun, You
reckon I’m that clever? No, goodness me. At least we got this
worked out before we come back in a month finding it
falling terrible trouble. (laughs) Its just not quicker. Lets see if we can split this jolly thing, hopefully not. (hammer thuds) If I wasn’t such a ‘scabba,
we’ll just get the proper bits of top bar wouldn’t I. See this is what happens,
you’ve found something in your shed and you
think “Oh that would be kinda cool!” And then
just get off on a tangent and then you kinda get
to this point and you go “ah dammit, its still not
white, but, I guess if I had thought of this
before I cut the board up then I might of got, you know… A lesson for enthusiastics
so, here we are, anyway here we are problem solving. And with all that its good fun. Anyway this bit of wood
is not quite perfect, but I think it’ll be all right. (hammer thuds) Of course all you expert
hammer holders out there would know that’s called
chocking the hammer, I’m just a ‘lil bit nervous,
but all right I reckon but all right I reckon
we got away with that. Look at that, blooming hickory! (chuckles) Well, I reckon that’s a
step in the right direction. Shall we have a go at
making some? We’ll cut some more of that board up. Well that wasn’t so
miserable he’d get a bit of board that fitted the whole
way across but, ‘naw they need some air vents don’t
they? I think we’re gonna put a top ‘planky thing on
here anyway, so, they’ll be ambitious bees if they
crawl through that hole in any rate. Probably fill
it all in with… Anyway, I’m I allowed to go in and
have a coffee? (laughs) (upbeat music) Was perhaps, not completely
ideal (chuckles) the plan has so far, but its looking
like it could work, so I reckon that’s a good place to have
a little break for a minute, and we’ll come back after this. Well that will be either
it’ll be Tuesday or Thursday we can come back and see
the rest of the insanity that goes on, (Raspberry)
My goodness this all takes longer then ‘ya think
doesn’t it? Anyway, so we’ve gone with the extra bar in
the middle, at least theirs one thing about this, theirs blooming. Silly gonna have a
chance to soft won’t it? Cool! Do you reckon this is gonna
work? I don’t know, but anyway. What’s the worst thing
that can happen I guess. (Bees Buzzing)

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